Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th-31st, 2014

July 28th, 2014
Settling deeply 
into the bed of Nip
it's party time!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st-27th, 2014

June 21st, 2014
Out on the open prairie~Coyote stops
stares~scents the air~alert he waits
hunted without mercy~not today
we mean him no harm~just delighted
to see him roam the land~free and alive
onward he lopes again ~deep in dry pasture
take care wild friend~may your travels
be safe~may you find sustenance and drink
may you thrive~stay alive~delighting
our eyes~we find joy at your presence


Ode to Joy
Town ward bound in the sun~picking up necessities
to the South~dark clouds~driven by a brisk wind
we know better then to hope~weeks of blistering heat
have worn us slowly down~this endless summer
rainy season still months out~so hard to bear
We lunch~pick up the milk~now homeward bound
dark clouds ahead still when suddenly first drops
the unexpected happens~first dribbles~then drops
finally the cheerful sound of wipers squeaking
across the glass~back and forth~to and fro
Glistening tarmac reflecting silvery cloud~filled skies
along the roadside~first puddles form~smiling
up into the skies~as are we ~our hearts
singing an ode to joy at this most unexpected
celestial gift from above~so very welcome
Soon it will be heating up~but this lovely preview
to a cooler season will see us through for now
windows open wide~delicious petrichor fills the air
coolers get a well deserved rest after weeks of work
sipping hot tea~we smile across the table~joyfully

July 22nd, 2014
Three Times Ten
In the orchard
thinning pluots
who am I to judge
Yet looking up
so many fruit
something has to give
How can 
I not answer the plea
lighten my branches

July 23rd, 2014
Savoring Savory Trilogy
Buckeye looks back at me
while sipping
delectable sweetness

Ghostly arms~opened wide
striped visitor
eagerly embraced~drink deeply

Afterwards Buckeye rests
sleeping off the nectar
dreaming butterfly dreams

July 24th, 2014
Celestial Trio
Infinite Milky Way
sprawls above our roof
a shooting star
Labradorite pre-dawn sky
Venus and crescent moon glow
Insomnia's Blessing
Held gently by branches
crescent moon shimmers
magical celestial mirage

July 25th, 2014
Once again our Secret Garden gate stands tall
reclaimed from the greedy clutches of the rose
Teetering on crooked legs, gate stuck~rose did her best
to push it down~but in the end~the best man won
Now~while still providing shelter for the birds
she's been subdued~trimmed back into shape
Once again the charming roof is seen~long swallowed up
by verdant green~so blessed to have my own carpenter!!!

July 26th, 2014
28 Years
Just in time
this flamboyant
beauty shows
her vivid heart

July 27th, 2014
As night approaches
their spectral light glows
Fairy orchestra's snowy
Alpenhorns tune up
Emitting not sound
but clouds of sweetest perfume

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14th-20th, 2014

July 14th, 2014
Mysterious Ten
Magic Night
Magic Moon
Majestic Oak
Marvelous Orbs
Mischievous Visitors
What are these wondrous orbs
flitting about~surely fairies methinks
celebrating Luna's ascent this night
appearing beneath the ancient oak
silvery rays create moonlight magic
conjuring up the orbs~Titania's court no doubt
like mortals~fairies too are moonstruck
cannot resist her magic spell~they dance
with wild abandon on this warm summer night
accompanied by cheerful cricket song
Midsummer Night's Dream

July 15th, 2014
Two Times Ten
Icy chiffon
streaks the sky
why must we
smolder below

Sky on fire
icy no more
brilliant chiffon
reflecting heat

July 16th, 2014
One by one~they leave the roosting tree
their hoarse calls floating on the breeze
on shiny wings they bank~the squadron leaves
across the prairie~gleaning the rolling hills
be it seed or juicy grasshoppers~they feast
breaking their fast~landing here and there
eagerly crow hopping after their prey
triumphant calls announce each success
then again~maybe  just chatting over breakfast

July 17th, 2014
Ode to a Cherry
Be still my beating heart
you traveled far
crossed many a mile
Yet still you have that
youthful dewy look
leaf jauntily worn
As if only moments ago
you left your lofty perch
plump crimson beauty
On this page you'll glow
forever immortal now
your sweetness lingers

July 18th, 2014
Glowing morning sky
four geese overhead
welcoming the rising sun

July 19th, 2014
Tenner Quartet
Moments ago~this dance floor
was jumping
Mambo Bee wiggled
Alas she buzzed off
leaving this wildlife
photographer all alone
Maybe she was just
shy~ not wanting
her wiggles shared???
Then again without a
partner~enjoying her moves
why bother?!


July 20th, 2014
Imperfect Ten
Gazing skyward
counting silver fleeced
lambs drifting across
starry skies

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7th-13th, 2014

July 7th, 2014
Two Times Ten
No longer following sun's path
she's turned inward
head bowed
Her petals wither
first rows form
seeds for the birds


July 8th, 2014
Three Times Ten
Imagining a place
in my mind's eye
shaded forest stream
Refreshing silvery veils
tumble over boulders
covered in cushiony moss
Immersing myself gently
into a dark green pool
floating weightlessly

July 9th, 2014
Celestial Geisha~white face glows
coy smile hidden
behind a diaphanous cloud fan

July 10th, 2014
Two Times Ten on the Tenth
Ten little piggies went to town
came back sparkling brightly
Dreaming of the cool blue sea
toes mimic mermaid scales

July 11th, 2014
Little finch listens
bright eye shines
satisfied he dips again


July 12th, 2014
Evening Ten
Rising Luna~embellished
wondrous jewel glows
never the same twice

Morning Ten
Rising early
finding her silver face
suspended in the trees

July 13th, 2014
Evening Splendor
She rises~enormous~red gold
dominating the Eastern sky
we sit and watch~awestruck
such splendor on this night
Celebrating with vanilla moons
ice cream~afloat a chocolate lake
clouds of whipped cream rise
delicious landscape in a bowl
Feast for both eyes and senses
savoring each bite~eyes fixed
on the far horizon~she floats
her wondrous face shimmering

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st-6th, 2014

July 1st, 2014
Ode to a Morning Bun
Oh how you glisten~your tender coils
dusted in sugar~sparkling like treasure
I did not create you~but I adore you
mindfully savoring you~first feasting my eyes
then uncoiling your sugary cinnamon heart
nearly endless spirals of buttery deliciousness 
sweetly melt on my tongue~such culinary delight
devouring you~bite after luscious bite~HEAVEN


Ok, so I have a confession to make
I am addicted to books~always have been
this thought crosses my mind this morning
as I am searching shelf after shelf for a title
and no, I am not one of those organized 
people who keep their shelves immaculate
everything catalogued or sorted by author or title
in my defense though I do have to say this
I honor my books~giving them forever homes
just ask my poor husband who builds the shelves
and has moved them more then once in years past
they are also kept  in nearly pristine condition
well the new ones anyhow~no donkey ears here
which means no bending the edge to mark a spot
face down~causing broken spines~a cardinal sin
no doubt this habit was handed down to me
via my Dad the bibliophile who trained me well
he encouraged both the habit and proper care
probably a bit of OCD involved~fussing over books
Dad of course also suffered from this illness
blame it on DNA~both the habit and cherishing
knowing very few readers in my neighborhood
spares me from being laughed at for sending care 
sheets home with anyone who wants to borrow 
in a way that's a relief ~no worrying over them
being used as coasters or mistreated in other ways
but I digress~another fault of mine I am afraid
now~to add to the overall confusion I am also
in possession of a large collection of eBooks
most were free or greatly reduced~how does one resist
this of course really complicates the matter terribly
as I now never know anymore~do I have it 
on the shelves or is it hiding in a digi reader
this means that my habit is totally out of control~doesn't it
so why do I not feel guilty~but merely annoyed 
with my slovenly ways of record keeping


July 2nd, 2014
Dainty golden finches
bathing in the fountain
diamond droplets twinkle

Morning Delight
Wide eyed she stands
curious yet cautious
watching my approach
Only steps away
she's perfectly still
trusting~peering at me
Our eyes meet
her gentle soul
shines brightly
From the heart of the rose
her twin appears
spotted coats so endearing
Stepping out daintily
together they cross the street
out into the open field

July 3rd, 2014
Such an unlikely pair~Day Flower overtook Hydrangea
nearly obscuring her~yet still her tender pink blossoms shine
I let them live side by side~separating them would only
leave Day Flower feeling blue~so shine on you two
gently hold each other in this tender embrace~thrive!!!

July 4th, 2014
Brilliant fire works
no stars~just stripes
bold color salute

July 5th, 2014
Hanging night laundry
under Luna's watchful eye
she will be gentler
then her cousin the sun
the bright burning one
who shows no mercy

July 6th, 2014
Dashing Casanova~splendid in his velvet vest
challenging to capture as he eagerly hurries along
rarely settling ~his quest~spreading love generously
humming along~landing~ravishing~sipping
leaving ruffled beauties in his wake~such a cad
yet loved by all~who can resist his furry charms??

Ten Words
Golden floral highrise
fly in buffet
nectar on each floor

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 1st-30th, 2014 Home Stones

Minimal Monday
Devastated~all but one~gone!
Cleaned the mess and the tank
shiny scales is all that's left 
survivor~granddaughter's favorite
she named him Demon Fish long ago
as he's possessed of two red eyes
startling on a white body to be sure
he flops and turns as we refill his home
mouth open~slowly gasping~sometimes floating
hovering near death from the looks of it
We head to town~an idea has formed
he looked so lonely and bereft~what if
what he needs most right now are friends
stress remedy in hand and a bag of feeder fish
the fattest~healthiest from the looks of it
it's worth a try~homeward we speed
not feeling very positive~will he still live
no sign of him~a good sign mayhap
if there's no floater there is hope we feel
Thinking good thoughts I empty the vial
magic healing powers can't be far behind
new friends are feeder fish~doomed to die 
but today was their lucky day~a new chance
eagerly they try to jump and swim~still bagged
finally~it's time to go~they spill out of their prison
into the green depth~exploring~then suddenly
he appears from nowhere~rising from the deep
joins the school of curious youngsters~greets them
Eagerly he swims with them~relieved it seems
to find his home has not been emptied after all
alone no more~he gathers speed~zooming along
seemingly playing catch me if you can with them
we stand and watch~silly smiles on our faces
it seems as though he feels in his own fishy way
what else would explain this amazing turn around
I fetch the evening flakes~not sure if they will feed
but sure enough they do~big brother by their side
June 4th, 2014
Whimsical Wednesday Quartet
Swimming gracefully
at the end of a long lead
delightful furry mermaid
Tail wagging~snuffly snout
pierces water's surface
where did that fat taddy go
Skipping along the beach
trying to keep pace
if only she could be free
But this furry mermaid
will transform~grow feet
run off~nose into the wind

June 5th, 2014
Here he is, my Birthday Boy~the one I hold so dear
he's been been beside me for so long~the flying of the years
seen good times and some bad times too~but still we hold our own
We've laughed~we've cried~we dealt with it~no matter what life send
build houses~working side by side~saved furry ones and buried them
build our simple rural life~best friends~together till the end
Let silver not hair fool you~nor the innocent blue eyes
because if you don't watch him close~you might just pay the price
he loves to play a wicked trick~maybe even twice
Time flies~ he's getting on but still~he's very young at heart
too young at times~ doing crazy things~causing me to sigh
Let's toast his good health everyone~for I hold him dear in my heart

June 13th, 2014
Honey Moon
Tonight I sit~awaiting her debut
too early yet~I rise~move gently
through the poses~it's been too long
yet muscles well remember how
slowly they stretch~do my bidding
Dancer's Pose~hand held out
ready to hold her honeyed face
Still she stalls~refusing to appear
I walk the land~eyes searching
finding her at last~she glows
enormous~dominating the horizon
slowly she rises~oak filigree
adorns her lovely amber face
jeweled beauty~such a joy to see
Once more I sit~well satisfied
watching her night's journey
amber light~ now turning silver
the woodlands glow magically
beneath her gaze~inky branches
reach high~unwilling to let go
of this exquisite celestial gem

June 15th, 2014
7WS Trilogy
Bright eyed
born long ago
another era
Gentle man
no realist
dreamer of dreams
He was
my anchor
for many years

June 16th, 2014
They're coming!!!
SciFi Sky

June 24th, 2014
Embraced bold heart
throbbing in the evening sky
exquisite palette lingers

June 26th, 2014
Elegant trumpets
sweetly curved
exquisitely scented
will Sphinx Moth
be able to resist
your sweet call

June 27th, 2014
Walking the walk~headed out the gate
pounding the pavement~trekking sticks in hand
striding out~breathing deep~uphill~downhill
the air~getting warm~yet still a bit of cool remains
eyes scanning woodlands and sky ahead
hidden treasures~buck and doe~fawn at side
what a pleasure~they'd been gone too long
but here they are~en famille~babe nursing
huge puffy clouds~slowly disperse~no rain
we missed our chance at blessed moisture
moving forward~savoring each shady spot
it's heating up~ear buds in place~music moves me
forward~down the road~and back in time all at once
songs of Mystery Tours~Walrus and Fools on the hill
Yellow Submarines~Sergeant Pepper and the band
cheering me on~yet reminding me of the past
teenage years~angst ridden emotions swirled
so many changes in body~mind and daily life
in retrospect~often so lost~yet still I sing along happily
because not all was dark and uncertain~these songs
remind me of the wonderful times~while savoring this day
back at our gate~still singing along~shade~water~BLISS

June 28th, 2014
Floral flames flicker
opening their fiery hearts
for one day they burn

June 30th, 2014
Subtle watercolor dawn
morning star grows faint
first waves of heat roll in
June 30th, 2014
Let us get back
to the path
of mindfulness
Writing and sharing
stones~large or small
connecting deeply
Supporting each other
checking egos
as we enter this space
Letting peace flow
once again
mindfully sharing

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 2014 ~ Our Germany trip~ a look back

Getting caught up after a vacation to my homeland the first two weeks of May. I'll be sharing some of the moments captured during that rather whirlwind visit which was great fun. Here's to looking back.

April 29th, 2014
Walking along the Bay~tomorrow we fly
finding last moments of tranquility
we feast our eyes on nature's beauty
egret delicately walks along the shore
undaunted by the swirling winds of life
breathing deeply~frantic mind settles

April 30th, 2014
Corkscrew contrails unfurl in the sky
vaporous ghosts of earlier flights
leading us toward our final destination

Above whipped cream mountains we fly
the connecting flight~once again in motion
nearing our final destination~weary travelers now
longing for space, fresh air and sleep
At last the clouds part
large tears reveal the world below
tiny story book villages
nestled in quilts of color
Lakes shimmer~rivers wind
rape seed fields glow~glorious treasure
illuminated by the afternoon sun
Tranquil hamlets rest peacefully
But soon the quiet countryside makes way
urban sprawl appears beneath our wings
nearly there~hearts beat~final approach
we've arrived safely~ready to face the city

May 2nd, 2014
Quiet days no more~the race is on
torn from our simple rustic lives
we reel~caught by the swift current
the loud fast heartbeat of the city
they say New Yorkers feel at home here
rapid  pace mirroring that of their hometown
Spilling out into the street through carousel doors
expensive scents still lingering in our noses
now replaced by chill diesel laden air
sensory overload everywhere~color~sound
horns beep impatiently~pedestrians beware
frantic clacking of heels~everyone hurries along
Masses of humanity~ not a moment to spare
rushing along we too get caught up in the stream
which carries as along this busiest of streets
then down into the very bowels of the city
here too the pace continues~quick grab tickets
wave of hot air~pushed ahead by the arriving train
Breaks squeal~doors open~spilling their cargo
soon to be replaced by those of us waiting
rushing in~quickly finding a handhold~hang on
doors slide shut~away we go~gathering speed
hurling into the darkness toward our station
fellow riders crack open books~settle in
Our hearts beat fast~not used to all of this
still jet lagged and disoriented ~we hang on
soon we too will  find our groove~speed up
readily hop from train to train~not like natives
but at least not reeling ~heads spinning
catching our breath~happy we found our train

May 2nd, 2014
He stands quietly~an island of tranquility~surrounded
by the hustle and bustle which flows by like a river
at his feed rests a small box~bunches of greenery
Lily of the Valley~like us recently arrived in the city
freshly plucked from it's quiet peaceful forest home
into this strange new place of noise and confusion
Bending down I gather a bunch into my hands
grasping tight this most delicate emblem of May
inhaling the delicate essence~white bells nod
carrying me for just a moment to the place of it's birth
the peaceful forest~it's spicy verdant breath finds me here
on a city sidewalk~transformed for a brief moment in time
Placing a few coins into the hands of the gatherer~homeless maybe
no doubt gathering this plenty early that day~earning his living
I turn  placing the simple nosegay into my mother's hands
raising it to her nose~inhaling deeply~she too finds a moment of calm
before the city claims us once again~now and then as we walk
delicate swirls of scent curl up in  fragrant wisps~calming~soothing

May 3rd, 2014
Sunrise over the city
below us~high in the Linden
Blackbird greets the day

May 3rd, 2014
Long awaited~we meet at last
her lovely smile and warm heart
illuminated this first special day
What gifts this community has brought
a virtual family of sorts
moving from cyberspace to realspace
Together~husbands by our side
we explored and savored our time
three whole days~laughing~sharing
As if we'd known each other all along
with these generous warmhearted  friends
Though in the end we had to part
our three days spend~the memories made
will always live on in our hearts


May 3rd, 2014
Seven Word Sunday
Up high
wise owl
rules the world

May 4th, 2014
Minimal Monday
Beware the Bear

Not so many years ago~this gate stood silent witness
to man's cruelty~death strip on either side~white crosses
to mark those who lost their life in their bid for freedom
Thirty years ago we stood on the Western side
gray concrete to the East~cruel wall dividing a city
tearing families and friends apart~even streets divided
Once vibrant city center~the wall rose~then silence fell
broken only by gunshots and barking guard dogs
darkness at night to the East~vibrant life and light to the West
Then came that famed day of Reunification
jubilant masses~attacking that infamous wall
tearing down the cruel barrier which divided them
It's been a few years~once again the city thrives
now lights shine on both sides~rebirth everywhere
we walk Unter den Linden once again~as it should be
Quadriga rides proudly~facing wasteland no more
everywhere signs of hard work~West merging with East
we stroll along~enjoying history along the way


May 4th, 2014
Today~ on this cool day in May
books are celebrated and read
a sit-in~read-in event~much enjoyed
On this very same spot~May 1933
in front of the steps of Humboldt University
Nazi's piled knowledge up high
Then lit it up~destroying all the wisdom
contained within each precious book
thus extinguishing the light of learning
Education~they knew~was their enemy
only those kept in the dark~ignorant
would heed their evil call to ruin
How grateful we are on this day in May
dreadful history behind us~yet never forgotten
once again knowledge holds court~read on
Yet never forget the lessons learned back then
those who would do the most evil
need those who shun wisdom to do their ugly work


May 4th, 2014
Ahoy there, Matey
how nice to see you
smiling~paws on hips
brightened the gray day
You look ready to
sail the seven seas
safe journey to you
my cheerful feline friend

May 4th, 2014
Potsdamer Platz~once the heart of Berlin
then for years~a man created wasteland
but once again~the heart beats here
people gather~chat~beneath the sail like roof
Sony Center~an architectural marvel
lights up the nightsky~heart of the city beating
once again~in a breathtaking high tech way



May 7th, 2014
Seven Word Sunday Trio
Peeping Tom~on the ladder~peering in


Exquisite color shines~competing with the sun


Fairytale Cottage~who lives within these walls

May 7th, 2014
Peacefully we drift along these quiet waterways
birdsong hangs in the moist air~leaves rustle in the wind
frantic city seems a world away~breathing deeply~we sigh
reconnecting to nature once again~finding our center
Our punter chats~yet we filter out his voice
our eyes travel across this tranquil landscape
cozy cottages line the canals~old boats sway
colorful cottage gardens spill to water's edge
This lovely scene could easily be in Holland
but no~south of the big city~this tranquil land lies
haystacks rise above flower dotted meadows
ducks rest on banks~head beneath their wings
We pass an old cottage slowly falling in on itself
how long has it stood~forgotten~uncared for
our dreams take wing ~briefly we see ourselves
bringing it back to live~close to the city~yet rural
But we know it can never be~our roots are deep
other ties~ hold us tight on the far side of the globe
we drift on~look back wistfully~silver birch stands
towering above long neglected gardens~sheltering

May 7th, 2014
Beneath our hot cloudless sky
today deep longing fills my heart
remembering the emerald splendor

May 7th, 2014
Old farm boy's delight
bright red tractor
taking a well earned nap

May 8th, 2014
Standing on Mom's balcony
I zoom in on Berlin's Icon
grim reminder of the devastation
Left standing~newly restored
overlooking Berlin's main street
lest we forget the lesson learned
Because all war is futile
the price paid too high
we need to remember that

May 9th, 2014
Five stories up~across the courtyard
is Seed Crow gardening
or grooming himself~ready for a hot date

May 9th, 2014
Six Word Saturday
Special gift
lovingly fashioned
safely delivered

May 10th, 2014
Seven Word Sunday
Hearty hugs exchanged
let the fun begin
Finally~after too many years
sister held in tight embrace
bustling train station noise
forgotten for just a moment
Then on to meet and greet
brother-in-law and nephews
never met before this day
instant connection made
Let the fun begin~we're ready
first a hurried meal for fuel
then off we go~at lighting speed
into the Tube~to the Zoo
Cool rainy weather don't stop us
bollerwagen filled with gear
ready to meet all creatures 
Zoo behind us~luscious cake in front of us
washed down with decadent cappuccino
cozy we sit~surrounded by our small family
Thoroughly warmed now~ inside and out
we sit and savor each bite and smile
snug and dry in this cozy cafe~time's too short
soon we must part~until we met again~my dears

May 10th, 2014
Anxiously he paces~focused
only one thing on his mind
getting close to his new lady love
She rests peacefully inside
sleeping away the day~relaxed
seemingly unaware of his presence
Once formally introduced
will she accept his love
curl up peacefully with him
Or will she spit and growl
fangs bared~huge paw striking
telling him that he's not her type


In Motion
Lightening fast
Finally resting
What a blast

Reminiscent of a rising Full Moon
he quietly glides into view
illuminating his aquatic space
honeyed rays pierce murky darkness
he shimmers~suspended
dark eyes survey his domain
mouth slowly opens~will he speak
in shiny gilded bubbles
share pearls of fishy wisdom
I'll never know~he turns away
and leaves me wondering....

May 11th, 2014
Once again we meet
tight hugs renew the bond
forged with words
across the many miles
well met~dear friends
though time was brief
every moment a delight
we say our good byes
stay well~be happy
until we meet again

May 12th, 2014
First light
peering out the window
down harbor
more guests arrived
I see their boat
docked at Oliver's house
time to rise
meet the new day
ready for the celebration


We celebrate her 80's today
but to me~dear Tante Inge
will always be that sweet
young thing~who held me tight
kept me safe~loved me deeply
.....where did the years go?????

And thus the adventure began aboard the Pirateship Roma II
rocking gently at her lines~she was ready to welcome us
First Mate and Captain put on a show~swaggering on her decks
then offering a helping hand~boarding the birthday crew
The old boat rumbled to life~older then our birthday girl~chugging along
all happy hands on deck~laughing~drinking~ telling tall tales
of tall ships~mermaids~kraken and treasure carefully hidden away
noisely enjoying this not so far journey on gentle canals
Drifting through the lovely green Dutch countryside~on either side
verdant juicy meadows pass~speckled with colorful wildflowers
jubilant birds rose as we passed~up into the heavily clouded skies
stiff breeze~now and then a brief squall~silvered ruffled seas ahead
We take it all in stride~happy hearts~lots of smiles
what's a little rain~faces in the wind~we travel on
no stormy weather is going to dampen our spirits
matjes rolls washed down with hearty bottles of Grolsch
A feast for the eyes and all the other senses
this journey~ not soon be forgotten by the crew
celebration of a special woman and her special day
may she live many many more years~CHEERS

May 12th, 2014
Gazing out the window~it appears
looking a bit forbidding and forlorn
on this wet windy day~seemingly
afloat upon the choppy pewter sea
private island for rent~sleeps 52
perfect writer's retreat~we'd nearly fit
alas~we're scattered all across the globe
let's close our eyes and dream~imagining
sitting together on this small Dutch island
laughing~eating~writing~exchanging thoughts
lifting glasses together~if only it were true