Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th-21st, 2014

September 15th, 2014
Slow turning of the seasons
now Autumn Joy blooms
offering herself up generously
her rosy heart~a bee's delight
they visit eagerly and often
taking sips of her sweetness
gathering the precious nectar
then flying home to the hive
filling chamber after chamber
survival of the hive assured
for the cold wet days ahead


September 16th, 2014
Sitting quietly~trying
to focus on each breath
while in the background
screeching monkey mind
swings noisily from tree
to tree~breath valiantly tries
blocking out the eager chatter
this morning~it's hard work

September 17th, 2014
No doubt we've gone a bit native
up here in far the North of California
still~even here in this rural setting
redneck cowboy land at it's finest
our past tends to keep pace with us
sitting on our rustic porch at sunset
eating a delicious evening meal while
being serenaded by cricket song
Italian Cypresses reach into the sky
first bats start hunting their dinner
as we sip Vin Rouge from Provence
nibbling on Rigatoni tossed in a rich
Mediterranean Eggplant Sauce
sprinkled with salty Parmesano
and just a dollop of Creme Fraiche
for dessert Lemon Cookie Icecream
crowned with fat organic Raspberries
a splash of Chambord ~another spoon
of Creme Fraiche~tonight eating
globally~not locally~still slow food
in a slow world~where cattlemen rule
as do our own internal global spirits
still alive and well within our hearts
you can't change the spots on these
leopards~no sir~we might not be
amongst our own kind anymore
but we've made space to honor
our global roots as often as we can

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th-14th, 2014

September 8th, 2014
It's been so long since you shared
our lives~bringing smiles our way
seems we've missed you forever
Yesterday's mail brought a reminder
that it's not been all that long
since you graced our home
Dear brown eyes shining
your enthusiastic eagerness to please
the dance danced only by you
Today I have to make the dreaded call
a grim reminder  "He's no longer alive,
no license to renew this year."


This sad day ended in quiet joy
picnic packed~moon quest ready
we head out~valley bound
gilded rolling hills along the way
in the smoky haze we wait
nibbling our picnic~crickets sing
daylight fades slowly~the sun
slips away toward the sea
then Luna rises~cresting
the Sierras~blushing gold
enormous in size~she dwarfs
the landscape at her feet
our trip thus blessed
we head back~westward bound
her golden gaze follows us
all the way home~Bliss


September 9th, 2014
This morning once again
she called to me
lingering to the West
teasing the tree tops
while to the East
sun made it's fiery
debut~glowing blood red
in the smoky morning sky
hastily dressed I leave
chasing them both
Brother Sun~Sister Moon
sharing the same sky
rushing back home
out of breath~panting
yet pleased~ready for tea


September 10th, 2014
There's an Ant Stampede
run for your lives
they're racing madly
in the moonlight
Packing their eggs
to save all their brood
the panic is great
and frantic the mood
Fleeing from something
I am not really sure
their final destination
I have not a clue
They race up my legs
and under my shirt
I dance rather frantic
scream loud to be heard
Husband comes quickly
the look on his face
is a sight to behold
as I am running in place
He comes to the rescue
I run for the house
and leave him to sort it
my dear faithful spouse

September 11th, 2014
Smoke kissed chiffon
unfurls across the sky
late evening flight
touched by last light
turns shooting star
Night falls quickly
sky now smudged
in darkest velveteen
evening stars dimmed
the smell of smoke
So many days of
sun sets and rises
spilling rich color
across the skies
our forests burn
When will it end
this torrid summer
creek has gone dry
our hearts are heavy
but oh those colors

September 12th, 2014
Embroidered delicately
onto a bright blue sky
she's fading slowly now
Her cycles repeat eternally
magic~holding us spellbound
Waning~glorious reign past
her face grows gaunt
bringing darker nights~I sleep

September 13th, 2014
Friendships are like gardens
the simple questions is
do we want a cactus patch
which requires no effort
or do we want a rich
vibrant cottage garden?
Me~I am a cottage garden
kind of girl~willing to work
fertilizing and watering
because to me friends are
the vibrant flowers in life
nurturing them will determine
if they are short lived annuals
only bright for a season
or perennials~here to stay
year after year~weathering storms
but surviving against the odds
always a delight in full bloom

September 14th, 2014
Save a bunny~shop with open eyes
This morning~as I stood under the shower
head tilted back~shampooing my hair
I got careless for a moment and looked down
instantly a soapy stream of water ran into
my open eyes and it burned a lot I tell you
as I carefully rinsed my eye I couldn't help
but think of how thankful I was that my
shampoo was never tested on a helpless
furry creature~trapped in a lab~unable
to take this awful burning pain away
maybe crying out at someone in a lab coat
approaching it~ not to help~but to hurt again
all in the name of sparing us needless suffering
what the hell are we thinking?? That they
feel no pain?? That they are somehow better
equipped to suffer that kind of abuse??
What happened to common sense
knowing that getting soap or cosmetics
into our eyes will hurt them?? When did
humans decide that we are so precious
that it's alright to torture creatures in our name??
I know I am not alone in my deep empathy
for those needless suffering in human hands
others feel this pain as well and shop carefully
that gives me such hope for our future!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st-7th, 2014

September 1st, 2014
They come to us~night after night
walking through their dried out
barren world~the creek~ dry
a few stagnant pools remain
She feeds with her kits~furtive
looking over her shoulder 
small black hand busily sorting
she knows we watch and worries
Her kids, all sizes~yet the same age
one so tiny he often sits in the bowl
growling~fighting for every bite
they take turns in the birdbath nearby
Drinking~washing their nimble hands
then a bit of playing catch on the roof
we endure the racket~knowing they suffer
doing what we can to help ease their plight
Our policy of not feeding the wildlife
crumbles in view of their dire need
how can she raise this brood of babes
without a helping hand~praying for rain


September 2nd, 2014
Let's see if I can create
a picture in your mind
an image of hot days
ending in fiery sunsets
smokey veils drifting
hanging in the trees
across the creek bed
then being scattered
by sudden hot gusts
wind tearing moisture
from the ground much
faster then we can water
dryness claimed everything
our surroundings are now
cinder dry~we worry
and water our oasis
not only for reprieve
from the brutal sun
but hopefully adding
safety during these
last days of summer's
brutal reign this year
oaks will wait no longer
already they shed their
tattered leaves well
before their usual time
quiet nights are broken
by strident cicada song
acorns hit the roofs
like gunshots~sleep
is becoming elusive
let autumn find us soon
all of us are spent

September 3rd, 2014
They are rustling among the leaves
brief flashes of sapphire blue
vests of cinnamon brown velvet
Bluebirds arrive for the harvest
eagerly eating their fill
of the delectable bounty
Plentiful dusky-blue berries
are plucked quickly
leaving bright scarlet stems
Not a berry left~they're done
taking to the air~off they go
only vivid droppings remain

September 4th, 2014
Like an acrobat she hangs
upside down in the Buddleia
motionless~waiting patiently
Her arms folded devoutly
slowly tilting her head
eyes alert~praying for prey
If they miss her eerie silhouette
they're doomed~she'll strike
then feast~prayers answered

September 5th, 2014
A collection of pretty cups and mugs
somehow they make whatever
you choose each day extra special
Looking into the cupboard~searching
there's an old favorite~hiding in the back
embracing it's girth~it feels quite nice
There's something comforting about
a well loved cup~fitting just so
broad solid base~no wobbles
Lifting it to your mouth~steamy curls
bringing the scent of your beverage
you anticipate the flavor~inhale deeply
Then sipping cautiously~careful~ it's hot
whatever it is coffee~tea~hot cocoa
such a comforting ritual~don't you think?
This morning a newcomer gets a turn
Alice and the Cheshire cat~when hot
all that remains is the well-known grin
Function and perfect form in a whimsical
magical package~smiling back at that grin
wearing a mustache of whipped cream


September 6th, 2014
Mercury rises
will autumn
ever come
Waking to a cool crisp breeze
quietly slipping through the curtains
she carries the first scent of autumn
Or is it just my constant yearning
for that most delectable season
fooling my senses for a moment
Rising quickly I slip into the garden
embracing the early morning chill
by noon summer will win another round
For now I walk the paths, robe clad
savoring this delicious preview
of the main feature soon to come


September 7th, 2014
How do we know
if it's truly us
or ego deciding
we be introverts?
Do hard times lived
dictate who we
become~either easy
and joyful~or not?
Does it come to us
through DNA or maybe
past lives lived?
In being Introverts
do we really choose
our own path
safe in our shell
unable to extend
our tender bits
sometimes even
to those we trust?
Or are we instead
prisoners of our
ego's demands?
Feeling lonely
yet held back
from stepping out
to embrace
those waiting
with open arms
life's inner mysteries
never easily solved
or understood.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th-31st, 2014

August 25th, 2014
They come
under cover 
of darkness
glowing eyes
reveal their
secret location
band of bandits
nothing is safe
no stone
left unturned
the yard
the snails
long gone
empty shells 
sad remains
yet they 
charm us
those rascals
still wishing
they went 
to ply 
their trade

August 26th, 2014
Early morning sunrise illuminates
Buddha's face looking inward
his peaceful countenance shines
Swirls of blueish incense rise
a bamboo flute sings sweetly
birds add their joyful voices
Sitting peacefully mind at rest
savoring this exquisite tranquility
such a perfect start to the day

August 27th, 2014
Diving deep
into the catnip
rolling around
her eyes crazed
she springs up
then races wildly
up the nearest tree
down again now the roof
around the garden
zero to nuts in
20 seconds flat
Ming Dragon
will crash soon
dreaming wild
drugged dreams
paws dancing
whiskers twitching
sleeping off
her natural high

August, 28th, 2014
Sometimes~when my eyes
fall upon exquisite beauty
they fill with tears of joy
trembling on my lashes
So blessed to be able to see
 beauty often overlooked
taken for granted by some
doubly blessed when shared


August 29th, 2014
Meditation does not come easy
to me~I fidget~but now and then
I find myself in that quiet place
where my racing thoughts are
like clouds~just passing through
and I am able to smile patiently
as they drift away~out of sight

August 30th, 2014
Night slowly settles as the sun slips away
out of sight~yet diaphanous veils remain
smudged colors a faint memory of her reign
Now Luna rides the night sky proudly
a cloud comet her chariot this night
all of this splendor~ on our way home

August 31st, 2014
Swimming high
above our heads
Right Whale

Neon circles
ribbons of pain
start unfurling
Art Nouveau
I blink in vain
Migraine settles
in my brain
early bed
for me tonight
way too tired
for this fight

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th-24th, 2014

August 18th, 2014
Minimal Monday
Hey you 
with the leaf
in your beak
I see you!!


Betrayal  is such
an ugly word
leaving a bitter taste
What do you say
when the trust you had
was just a mirage?
When your heart and soul
your secrets and pain
are used against you?
You cry~that's what you do
you grieve for what's lost
everything you held dear.
That love~not always perfect
now sullied~how to go forward
from this painful dark place
Speaking now would be deadly
I'll pull in my antennae
and let my shell comfort me

August, 19th, 2014
You know how on some days
just like before a big storm
the air in our own lives can crackle
Leaving us unsettled and uneasy
strange feelings and happenings
swirling in our personal atmosphere
Then it hits~hard~swirling~driving
spinning us this way and that
our feelings boiling like thunderclouds
The storm breaks~leaving us reeling
like the heavens~tears fall heavily
flash flood~releasing tension and stress
Internal storms~washing over us violently
leaving us spend~yet  also thankful
we've survived~made it through intact
This calm after the storm~it can clear our vision
we can breathe again and savor the new day
yes they'll come~but we've weathered them before
May they strengthen us~encourage new growth
may their wisdom thrive in us
may we step forward with courage and grace

August 20th, 2014
 Floral periscope extends
surveys her world
can't help but smile back

August 21st, 2014
Bella Donna~Beautiful Lady
so tempting~so deadly
Long ago~lovely ladies used you
to enhance their own beauty
Your essence turning their eyes
dark and mysterious~like you
Your poison~aiding some
eliminating others~deadly gift
 It is rumored that you aided
 witches in their ability to fly
Bella Donna~dark beauty
able to enhance~or destroy

August 22nd, 2014
Eagerly opening their bright faces
greeting the brilliant sun
not knowing her passionate kiss
will be the death of them
we enjoy their velvety beauty
the glory of this morning
savoring the moment

This owl winked once
as my husband passed by
how could he resist that
And how could I resist
embellishing his dear gift
with my own touch
Lovely Midnight Owl
now rests safely
touching my heart

August, 23rd, 2014
Gathered together
cheek to cheek
these mature beauties
Perfect imperfection
bruised and marred
yet treasured and loved
For beneath the surface
their hearts are tender
their sweetness sings
These ladies gave their all
luscious Apple Crumble
transformation complete

August, 24th, 2014
Paying it forward
So often we come across this concept
paying it forward~encouraging others
what better way then applying it right here
in this group of kindred spirits~sharing of themselves
how well I remember my first tottering steps
upon this stage~nervous~my words still halting
a bit stilted and unsure~fingers shaking ~hovering
above the button that would send it out there
for all to see~my soul laid bare to some extend
I've been around now for a while~still writing
those early days of first uncertainty behind me
yet there are new voices or sometimes even old
who will benefit from that sign of really being seen
of that like or better yet a comment~input to validate
their voices and feelings~we all know about the lack
of time~ swiftly running~not enough hours in our days
trying to do it all and still find time for us and friends
yet when I think of all those actions~encouraging me
allowing me and many others to spread their fledgling wings
how can I not take a little time each day~paying it forward?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 11th-17th, 2014

August 11th, 2014
Minimal Monday
Even the clouds 
could not conceal
her silver beauty

Still lingering
our morning gift
Bella Luna

Rising sun
kisses her face
she blushes

August 12th, 2014
Heavenly goddess ascends
veiled in glamour
working her celestial magic
Turning night into day
enchanting country roads
now a silvery river
All night she dazzled 
spilling her magic
her pale silhouette remains

August 13th, 2014
Morning Meditation
He sits calmly in the center of chaos
weekly changing of the linens
eyes open~then closed~open again
his purr a chant of contentment
paws kneading quietly~he's at peace
this silver tabby Dalai Lama of cats
accepting change without a fuss
living in the moment~content
nothing disrupts his morning mediation
even the sudden covering of his head
bringing temporary darkness
still he sits and purrs~the embodiment
of serenity~no matter what life brings
there is a lesson to be learned in that


August 14th, 2014
Do they truly exist
in the real world
those nurturing circles
you often read about
women holding hands
inclusive of all~no cliques
tenderly supporting each other
never judging or competing
just sharing comfort and love
with their fellow sisters
or is it just fiction written by
women for women~they themselves
in search of such exquisite tenderness
I often wonder about that

August 15th, 2014
Tonight's forecast
mostly clear with scattered 
Maxfield Parrish clouds

August 16th, 2014
Look for joy
in every day
Fanciful ~I know
but that big teddy 
in the evening sky
holding out his arms
as if to embrace us all
brought a smile to my face
reminding me~there's much joy
to be found in even a cloudy day
regardless of what the daily news
would have us all believe
it's not all gloom and doom
look for joy!!

August 17th, 2014
Tenderly kissed by the rising sun
bright cheerful faces shine
Four o'clocks at Eight o'clock
they care not for the time
They open up their pretty gowns
for all the word to see
their lives are short~but do not frown
soon they'll be spilling seed
On and on the wheel does turn
each year they come anew
they bless us with their loveliness
I'll share this lovely view

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1st-10th, 2014

August 1st, 2014
Mystical strange beast
found dry on the forest floor
a generous splash of water
some tender loving care
 behold this small miracle
Delicate tentacles unfold
once dry and crisp
now soft to the touch
brought home from the forest
yet reminiscent of the sea
Mind's eye can imagine
this creature beneath the waves
the fishy face~delicate fronds
moving with the sea currents
but no~from up high it fell
Picked up dry and broken
from the dark forest floor
anointed with water at home
watching it come to life
Ming sniffs the withered beast
Can she read their story
absorb the places they've been
will the scent take her away
to wild places~into the canopy
with a perfect bird's eye view 

August 2nd, 2014
Another morning spend dragging heavy hoses
attempting to keep our corner of desert green
it seems a silly task really~but oh how my heart
needs that bit of green to refresh the eye and senses
my roots~still yearning for the verdant land of my birth
So each morning in deep summer~many hours spend
tugging~cursing~moaning~sweat freely pouring down
then my reward~slightest cooling~refreshing
soul and senses~not only for us~but all of nature
sweet winged ones now fly in~whole flocks arrive
Eagerly chattering~their tiny wings nearly grazing
my cheek ~they land in the glistening wet shrubs
wings fluttering as they bathe~refreshing themselves
Bushtits by the dozens~their sweet chirps fill the air
then robins come to scratch the now moist earth
Red breasts glow~heads bob~finding buried treasure
the labor now well worthwhile~our oasis is teeming
seeing us through another summer~one hot day at a time
counting our blessings~fresh water~pumped from the deep
not all are this lucky~giving thanks for this bounty daily

August 3rd, 2014
Seven Word Sunday
Portly visitor
eagerly gathers sweet
bounty within

August 4th, 2014
Eerie arms~dripping lace
reach up into the fog
searching the silvery skies
as if to part the curtain
revealing hidden mysteries
dare we stay and wait
will it be just the hidden sun
or something ominous
sudden evening breeze animates
lace flutters~crow caws
goosebumps form~is it the breeze??

August 5th, 2014
Soft hiss of rain on a cold tin roof
plip plop as it drips off the edge
glistening droplets quivering on leaf's edge
This is the stuff California summer dreams
are made of~unexpected~most welcome
giving heartfelt thanks for our wet reprieve

Imperfect Ten
Not feeling blue
pink tears of joy
honoring the rain

August 6th, 2014
Once upon a time~ in a Northern Kingdom
there lived a dear little princess~loved by all
And no~it's not the one currently occupying
the Firefly Throne~that's Princess Ming Dragon
Sadly the dear Princess of whom I speak
has long outgrown her little Firefly Throne
but once she occupied it quite often
I am speaking of  Princess Plum Blossom
She of the lovely red gold hair and sweet freckles
wearing the silken Crane Kimono~fanning herself
oh how she filled our heart with joy and happiness
curled up~her sweet nose in a book most everyday
As often happens~they do grow up up and away
she's gone now~following the path to a promising future
fairy tales savored~now replaced by serious text books
still her dear memory lingers and makes us smile today
We found her Firefly Throne~tucked away safely
carefully unfolded it~remembering sweet times
she's making her own happiness~Prince optional
may she find joy and live happily ever after

August 7th, 2014
Delicate bones rest on the sand
the illusion of flight remains
though the heart no longer beats

August 8th, 2014
Side by side~ they pose cheerfully
one invited~wearing indigo velvet
the other in white~crashing the party
August 9th, 2014
Inspiration took flight
roosting elsewhere today

August 10th, 2014
Seems eons ago we walked
this monochromatic landscape
undulating toward the sea
Listening to seagulls laugh
breakers rushing in with a roar
dogs barking in the distance
Memory must sustain us now
inland~far from the sea
longing for the song of the beach

August 10th, 2014
In Pursuit of Luna
Following the winding country roads
we drive~ searching for Luna
out there~away from our small valley
It's not to be~tonight clouds bar her way
she struggles~trying to break free
we wait patiently~hoping against hope
Still what a blessing~this lovely breeze
prairie stretching to the far horizon
technicolor sunset blazing to the West
Darkness falls~cricket song fills the night
lone egret stands~his small pond shimmers
two swifts dip and turn~catching dinner
Outlined against the evening sky
suddenly an owl appears
gliding silently across the prairie
What better way to spend a summer night
out here on the wide open land
feeling the gentle night air on our faces