Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd-30th, 2013

September 23rd, 2013
Falling leaves
Tempus Fugit

September 24th, 2013

Petey is home~feeling poorly and sore
we sigh with relief~the lump is no more
the wound is a large one~he's hanging his head
no playing-no swimming~confined to his bed
today he is tired and ready to sleep
but what of tomorrow and the rest of the week
he'll be ready to rumble and run all about
how will we contain him~ surely he'll pout
he is wearing a t-shirt~biding his time
once stitches come out ~all will be fine

September 25th, 2013
Lone traveler slowly drifts by
swirls on current wings held high
shadow mimics the dance

September 26th, 2013

Grandfather Pine
Your majestic crown rose over many years
gracing the hillside~ shading all below
welcoming wildlife into your generous arms
Yet this year you could stand no more
one hot summer day~the sap boiling
in your old heart proved too much
slowly you swayed, twisting, straining
mighty trunk moaning and groaning
then at last you laid down on the hill
with a mighty crash you came to rest
shuddering~settling into small trees
then quiet at last~sinking into repose
Your trunk arched~ you rested silently
your needles still green for some time
we hoped that despite the damage
you would live~not standing~but still alive
gracefully bowed~crown now a green cave
but your branches curled~ reaching into the sky
dead~all life gone from you~needles brown
Yet even in death you bring blessings
your body providing warmth to our hearth
we harvest your branches~stacking them high
small ones piled into shelters for the covey of quail
who call your hill their home they benefit as well
As we leave~truck loaded with wood~we look up
noting the empty place where you once stood
tall and proud~Grandfather Pine

September 27th, 2013

Happy cows munch
gleaning harvested fields
yet happy to pose

September 28th, 2013
Nature inhales deeply
autumn storm gathers

September 29th, 2013
Blasts of autumn wind send
wind chimes dancing madly
trees toss their heads swaying
seemingly dancing to the chimes
Clouds tear along~ a blue hole appears
fat dark cloud quickly patches it
skies are boiling seething with stormy life
no rain~yet suddenly a rainbow appears
I sit~sipping tea ~hands around my mug
looking out ~watching nature's mad whirling 
waiting for the promised rain to streak the sky
leaves spiral and whirl~quickstepping on the wind
Oaks heavily loaded with fat acorns
spill down their generous harvest
acorns hit metal roofs cracking like gunshots
Autumn arrives~gathers her skirts in wild celebration

September 30th, 2013
Reaching out

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th-22nd,2013

September 16th, 2013
Due to unforeseen circumstances
we will not be able to ship your order today
sorry for the inconvenience

September 17th, 2013
Morning sun illuminates
floral hearts
glow with passionate color

September 18th, 2013
Season's wheel turns slowly
cool mornings and first changing
leaves tell the story

September 19th, 2013
Bamboo adorns Harvest moon
she rises~ a precious pearl
ascending lush velvet skies
cicada sing last summer songs
September 20th, 2013
What do you do when you wake without words
when the fingers move reluctantly~brain
spitting words out slowly and awkwardly
You forge ahead, let them come as they will
Not every day can be a day of splendor
and inspiration~some just need to be days
of contemplation~recharging our batteries
refueling our minds with the writings of others
because these days too have their own worth
no need to frantically search~just relax
let the tide ebb~before long high tide will return
for now I savor the tide pools left behind
they contain treasures only found at low tide

September 21st, 2013
SWS Trio
Black clouds~ promise much~deliver nothing
Windchimes sing~announcing change~nothing yet
Cool breeze~carries scent~faraway rain

I hang the wash out
my clever way of summoning the rain
first icy fingers reach across
previously brilliant blue skies
behind them large clouds hover
waiting for the last pin to be placed
no doubt snickering~already anticipating
the joy of watching me racing madly
as first fat drops fall and panic strikes
Little do they know they have been tricked
no panic will accompany the spilling of their bounty
just deep relief~ the long drought broken at last!!
Or so I hope as I watch them secretly
peering at them from the corner of my eyes
will they see through my transparent ploy
and flounce away triumphantly out of sheer spite?
Time will tell!

September 22nd, 2013
Autumn Equinox~came to us not silently
but with a wild burst of energy ushering in the new season
First autumn storm surprised us~we relished every drop
thunder rolled~winds howled~garden sparkled
Nature put on a show~gifted us with bountiful rain
as an encore she rolled out a vivid rainbow at sunset
shining above the house~signing her marvelous creation 
leaving us breathless and blessed

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th-15th, 2013

September 9th, 2013
Celestial bodies
illuminate heavens


Fire changes our view~the light subdued
sun casting orange rays across the yard
our country air~now heavy with smoke
eyes burn~ we look anxiously to the North
we are safe here~but what of all those
caught up in the fury of the firestorm?
Evacuating, not knowing what they'll find
will their home still stand~will their lives resume
it's normal peaceful rhythm or will they have to start anew
Every summer we face this fear as we head away from home
will our beloved animals be safe? Will we get home in time
should the need arise? How many are frantically making
their way to their neighborhood, seeing the dreaded cloud hover?

September 10th, 2013
Sedum Autumn Joy is blooming
bringing joy to me and the bee


September 11th, 2013
My husband called frantically
"Turn on the TV!!"
I did and what I saw
stunned me~ rocked me to my core
Was this real? Could it be?
Were there really  planes
crashing into the Twin Towers?
As the news unfolded so did the horror
So many trapped and dying
And then the first tower came down
I'll never forget that moment
knowing all was lost for so many
America's innocence with it
never having known such horror
striking at it's very heart
So many lost so quickly
How could we ever forget?
Yet we forgot our collective unity
created that day as a nation
The unity that made us strong
and helped the nation heal
torn asunder not by that dreadful day
but by the years that followed
when hate speech slowly, insidiously
eroded that glorious coming together
when all of us mourning ~reminding us we are one
was replaced by factions and spreaders of hate
tearing the very fabric of our common lives
creating a chasm so deep
we can barely see each other across the divide
Why do we rally in grief yet not in joy?
While those who wished us harm were stunned
by our brave resolve to carry on after their foul deed
are they not now gloating over the divide
caused not by them~but by the enemies within???
We mourn for those lost that day and their shattered families
but also for the lost promise of a nation standing together
cherishing and nourishing each other every day
thus creating a more perfect union state by state.
Will we ever learn?

September 12th, 2013
High in the tree Autumn Clematis
shyly opens first blossoms
delicate~dancing in the breeze
adorned with jeweled spider's thread
her delicious fragrance wafts through the canyon
a bit of autumn magic~fairies surely rejoice
at finding this seasonal treat

September 13th, 2013
You know how people are scared of Friday the 13th?
As a rule I am not until the day progressed
Because let's face it~ what do you do when your
dogs bring home a pig???
Well you panic, that's what!!!
Because while it's a piglet at this point
why in my yard, Friday the 13th????
So here I sit~pig-sitting~waiting for a call
from the Farm Sanctuary where our old friend
Blossom lives her life of leisure.
No answer there~oh dear!!
Next Animal Control is called ~they do promise
to send out help~sometime today
but with the weekend near~what if they don't???
I now have part of the dog lawn rooted up
and a mud hole created~never a dull moment around here!!!
Yet as dreadful and inconvenient this truth is
what a cute piglet~I do worry about his fate
may this be his lucky day!!!

September 14th, 2013
Luna pauses briefly
savoring pine's embrace


September 15th, 2013
Early morning silence~darkness still sits heavily
suddenly the deep bark of the neighbor's dogs
tear me from my sleep~I stumble out to find nothing
no doubt the enemy announced is morning fox or raccoon
making it's way home after a night of foraging
I toss and turn for hours then rise ~having given up
on finding my way back into dreams and rest
no doubt the dogs will sleep all day exhausted
from their night time labors guarding against
shadows and creatures wandering the night

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st-8th, 2013

September 1st, 2013
Long ago it turned
spinning in the wind
pumping precious water
now silent~a lookout for Kestrel
alert~scanning with bright eyes
watching for scurrying below
in hopes of dinner

September 2nd, 2013
Wild Turkeys
Afternoon Delight

September 3rd, 2013
Morning walk~different today
all my special boys together
breathing the cool morning air
exploring~ revisiting the favorite
haunts remembered from last time's visit
the dogs proudly stepping out
relishing the addition to their pack

September 4th, 2013
There appears to be a delightful bug
floating in Chico Creek
savoring this moment
because like time~ ladybugs soon fly
September 5th, 2013
They have gone~their company a joy
yet now tranquility settles once again
we sit quietly~ dusk gently descends
sweetened with soothing cricket song
when did we start to crave our quiet so?
Has peace become our drug of choice?

September 6th, 2013
Sea of burnished gold
floods the western sky
Sunset Bliss


September 7th, 2014
Six Word Saturday Trio
Autumn settles quietly
first claiming nights
Here and there
first colored leaves
Harvested fields
crows flock
gleaning seed
September 8th, 2013
Autumn~ season of so many joys
cooler days~crisp nights~ripe fruit
yet in this season of bliss and golden splendor
the forest rings with shots~first dove~ then deer
the killing horde~ sporting camo gear stalks
seeking to slake it's thirst for blood and trophy
denying the wolves their right to harvest and feed
slaying the predator that belongs in the forest
claiming first right~upsetting nature's balance
The hunt alone is bad enough~but each year
camp fires~carelessly left~ savage the forests
destroying habitat and anything in it's wake
marring this glorious season with sorrow
tarnishing it's beauty with blood and fire.