Saturday, October 1, 2016


Now they bid each other a tender farewell
having embraced all throughout the year
Plumbago still in the prime of her life
Virginia Creeper starting to color brightly
before dropping scarlet leaves one by one
in all of life there is a season the wheel turns
changes come our way whether we wish it or not.....

First Breath of Season's Wheel turning
delicately breathing moist life
into sleeping moss atop the tiny roof

Above smoldering autumn fire
high repetitive fluting
song sparrow's sweet evensong

Overshadowing world's troubles
nature once again
my daily muse and saving grace

Tiny friend barely two inches
bright eyed he watches
I am watering his whole world

Sometimes finding your joy
can so very difficult
life's challenges the state
of our world can all weigh
us down until we wonder
if joy even still exists
thankfully sometimes it
just pops out at you
when you least expect it
you look up and suddenly
there's a sign in the sky
reminder that even in
our darkest moments
not unlike the dark of
the moon it's been there
all along merely hiding
out of sight for now
so please don't lose heart
from a tiny spark hidden
deep inside joy can burst
back into life once more
if only we are patient
allowing the darkness to pass...

Fierce jaws open wide
revealing hidden splendor
autumn's starry gift

Late autumn gifts
slowly unfurl
this moment of joy

Once again the wind
roared loudly
tearing and tugging
at branches
trees waved wildly
bowed heads
suddenly high above
subtle glow
spread in the sky
she appeared
triumphant once more
most unexpected
she cast her silver light
illuminating brightly
this stormy autumn night
we watched
shivering in the breeze
rising higher
she climbed often her face
nearly obscured
but she looked serene
glowing peacefully
tranquil eye in the storm


Against all odds
fairy tale moon
oak leaf adorned
spreading her lunar magic
on this stormy autumn night

Thursday, September 1, 2016


For Lisa
Sweet Dove
flying free 
escaping pain
Sweet Dove
rising up high on
angel wings
Sweet Dove
her loving legacy
will live on

Pale Celestite blue
maybe angels
leave bluebird feathers

September Eve
landscape subtly aglow
dripping honey

Gathering stones
collecting feathers
mindful moments

And then, just like that...
wings slowly opened
even busy bees seemed
to pause briefly surely
astounded by Painted Lady's
hidden beauty revealed

Under the early morning sun
Friar Tuck smiles serenely
receiving the celestial blessing

PROMPT: What three things will you save in
an emergency such as fire or flood. This
after all the sentient, beloved beings in your life
are safe and sound?
If all else were safe
what on earth
are the most precious
three things
to carry away as well
thought the pack rat
as she scratched her
head looking around
in despair her books
too many to carry
just the thought of
their loss makes
her feel slightly ill
photos oh yes
newly created art
but of course
but in the end
too many treasures
no way to decide
maybe in the end
it will be just her
sanity her serenity
her hope for the
future after losing
so many treasures
gathered over a lifetime...

 August 1997-September 2016

Today Death entered our home
not eagerly awaited
yet invited all the same
for did we not ask the Universe
to spare dear Molly cat
that last trip in the hated
carrier only to be laid
out on a frigid metal table
suffering last indignities
instead he took her doing
our bidding on our terms
while she laid peacefully
in her warm cozy bed
surrounded by love and
familiar voices urging her
to slip away run across
the rainbow bridge taking
with her love and greetings
to all those gone before
once more she'll be well
joyfully playing in the sun
reunited with her siblings
of whom she was the last one....


For nineteen years
she graced the foot of my bed
tonight no small face looked up at me
hot tears slip down my face mourning her loss
even her outraged cries at slow service will be missed.....

Hot Indian Summer afternoon
droning with furry honeybees
Alyssum's sweet temptation

Higher and higher
they rise on wide wings
we too yearn to fly
leaving earthly worries behind
just soaring on the hot current


I am so privileged
that despite frustrations
worries and challenges
still my life is blessed
in so many many ways
sometimes I have to remind
myself of that and give thanks
rather then whine and mope
when so much of the world is
suffering painfully in many
ways hunger wars homelessness
I am so very privileged
counting my blessings daily
while scrolling and seeing
horrors pain and suffering
viewed here yet so far away
feeling totally helpless
empathy is all I can offer
but it's not enough....

Autumn Moon
Not quite full yet
still she dominates
tonight's night sky
rising high swathed in
delicate layers kissed
by flames slowly ascending
her face now glowing golden
illuminating this deliciously
cool crisp night as the wheel
of seasons slowly turns toward autumn....

September creek
shimmering at sunset
mirror of beauty

Early morning beauty
gladdens my heart
sweet buzzing of bees

Prompt: Edward Hooper's "Hotel Room"
Finally she'd arrived, swiftly slipping off her sensible
traveling clothes. She felt so free all of the sudden.
Outside the window she could hear the waves breaking
on the sandy shore, behind her the curtains stirred,
a deliciously cool breeze kissing her hot, bare skin.
Her decision to get away on her own was made suddenly
as the heavy weight of daily chores and endless needs
to be met had gotten to be too just much of late.
She really just needed some time away, time to think.
Sighing she sat on the edge of the bed, thoughtfully
looking at the list she'd written before leaving home,
she realized that what she really needed was to just
let things unfold. No need to stick to pesky schedules
or plans. She was here to just be, to savor time alone.
Though she knew she had wanted to start writing again,
one of the reasons she had given to allow for this trip,
what she really felt like doing was taking long walks
along the beach, hunting for seashells, watching sunsets
then sipping a glass of cool wine while eating meals she
didn't have to plan or cook. Then at the end of the day
slipping under crisp sheets to catch up on her reading.
She crumbled the note in her hands determined to let
her time away be a change of pace, no plans needed.
Samba rhythms now drifted on the breeze, along with the
perfume of lavender and other aromatic flowers she'd
passed on her way to her final destination, this hotel
room. While the beat of the music did tuck at her gently,
still she felt that enjoying this lovely, cool sanctuary
would do quite nicely for now............maybe later?

Monday, August 1, 2016




Small fragrant white stars
kumquats in bloom
acorns are tumbling down

Late summer sun
illuminates spent leaves
autumn is coming

Brindle coated
fierce warrior
curled up tightly
snug as a babe
small bed barely
able to contain
all of him his
power at rest
blissfully sleeping
so thankful that
we're home again
attachment unavailable
not available...we're hooked


Mindfully stirring
adding much love
fresh doggy ice cream

Iridescent squadron descends
frantic high pitched squabbling
aerial battles ensue slowly peace
returns as tiny bubbles rise up
charming gluttons now feeding
savoring their Hummingbird breakfast

Delicate slender sliver
slowly sinks out of sight
apricot crescent moon

The Dove
Arriving on angel wings
she lands elegantly
bright black eyes
alert now cautiously 
making her way down
one branch at a time
settling on the rim 
sipping daintily sip
after delicious sip
then rising once more
up into a cerulean
blue sky leaving behind
one pearl gray feather 
celestial thank you?

Sparkling droplets of water
arching above the creek
Bear is snorkeling his
tail wagging cheerfully
looking for little fishes
he comes up empty yet again
minnows and tadpoles safe
from his eager workings
coming up for air his huge
cheerful grin...priceless

Bear's joyful morning splashing
now sends a shiver down our spines
is the mountain lion watching
from someplace high above us
or is he curled up resting in a
cool spot waiting for dusk to
roam once more keeping our
neighborhood awake and on edge
please for everyone's safety
including your own...MOVE ON, PUMA!!

Golden star
golden petals
golden stamens
such rich bounty
offers Desert Star
along the rock strewn creek
no nugget of gold yet treasured


Prompt: The meaning behind the meaning
When words are wielded like weapons
often there is a meaning behind
the meaning and while they do not
score the flesh making one bleed
they wound deeply leaving scars
on sensitive tender hearts often
hidden behind a mask of strength
leaving the battle field swiftly
avoiding more pain not cowardly
but brave moving toward peace again


Summertime's hard labor
this endless watering
rewarded by delicious
cool mud caressing bare
feet suddenly my toes
are curling in delight
summertime pleasures

Dainty pale blue blossoms
innocently gazing up at me
all the while grasping greedily
with bright green sticky fingers
even my hair is not safe from
Plumbago's coveting reach


 Afternoon silence
broken only
by gentle snores
one of our dogs
resting at my feet
there is bliss in this

On certain nights
Luna enters the stage
not alone but with a
cast of characters
two nights ago this
Genie popped up curling
undulating surely bowing
as if awaiting Luna's request
eager to fulfill her every wish


Sitting at the creek
watching Bear splashing
tail wagging cheerfully
searching the waters
high above red tail
hawk cries out shrilly
to his mate even a pair
of blue heron joined us
making us wonder what message
did they bring us this day??

As night falls softly
cricket orchestra
tunes up for the night......

Where did you come from little one
such an endearing tiny face
sprouting from a chubby succulent

Even Luna's bright light
cannot dim his fiery trail
swift meteor streaks by

Peering through oak branches
waxing Luna smiles
little brown bat flaps by
warm summer night
filled with cricket song....

Wooden Owl's crystal eyes
channel light into the glade
splashing the walls with rainbows


Lovely lush Larimar
delectable colors
like the Caribbean Sea
now adorn my neck
mermaid dress a perfect
backdrop for this beauty
from a sea I often yearn for....

Gilded Bear
knee deep in water
blissing out
with the fishes

Morning rebellion
like a teenager
testing his  limits
until we start
up the truck....mad dash


I see my masked man
through rose colored glasses
evening light is tinted with smoke

She rose from the smoke
her face nearly scarlet
reminder of all that's
lost our forests burn
precious lives cut short
homes up in smoke still
her beauty shines she rises
and sets no matter the state
of our world she blesses dark
nights with bright rays of comfort


Papery rustle of Cottonwood trees
sun rays twinkle on the creek
high above lone Red Tail Hawk
calls out loudly......Good Morning


So many mindful offerings
loving them all
too many to savor each one
loving the care
in which they are shared here
to brighten our days...Thank you!

This romantic landscape
speaks of a time long
ago surely it tells of
smugglers silently making
their way back home narrow
paths lit by just such a
golden smuggler's moon
or maybe just maybe I have
read one too many of
Daphne Du Maurier's novels??

Rose tinted sky
in the distance
deep humming of
smoke bombers on
their way home
so very thankful
for the valor
of all fighting
this great fight
dousing the flames
risking so much
trying to save
our burning state

Early morning at the creek
egrets gather savoring breakfast
our creek is slowly shrinking
it's an all you can eat buffet


Daily practice
sharpens the mind
until once again
words flow freely

Over my right shoulder
on vivid green walls
photos of furry ones who
called this space home
once upon a time
keep their presence near
where my chair and desk
rests a bunk bed once stood
the top their bed on the
bottom the feeding station
and small water fountain
fond memories arise of our
then young granddaughter
sleeping in the bunk bed
covered with cats purring
her sweet young face
smiling from ear to ear
it seems only yesterday
yet now so long ago....

Up creek
beep beepity beep
taunting poor Wiley Coyote

Even in death
a thing of beauty
iridescent dragonfly
drifts past on the creek
legs folded as if praying


Late summer fruit
delicately spiced
apple pear crumble
kissed with rosy peach
rich scent in the air
early promise of autumn

In the cool of the night
bathed in Luna's pale light
wise woman reaches
up to the sky seeking
blessings and power
this late midnight hour
her creed..harm none blessed be

White magic now rises
high up into the sky
such magic is healing
the old ones knew why
true spell filled with power
this late midnight hour
her creed..harm none blessed be

The forest stands silent
holding her close
her secret is safe here
no dark powers know
glowing bright with her power
this late midnight hour
her creed..harm none blessed be


Centennial oak
festooned with stars
nature's fairy lights glow
Midsummer Night's Dream

Down creek
dark shapes appear
making their way up
through the woodlands
our morning thus blessed
by a flock of wild turkeys
it had been too long we'd lost
hope of ever seeing them here again

Sitting perfectly still
suddenly a flash of color
now large wings open wide
flapping them repeatedly
thus revealing his presence
elegant elusive Green Heron
invisible no more...we see you!

Our big Bear
impressive in size
shooting star marks his chest
striking a pose calmly
claiming  infinite star appeal
sitting patiently yet his
eyes ask...can we play now??

Glowing red hearts
nodding in the green
lovely preview of autumn

Jubilant song
rises up into the air
Meadowlark serenade
loving each sublime note..

Fluttering down
winged Lemon Drops
sweet fluting voices
such delightful chatter
as they alight one by
one drinking deeply
relishing their turn
at the oval tin oasis

Do you ever see
figures in a tree
you glance up
and there she is
landlocked yet
as if in motion
on an ancient sea
galleon figurehead
riding the waves
pointing the way
or woodland goddess
choose wherever your
imagination takes you....

Savor each moment
with your loved ones