Monday, November 2, 2015


I love color with a passion
flaming glorious sunsets  
quiet pearlescent sunrises
washing the skies in luminous
pastels glowing autumn leaves 
nature splashing colors with
abandon as if to have one more
fling dropping the curtain then
letting the dark gray season
have the stage as all rests
gathering strength for yet 
another colorful season ahead
vivid new growth emerging
on the first days of spring
new foliage vivid lime green
illuminated by a lemony sun
so welcome after a long winter
really it's very difficult 
for me to end sharing all 
these passions as there is
so much in nature to be 
passionate about I could speak
at length about the vivid
rich red pelt worn by the fox
the brilliant feathers 
shining in the trees as birds
gather to chat and warble
maybe it's not even so much
colors I am passionate about
but really all magnificent
wonders nature lays at our feet
asking only that we see
and admire her beauty treasure
her many gifts protect her 
where we can I am passionate
about that as well and 
admire those who walk the walk
giving of themselves with 
passion making a difference
be it ever so small as we all
can even by taking modest 
heartfelt action with passion.


Prompt: Passion
I have a passion for books
and reading instilled into
me by my dad a passion which
has seen me through some
of the toughest darkest times
in a life not always easy
allowing me to escape if even
briefly during times of stress
and dark fear for the future
this passion still shines
even now in this much calmer
peaceful time of life as I
look upon the shelves and
stacks of books filling every
space a comforting blanket
to wrap myself in as I open
colorful covers and dive deep
into another different world
reading, feeling, following
silky threads of words spun
being right there along with
characters who are often hard
to leave behind at "The End"
and you feel the passion??


Prompt: White Poppies for Peace
White poppies
so rare and fragile
translucent petals
easily crushed
frayed and trampled
as is our hope
for worldwide peace
yet we must keep
hoping and working
for a better world
while proudly wearing
white poppies for peace
yet never forgetting
those who's blood was
spilled and those in
harms way so many lives
wasted all over our
restless bloodied planet
controlled by politics
and military complexes
vast industries profiting
from blood spilled soaking
the earth so many of us
long for peace long
for a life of dignity
a life not bought at such a
terrible price we want no
blood spilled  in our name
or for "freedom" we just want
a world of peace where life
is precious and honored
not thrown away in muddy
bloodied battlefields
where even the most innocent
perish too young never
understanding why pain
and suffering visits them
far too soon all dreams
and hope for the future
dying with them potential
lost for all times
lives wasted never allowed
to come into full flower
white poppies for peace
beacon of hope in a
world awash in poppies
of red honoring the memory
of too many lives lost
already will the madness
ever end? "White Poppies
For Peace" glowing bright
 tender fragile promise
a peaceful future for all

Ming's moment of Zen
reminder that even
amidst chaos and change
one can sit calmly
modeling faux fur
breathing deeply
counting blessings
not stitches...knit...purr

November 13th, 2015
End of the day
sinking into bed
weighed down
heart heavy
mourning with France
and the city of
love and light
feeling the pain
deeply even here
thousands of miles
away..will it ever end?
Let there be PEACE

Little owl and pussycat
resting side by side
pussycat is sleeping
owl's eyes are open wide
high up in the canopy
her golden eyes can see
everything that's down
below fairies gnomes
and trees little doors
start opening lanterns
now are lit fairy folk
 are rising quiet glades
now shimmer filled with
night time magic
and twinkly fairy glimmer
little owl is blinking
taking it all in
pussy's toes twitch
in her sleep life
is but a dream.


Prompt: Time is
Time is running out
time is short for all of us
we know not when our hourglass
runs out of grains of sand
united we watched the
world around us turn dark
and scary bloodied broken
precious lives lost all
over the planet uncertain
times ahead we felt united in
our grief but already human
nature starts unraveling niggling
finding fault harmony starts
tottering on unsteady feet words
are written you don't care enough
you only care about this or that issue
you only  fly this flag on your
profile picture you're not grieving
hard enough your grief is for the wrong
disaster how on earth can this planet
thrive how can we overcome dark times
when even in grief we cannot get along
we find fault we critize we put down
those who only want to find their own way
of dealing with it all how can we make
peace happen on our precious planet when
we can't even respect each and every
one of us for their own way of dealing
with the frightening happenings all
around us our beautiful planet in
grave danger from us the human race
how can we save us and our planet
if we lack tolerance for others
on something as basic as grieving
lives lost in vain anywhere everywhere
it's time to support encourage empower
not time to critique find fault because
time is running out time is growing short

Bert the Frog
has changed
his togs he's
growing once
again sporting
now his newest
one the old
sways tattered
and forlorn
looking a bit
like Bert's
ectoplasmic ghost
swaying eerily
back and forth
fairly shouting booo
oblivious Bert struts
his stuff he hasn't
got a care stands
tippy-toed he begs
for food all we
can do is stare..


Morning flight
meets rising sun
a shooting star

Inside our window
wolves sing songs
of praise heads
thrown back snouts
pointed mesmerized
it seems by this
crystal full moon
which never wanes
above watchful owl
sits in silence
gracing this magical
pewter world
inside our window


Prompt: TASTE
Isn't it amazing how a scent
or taste can take you back
time traveling into the past
seemingly in the blink of an
eye as I peel my clementine
little squirts of oils shoot
into the room delicately
scenting the air with it's
sweet-tart odor laying the
first slice onto my tongue
crushing it letting luscious
juice spill savoring the
texture suddenly I am back
to mornings on St.Nikolaus day
opening the door cautiously
finding a treasure trove
of treats in my boots left
out the night before
colorful offerings spill
forth shining nuts foil
wrapped chocolates and always
clementines glowing winking
up at me tempting me to break
open their soft lush skin
savoring the taste of the season

Clouds of smoke
rise up into
delicately tinted
evening skies
curling upward
as if longing
to taste the
lush rising moon
would it taste
of lemon custard??

dragon's eye
gazing down sleepily
surveying her earthly realm

Lunar goddess
hear our cry
see our pain
hear us sigh
captured now in
tree of peace
may endless global
suffering cease
may your bright light
in olive tree
embrace the globe
so mote it be