Sunday, December 2, 2018


Rising fragrantly
safe in the secret garden
this brave survivor
recovering from assault
by inquisitive naughty deer
thrice they savaged her
but yet she blooms
bringing forth leaves and
fragrant pink blossoms
rising from her brave heart
hidden safely in the earth below

Slim dark blue body
shimmery shell
daintiest of snails
had a bit of a fright
moments away from death
rescued in the nick of time

Headed home
lo and behold
sun star to guide us
or alien abduction in progress
who knows what's on the other side of the hill??

Surreal clouds
streak across the horizon
endless reign of clear skies over
barren earth eagerly absorbs precious
moisture...dire drought broken...let it rain

Photo Prompt
offered by Patricia Vande Valle
Sleeping beauty on ice
red paws folded primly
across her chest waiting
for what...a prince
or my eyes to adjust
seeing beyond the shroud
encasing her tenderly
discovering a slim
sprig of cedar with cone
imagination running wild again

Don't know why
but I deeply love the sky
near the gloaming........

 Slowly little pin oak
withdraws sustenance
soon leathery leaves
will clatter and rustle
in coming winter storms
holding on tight
until spring buds
start urging them
to release their fierce grip

Nestled in fallen
cherry plum leaves
catmint emerges
tempting the cats
to have a quick roll

Found in the cluttered
drawer of forgotten things
just in time to celebrate
charming frame ushers in
second Sunday of Advent

It's been thirty five years ago this month
since we stood above the city
looking down at Old Town and the castle
it was our first trip together
meeting my family over the holidays
how well I remember endlessly walking
on the river meadow below the apartment
feeding greedy swans and watching barges
looking up toward the old bridge and castle
then walking the streets after dark
Christmas Markets festive and all aglow
inhaling the sweet scent of Gluehwein
listening to the sputtering of sausages
being turned on the grill swiftly lifted
into a crisp Broetchen then holding
them in our cold hands warm and fragrant
to this day the memory warms our hearts
those six weeks were magical truly
our very best Merry Christmas ever
as well as the most exciting New Year
watching Richard's mouth drop open
as Heidelbergers unleashed their
fireworks and golden fire streamed
down the ancient castle walls
leaving the air filled with the scent
of sulphur as all the church bells
rang out joyfully welcoming the New Year

shape shines
adorning the sky
drawing our eyes skyward

slipping swiftly
sublime stained sky
softly sliding sumptuous silken

Heavens are ablaze
in my mind I can clearly hear a
glorious celestial symphony

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Sol rises spilling red gold
across Gaia's flank
cool November morning

Delectable sweetness
entices wild bees
into Datura's cool heart

Everywhere we go
Bear is there

Always look up
you just might find
regal splendour

Barely awake
looking east
doomsday sky

Golden crescent
of new beginnings

Liquid eyes
sunlit ears
elegant deer

Mary Oliver's
elegant verse
wild geese

Poetry filled sky
wild geese aloft

Stealthy stalk
slim beak
strike ready

Pas de Deux

Raven's persistent
hoarse croak
summoning family

Blood orange sun
adrift in smoke

Tangerine moon
sweet slice
of heaven

Always alert
fearing humans
Wiley Coyote


Faux full moon
smokey sunset sizzles

Mindfully stepping
in between storms
gathering small stones

Dancing trees
carpet of gold and copper
at their feet

Sunbeams slip across time
solemn tick tock
soothing morning symphony

Sol to the West of us
Luna to the East
stuck in the middle with two


Morning still life
illuminated by sunshine
crashing surf audible in my mind

Golden morning sun
shining in this century
illuminating the distant past

Once again our giant looms
clad in wintry finery
dominating the vast valley

At long last
first storms find us
fine mists drift
blurring our view
thirsty earth receives
moist blessings
tousled reeds rejoice
waving as we pass
rainy day mindfulness

Deep red hearts
shiver in the wind
refusing to let go....

After the storm
mulberry leaves piled high
golden currency

Elder Creek

First heavy storm
only days ago a dry creek bed
now roaring back to life
muddy foam flecked flanks
twist along downstream
debris bobs jauntily
as if enjoying the wild ride


PROMPT: Deck the Halls Memories

Some of my Christmas memories
are too sad to unpack
yet others shine brightly
that utter delight as the door opens
revealing flickering candles
on that fragrant piece of forest
shining baubles twinkling
tempting candies and cookies asking
to be harvested from this tree of plenty


Scattered white clouds
sail across the deep indigo sky
bright twinkling stars

Images still linger
replaying over and over
even with eyes firmly closed
reliving our first glimpse
of these magnificent cranes
elegantly stepping along
sharp eyes scanning carefully
we'll return before long
to feast our eyes once more

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Golden October
waves a last farewell
to hot summer days

Laying in supplies
for cold winter days
sure to come soon
already his fur coat
grows luxuriously thick
watching us bright eyed
he pauses mid nibble
then resumes eating lunch

There's a stillness 
at the little lake now
visitors are few
not even the echo 
of summer voices remain
peace has settled
golden teasel edges
cool blue green water
ripples chase across
in a soft autumn breeze

Even late in the year
one hundred million gallons
spill into the jeweled pool
each and every day which
really is such a marvel
when you think about it
to be standing here moist mist
softly kissing my cheeks
in our drought plagued state
it feels like a blessing really
after our long hot smoky summer
to receive nature's benediction

Owl's crystal eyes
spill refracted light
into the quiet space
rainbows tremble
on sage green walls
silent woodland glade
alongside Buddha's
serene golden face
everyday magic transforms
unease into serenity
world's turbulence retreats
if only for these few moments

My love of nature
these roots keep me sane
in the damaging
wind of our current reality
moments of beauty found
balance the despair
which keeps me awake at night
this small shrub
tethered in the earth
it's strong roots remind me
to be strong to be persistent
to thrive even in this climate
of greed and dishonesty beyond belief

Golden October light
spills it's treasure indoors
dabbled shadows flutter
outside in the fierce wind
pines bend and dance
sighing and singing endlessly
tarnished spend leaves
twirl in whirlwind gusts
warm days yet but autumn's
cool nights tell another story

Like a woodland stream
words start flowing once again
tumbling over rocks
making their way onward
gathering speed until  
swiftly spilling onto my page 
not unlike waterfalls of poetry

Small flowering islands
bop gently on the current
how cool their toes must be
modestly hidden under generous
fringed green skirts spread
atop the deep emerald water
maybe below tiny minnows slip 
through forests of slender 
stems playing hide and seek
wouldn't it be lovely 
dangling our feet right here
feeling them nibble on our toes
but oh the cold it is!!!

There are times
when I feel rooted like this tree
holding firm
clinging to a little island
life rushing
past leaving me isolated
yet the current
brings flotsam messages
from upstream
notes reminding me
even when we feel alone
we're really not....are we?!

October Splendour
These fiery hues
illuminated by the sun
Nature's quilt
these rich colors glow
embrace the soul
rich feast for the eyes
autumn's heart song
felt all the way to my bones

How tranquil he looks
bedded down on sweet hay
infinity path replenished
once again soft to tread on
quite comfortable to lay on
Buddha Bear's quality seal of
approval canine zen master
taking his ease.....JUST BREATHE

Luna's crescent glows
she's not alone this night
Saturn sits at her feet
soon Mars will take Saturn's
place moving ever closer
his red eye in the shadows
awaiting a turn in her glow
it's not often she has company
more often than not she chooses
to travel solitary through the nights

Across the creek
robins preen
red breasts aglow

Sauntering through the garden
amidst red dragon tongues
one lone morning glory
basks in the October sun
inner light shining bright
striped purple robe all aglow
first morning blessing found

On silvered wings
rafts of buzzards glide
swiftly on strong winds
some paired others alone
drawing intricate patterns
on blue skies....mesmerizing

Nearing the end of the year
pale pink rosebuds unfurl
these blushing maidens reminding
us to celebrate the inner child
within....even at our own season of the crone

Last hot autumn days
filled with glorious color
pale blue Plumbago
subtle reflection of the sky
in the cool of the night
crickets are still singing softly

Small furry gatherer
pauses only briefly
he's bringing in the harvest
for the coming cold season
there's no time to waste...hurry!!

Like quicksilver
glistening in the sun
eager to spill
into the emerald pool
leaves are turning
bright copper and scarlet
blissful gilded afternoon

On gossamer wings
living out the last brief
days of their lives
already numbers dwindled
once big squadrons
danced overhead gracefully
last survivors are flying solo

This moment of mindfulness
little bird meditation
on a roseate autumn morning

Early risers greet the day
with raucous enthusiasm
rising settling preening

Last sliver of sun
gone in the blink of an eye
lone crow flies home

Over the crest of Mt. Toro
slim alien ship hovers briefly
rising swiftly revealing
lunar encounters of the third kind
awaiting the light...please beam us up

Proud galleons of the night
glowing in darkness
not sailing the seven seas
rooted on solid foundations
hillside homes illuminate the night

Friendship still thrives
after four decades
loving those rosy cheeks
and the kind caring soul within
treasuring the blessing...kindred spirits

Rallying one more time
at season's end
brutal summer days over
amid the ruins of blossoms long gone
she unfurls her finest organdy gown defiantly

She's just a shadow of her
former full self now
but oh she rose in splendour
peering coyly through branches
partially swathed in finest cloud chiffon

Joy of waking
whole world at your feet
just waiting 

Heads are tossing
red and gold
northern winds
grow strong and bold
berries ripen
glowing in the sun
let's head outside
let's have some fun
twirl along merrily
dance with falling leaves
open eyes in wonder
at what Mother Nature weaves


Witch's cauldron bubbles
eyes watching all aglow
moon is shining brightly
two toads croaked loudly "NO"
please don't throw us
in your special brew
surely magic herbs will do
spiderling is dangling
bats are swooping low
witch stirs her bubbling kettle
trick or treating she will go
she might look a little scary
but do not be afraid
she means no harm to anyone
caramel apples she did make :-)