Friday, May 3, 2019

MAY 2019

Splendid May roses
heavy heads bowed gracefully
bee's nirvana

red spheres
twinkled between branches
luscious burst of flavor

Silvery crescent
new again yet never growing old
bluelicious night

Slender agile body
dances in blossoms heart
wild bee delight

shining moons
unfurl their gowns
heavenly scented balmy nights

Looking into the mirror
gazing at my image
seeing a familiar stranger

rosé crepe
delicate yet strong
underestimated like most women

Beneath a haloed moon
night garden breathes
exhaling rain bruised honeysuckle
and snow philadelphus
greedily inhaling I savor the night

Caramel Flan rose
morphing from maiden
to mother to fading crone
such beauty at all of her stages
nature's lesson...embrace yourself!

Slipping in then out of sight
on this storm tossed night
Luna's celestial dance of veils

Seeking refuge from the storm
glittering jewels arrive
battle at the feeder ensues
high squeaks daring dives
delighted to offer them shelter

Heart of a rose
yearning to dive deep
tasting sweetness 

Sapphire goblets
sway in the breeze
hark..did you hear it
was that a fairy's sneeze??

Dainty Custard cups
dot the fading green
Mariposa lilies
more then we've ever seen
winter rains still offering gifts

Frothy skies
whipped into a frenzy
storm heralds

Delicate droplets
translucent spheres
tears of joy
savoring late May rains
celebration in living color

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

APRIL 2019


These days my feet no longer tolerate
or even fit into these burgundy satin shoes
but once upon a time with slimmer legs
and slender feet they did adorn my feet
worn with a matching satin dress they twinkled
their feet down a runway with me shaking
just a bit in them at first then gathering
confidence nearly strutting with a swirling turn
at the end looking coyly over my shoulder
almost like a little girl playing dress up 
alas now I stomp around in country shoes
clogs and sandals in summer wellies in winter
as I make my way through country chores
such sweet memories of days past yet truth
be told my more relaxed footwear and lifestyle
is really a much better fit all the way around
now my favorite thing..walking barefoot in grass


Wild yellow mustard
perched in a greening willow
sharp eyed hawk

Gaia is looking like a hippie chick
flanks dressed in smooth emerald velvet
embroidered with large patches 
of deep purple yellow and orange
you can almost hear her laugh out loud
close your eyes travel back in time
now open them again there she is
swirling in circles beating a tambourine
drumming in yet another colorful spring

Sutter Buttes rise above the fields
dark silhouette against a pearl gray sky
no dreaming spires here in this still
young land caught in the throes of growth
too many still clinging to their pioneer
roots no longer in tune with this ever
changing world moving forward relentlessly
with them or without them......time moves on


Pale lemony light
suddenly illuminates 
our garden glows


Seeing the poetry in simple everyday things
thankful for the blessing 
of this precious gift

They arrive on rays of sunshine
drifting in on a gentle breeze
playfully cavorting aerial ballet
in pairs they court and dance
then settle on blooming lilacs
eagerly sipping sweet nectar
wings open and closes gently
breath settles into their rhythm
breathing in and out looking up
through lush clusters of sweetly
scented blossoms into a blue sky
heartbeat slows......butterfly meditation

My muse finds me again
deep in the shadows
this sweet shining face
delicate pale pink
shimmering droplets
adorn her soft petals
mindful moment of peace

Translucent green leaflets
now slowly unfurl
Tilia awakens 

Clotted cream yellow rose 
takes me back 
memories of an afternoon
spend in an English garden
sipping tea eating fresh scones
lashings of clotted cream 
atop fresh strawberry jam
the stuff dreams are made of....

Pale lemony light
suddenly illuminates 
our garden glows

Seeing the poetry in simple everyday things
thankful for the blessing 
of this precious gift

Golden crystal globes
her guiding lights each night
old girl's bright beacon 
seeing eye aiding her vision
as she wanders out into
the silent night garden 
her path now clearly marked

Staunch guardian of these plains
weathering untold storms
season after season offering
deep shade for weary souls
on even the hottest days
on this glorious spring day
hosting flocks of chattering blackbirds
wild waves of wildflowers
spilling to the horizon as far as the eye can see

Pale morning moon
descends resting briefly
atop the Mulberry

Comb jelly cloud
above a pale morning moon
lazily drifting buzzards


Branches bend low
obedient to the wind 
graceful surrender


Once upon a time
there was a feelign of such 
blessedness our words
laid upon this "altar"
offerings by kindred spirits
journeying side by side
nearly pious in our devotion
to one another our offerings
greeted like wordy prayers
with open hearts holding
each other's tender secrets
alas as is often the case
crowds dwindled some taking
other paths now out of sight
though solitary by nature
still I miss seeing fellow travelers
walking together side by side
engaged in conversations
sometimes deep other times just
sharing brief moments of daily grace
holding each other close nurturing
these connections like a precious garden
sentimental fool that I am for don't 
all things change whether we are ready or not

Saturday, March 2, 2019

MARCH 2019

Chilly pre-dawn
little house cold as a tomb
last night's fresh 
delicious cotton sheets
now a cool liability 
stepping out of bed 
carefully making my way
toward the long dead 
fire not even a glimmer
rain pounds on the roof
battle of winter vs spring
continues slowly balling 
up paper stacking kindling
in a neat criss cross pattern
striking a match scent of sulphur
lingers briefly touching
match to the towering stack
fierce crackles as tiny flames
climb from twig to twig
igniting ever larger pieces
delicious warmth now spreads
cast iron stove ticks eagerly
it's cold body now gathering
gently radiating much needed heat
outside battle of the seasons
continues as we gather around the hearth

Glowing moon memories still linger
late that night full Snow Moon
was unveiled during a fierce storm
slipping in and out of sight
peering through curtains of swift
racing clouds shimmering.....luminescent

Delicate blossoms
survivors of fierce storms
blessing for bees

Frilly eggyolk yellow
Daffodils bask in late afternoon rays
delicious shadow play

Calling all toast soldiers
to deploy deep into luscious hearts
dipping lush golden riches

Through sleep's silken veils
her silver light shimmers waking me
walking the damp night garden
she shyly slips in and out sight
wreathed in rainbowed layers
stepping across glistening puddles
gazing skyward as she journeys
not quite full yet but still magical
another winter storm approaches
defying spring's arrival tomorrow

Japonique morning moon
embraced by rising mists
sayonara blessing

Delicate satin petals
stripes and dots marking throat
broken but not defeated
her beauty still shines
held in a fairy sized goblet
minute bouquet worthy of a queen

Monday, February 4, 2019


In the grip of deep dreams
paws dancing whiskers twitching
in hot pursuit of dragons

Silly M Elfje
meanders merrily
moving merging making
marvelous magnificent mesmerizing mouthwatering

Predawn sky
dark blue shimmer
adorned with smudged clouds
rooster crows announces morning
time to rise stepping into a brand new day

To the east Sol has risen
though no rays touch the tree tops
yet the deep dark sky now palest blue
adorned with skeins of cotton candy clouds
birds fly to and fro Blue Jay shrieks loudly
does he not know morning silence is golden
or does he truly relish his role as Lord of Chaos

stops suddenly
on pine branches
Rufous-sided Towhee glows brightly

Miniature emerald world
crystalline spheres
tremble in the breeze

Bravely unfurling
delicate pale rose hearts
defying winter

Perched up high
sharp yellow eyes watching
majestic predator
catching brief glimpses into
his world never ever grows old

Once again she graces the night
slowly gaining in girth
from maiden to mother then crone
some nights a clear crisp crescent
surrounded by star diamonds
on cloudy nights adrift in shifting
rainbowed nebula appearing briefly
then suddenly hidden from view once more
endless cycle repeating since the beginning of time

Looking out into the secret garden
where a sharp, cold wind
ruffles slender graceful branches
of the small silver leaved olive tree
swaying to and fro in the gusts
all the while I sit snug by the hearth
at the moment this is my smultronställe
yet already my mind is tugging
yearning for yet another special space
another place to settle into bliss
before long I will walk out the door
book bag in hand allowing the wind
to propel me to the north forty
where all is tranquil away from it all
green range lands dotted with cattle
sprawled to the far horizon resting my eyes
there I will settle snug in blankets
leaving everyday stresses and worries behind


Faint muffled sound
morning flights pierce fog
like pale silver arrows
to the east molten red gold
spills through winter bare oaks


Somedays I think in poems
while bending my back to the
most mundane of tasks
nothing profound mind you
nor especially good or
noteworthy but if I hurry
putting thoughts down swiftly
before they flee slipping
out of sight I can share this
sudden bounty our langniappe
this day pine and oak firewood
free for the picking up
sure to please our hungry woodstove
with the pile dwindled this surely is
the best of unexpected gifts
I scurry inside briefly to share
this unexpected bounty then
back outside loading the old wagon
while my partner is down the street
reloading Little Blue to the hilt
so off I go ready to roll my wagon
near the woodshed soon to be full again


Langniappe Part Two

Now time to confess sadly it appears
I am no mule after all at my advanced years
two wagons loaded one now neatly stacked
sadly it appears this is it for my back
knee also singing a sad song of woe
everything's aching even the big toe
still there's a rather good feeling in
having done my best maybe later
I'll rally ready to tackle the rest
for now it is leg up taking my ease
when the next load arrives notify me please


She stands on the shore
leaning into a wild wind
slyly tugging at her hair
staring out across the waves
looking longingly at infinity
she can't help but wonder
is this all there is this feeling of
being stranded on a desert island
all the while hearing voices
behind her... chattering laughing
yet she stands alone in her own world


Icy cold sphere
adorns the morning sky
deepest indigo strewn
with glittering diamonds

She stands on the shore
leaning into a wild wind
slyly tugging at her hair
staring out across the waves
looking longingly at infinity
she can't help but wonder
is this all there is this feeling of
being stranded on a desert island
all the while hearing voices
behind her... chattering laughing
yet she stands alone in her own world


She's longing for her usually swift pace
carrying her from place to place
but for the moment the tide has gone out
ebb tide rules she gives in to the urge
her eyes closing slowly as she sinks into
waves of medicinal rest giving herself
permission to just go with the flow
soon enough the tide will turn she will rise
strong limbed once more standing tall
ready to embrace life fully with enthusiasm
for now she rests...dozing...dreaming...healing


Much like Luna
on a cloudy night
drifting in and out
of wakefulness now here
then gone again


Road Impressions

Everywhere as far as the eye can see
churning muddy creeks grow into lakes
greedily licking the knees of trees
nudging hives filled with sleeping bees
rice paddies swallow up whole roads
once dry creeks race along scratching
their foaming backs on the bellies
of beleaguered freeway underpasses
cattle graze standing on green islands
surrounded by ever rising muddy waters
rest stops full up leaving semis parked
on soft shoulders waiting out the storm
even off ramps are parking lots for now
flashing sign announced that ten miles
north of Redding the interstate is closed
due to heavy snow and white out conditions
here still the rain falls still the wind howls
still we push urgently ahead at day's end
eager to arrive home before the fall of night


Just after 4 am
stirring the fire back to life warm flames flicker
outside the sound of relentless rain
Trio of stones
tumbling from my mind
into yours

Toes reach for the hearth eagerly
like heat seeking missiles
Moonlight Sonata spills into room

Against all odds
enormous nest survived
bald eagle aboard
tending to the contents
high hopes for a new generation

Elegant storm survivor
cautiously opens her yellow heart
delicate tears tremble

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


At the gloaming
murmuration of blackbirds
commas in the sky


Sitting silently looking out
into the gathering night
our softly glowing windows
warm beacons of comfort
how often have I looked 
at homes lit cozily while
driving home on a winter night
wondering about the lives lived within

Wires are humming
avian chatterboxes eagerly
sharing happenings of their day

At the edge of my vision
something captures the eye
turning my head swiftly
tip of a large luminous wing
slips behind the mountain
divine visitation by angels
or just a random moment of grace

Perched high above
on gnarled winter branches
he preens then pauses
just long enough
as if to see what we
were looking at
sensing no danger
he then calmly resumes
tidying his feathers
readying himself for the hunt


Cotton candy clouds
swirl around the hills
inviting us to visit

How many did it shelter
once upon a time
keeping all warm and dry
one can almost sense
it's history when long ago
sweet hay was stacked above
warm bodies side by side
knee deep in straw down below 
barn cats rolled tightly
dreaming at their feet
family of barn owls nesting
high in the rafters
just a rusty shell now
timbers slowly failing
leaning under the weight
of the leaking roof
as we drive past sadness settles
long history left to crumble
lost in a world no longer
connected heart and soul
no longer honoring cycles
of's all about the money

Each day we struggle
as the unbalanced center's actions 
have far reaching effects for all of us
fearing that we are reaching the point of no return

~Photo by Karen Schorno


Along the roadside
quicksilver streamlets glitter
on rolling range lands
vernal pools fill to the brim
ready for spring peepers
today mountains and sky
reflect on the smooth surface
shimmering like a mirage
magic portal to a parallel world

Entering the house soaking wet
driven indoors by the wind
Blue Jays scatter and shriek in
protest against the wild thrashing
of their evening roosting trees
fierce storm soaks and unsettles
even here indoors we can hear
pines howling in the wind
seeing their tall trunks bending
low in the our mind's eye


Surfacing from vivid dreams
into a strange silence
storm's roar stilled for now
silver light streaming
brightly spilling onto my pillow
walking as if in a dream
out into the nearly silent night
silvered rags of storm torn clouds
scuttle north revealing Luna
to the far west flashes of lightening
wide awake now sitting here
watching the fire flicker in the hearth
listening to the cuckoo announce two o'clock


While creatures in our oceans perish
stomachs bloated filled with plastic
or limbs entangled unable to swim
doomed to drown sinking to the bottom
of our increasingly plastic littered oceans
who then are these people mourning
not the precious lives lost but instead only
saddened by the loss of plastic conveniences


Even up here we hear it's roar
muddy dragon churning along
devouring creek banks tearing
up all in it's path small trees now
swallowed by the stormy beast
feeble arms flaying desperately
above the roiling foamy current
trying to hang on for dear life
will young roots be strong enough
anchored deep enough to win
rising once more when waters recede


Outside our windows
shimmering droplets tremble
on winter bare branches
hilltop pines are swathed in veils
drifting in and out of sight
low clouds descend on the ridges
creating a watery image of our world

 Luminous setting moon
set in smudged graphite
celestial jewel

slowly revealing
first honeyed rays
on the towering pines

Walking through the fog
under Luna's watchful eye
early morning laundry

Winter rains
reveal nature's wonders
minute universe

Ivory tower rises
above kingdom of fae
magic landscape


Waves of quail
rush up the canyon
incoming tide


Flying jewel hovers
ruby throat shimmering
while slender tongue
eagerly extracts sweetness
then gone in the blink
of an eye...only to return


On cold winter mornings
squirrels must sleep in
only now do they appear
playing tag around the oak
before settling in for breakfast

Tender promise
peering from a widening crack
shiny Buckeye conker

As I start peeling potatoes
looking deep into their eyes
torn from the soil yet even now
still filled with life seemingly
determined to resume their mission
procreate by forcing blind eyes
tiny rootlets test the air searching
alas it's all in vain the end is near
this empathy for vegetables
omnivores dilemma takes a dark turn

Requiem for a potato
Honoring the humble spud
though death came for it at last
here it rests in the afterlife
lovingly enhanced by aromatic
herbs and spices toes of garlic
generous dab of golden butter
then the piece de resistance
silken rich Creme Fraiche
ooh la la entering potato heaven

Crisp winter morning
first rays illuminate
snow diamonds sparkle
blueish shadows
divide pristine whiteness
paw prints yet another
layer of loveliness
first morning excursion
mayhap nocturnal visitor's trail
silently roaming on a still winter night

~Photo by Karen Schorno

Graphite smudged sky
springlike day soon morphed
into chilly winter night

Sun slips away
in a mackerel spring sky
faint scent of violets


Gray squirrel
rides birdseed carousel
tail twitching furry paws busy


Gray squirrel
scurries down one trunk
then up another sudden change of venue


Gray squirrel emerges
furiously scratches an annoying itch
then leaps back into his ride

Periwinkle morning sky
tangled in branches
star kissed crescent moon