Monday, November 2, 2015


I love color with a passion
flaming glorious sunsets  
quiet pearlescent sunrises
washing the skies in luminous
pastels glowing autumn leaves 
nature splashing colors with
abandon as if to have one more
fling dropping the curtain then
letting the dark gray season
have the stage as all rests
gathering strength for yet 
another colorful season ahead
vivid new growth emerging
on the first days of spring
new foliage vivid lime green
illuminated by a lemony sun
so welcome after a long winter
really it's very difficult 
for me to end sharing all 
these passions as there is
so much in nature to be 
passionate about I could speak
at length about the vivid
rich red pelt worn by the fox
the brilliant feathers 
shining in the trees as birds
gather to chat and warble
maybe it's not even so much
colors I am passionate about
but really all magnificent
wonders nature lays at our feet
asking only that we see
and admire her beauty treasure
her many gifts protect her 
where we can I am passionate
about that as well and 
admire those who walk the walk
giving of themselves with 
passion making a difference
be it ever so small as we all
can even by taking modest 
heartfelt action with passion.


Prompt: Passion
I have a passion for books
and reading instilled into
me by my dad a passion which
has seen me through some
of the toughest darkest times
in a life not always easy
allowing me to escape if even
briefly during times of stress
and dark fear for the future
this passion still shines
even now in this much calmer
peaceful time of life as I
look upon the shelves and
stacks of books filling every
space a comforting blanket
to wrap myself in as I open
colorful covers and dive deep
into another different world
reading, feeling, following
silky threads of words spun
being right there along with
characters who are often hard
to leave behind at "The End"
and you feel the passion??


Prompt: White Poppies for Peace
White poppies
so rare and fragile
translucent petals
easily crushed
frayed and trampled
as is our hope
for worldwide peace
yet we must keep
hoping and working
for a better world
while proudly wearing
white poppies for peace
yet never forgetting
those who's blood was
spilled and those in
harms way so many lives
wasted all over our
restless bloodied planet
controlled by politics
and military complexes
vast industries profiting
from blood spilled soaking
the earth so many of us
long for peace long
for a life of dignity
a life not bought at such a
terrible price we want no
blood spilled  in our name
or for "freedom" we just want
a world of peace where life
is precious and honored
not thrown away in muddy
bloodied battlefields
where even the most innocent
perish too young never
understanding why pain
and suffering visits them
far too soon all dreams
and hope for the future
dying with them potential
lost for all times
lives wasted never allowed
to come into full flower
white poppies for peace
beacon of hope in a
world awash in poppies
of red honoring the memory
of too many lives lost
already will the madness
ever end? "White Poppies
For Peace" glowing bright
 tender fragile promise
a peaceful future for all

Ming's moment of Zen
reminder that even
amidst chaos and change
one can sit calmly
modeling faux fur
breathing deeply
counting blessings
not stitches...knit...purr

November 13th, 2015
End of the day
sinking into bed
weighed down
heart heavy
mourning with France
and the city of
love and light
feeling the pain
deeply even here
thousands of miles
away..will it ever end?
Let there be PEACE

Little owl and pussycat
resting side by side
pussycat is sleeping
owl's eyes are open wide
high up in the canopy
her golden eyes can see
everything that's down
below fairies gnomes
and trees little doors
start opening lanterns
now are lit fairy folk
 are rising quiet glades
now shimmer filled with
night time magic
and twinkly fairy glimmer
little owl is blinking
taking it all in
pussy's toes twitch
in her sleep life
is but a dream.


Prompt: Time is
Time is running out
time is short for all of us
we know not when our hourglass
runs out of grains of sand
united we watched the
world around us turn dark
and scary bloodied broken
precious lives lost all
over the planet uncertain
times ahead we felt united in
our grief but already human
nature starts unraveling niggling
finding fault harmony starts
tottering on unsteady feet words
are written you don't care enough
you only care about this or that issue
you only  fly this flag on your
profile picture you're not grieving
hard enough your grief is for the wrong
disaster how on earth can this planet
thrive how can we overcome dark times
when even in grief we cannot get along
we find fault we critize we put down
those who only want to find their own way
of dealing with it all how can we make
peace happen on our precious planet when
we can't even respect each and every
one of us for their own way of dealing
with the frightening happenings all
around us our beautiful planet in
grave danger from us the human race
how can we save us and our planet
if we lack tolerance for others
on something as basic as grieving
lives lost in vain anywhere everywhere
it's time to support encourage empower
not time to critique find fault because
time is running out time is growing short

Bert the Frog
has changed
his togs he's
growing once
again sporting
now his newest
one the old
sways tattered
and forlorn
looking a bit
like Bert's
ectoplasmic ghost
swaying eerily
back and forth
fairly shouting booo
oblivious Bert struts
his stuff he hasn't
got a care stands
tippy-toed he begs
for food all we
can do is stare..


Morning flight
meets rising sun
a shooting star

Inside our window
wolves sing songs
of praise heads
thrown back snouts
pointed mesmerized
it seems by this
crystal full moon
which never wanes
above watchful owl
sits in silence
gracing this magical
pewter world
inside our window


Prompt: TASTE
Isn't it amazing how a scent
or taste can take you back
time traveling into the past
seemingly in the blink of an
eye as I peel my clementine
little squirts of oils shoot
into the room delicately
scenting the air with it's
sweet-tart odor laying the
first slice onto my tongue
crushing it letting luscious
juice spill savoring the
texture suddenly I am back
to mornings on St.Nikolaus day
opening the door cautiously
finding a treasure trove
of treats in my boots left
out the night before
colorful offerings spill
forth shining nuts foil
wrapped chocolates and always
clementines glowing winking
up at me tempting me to break
open their soft lush skin
savoring the taste of the season

Clouds of smoke
rise up into
delicately tinted
evening skies
curling upward
as if longing
to taste the
lush rising moon
would it taste
of lemon custard??

Thursday, October 1, 2015


First day of October
brilliant face glows
promise of the golden
season now upon us
vivid rich treasure
warms the heart 
on these cooler
days of autumn
shorter yes but 
 oh so sweet....

I love you because you light
up the darkest night
even the oceans cannot resist
your gentle pull as you
nudge along the tides to rise
with silvered waves hissing upon
beaches laying still beneath
your watchful steadfast gaze
how can mere mortals resist
your lunar charms as you
tempt us from our warm beds
eager to walk the night garden
illuminated here shadowed there
full of magic these nights
as you wax night after night
sometimes I get melancholy
when you slip away out of
sight yet happy knowing
that others on the other side
of the globe will soon
walk under the same blessed
light I love you because
you invite all of the world
to gaze up together....united

I love you because...I know you prefer
staying in bed late on cool mornings
now that you are finally retired
yet here you are up at the crack of
dawn making my tea and toast
keeping me company as I take one pill
after another until the dish is
empty cheering me on walking by
my side  on the journey to wellness
I love you because of that and many
other reasons as well dear husband of mine

I love you because even this late
in the season after a brutal summer
you greet the mornings in such a
festive colorful way your bold
skirts indigo imprinted with purple
stars bright heart light deep inside
which shines and glows I love the way
you climb up into the tired spend
roses bushes enrobing them in splendor
while they catch their breath covering
their nakedness gifting them with your
beauty your heart shaped foliage isn't
this the way dear friends enfold us
gently at a time we need comfort most
when we're struggling through life
catching our breath renewing ourselves
nature is always teaching lessons if you
listen to her watch her learn from her

Prompt: QUOTES
So I am just back from a day of mending
yes you heard me right mending that fine
art taught to most women my age when
we were girls because back then you
didn't think clothes were disposable
something broke you fixed it socks
got holey you darned them seems kind
of old-fashioned and out of date now
doesn't it or does it have we gotten
to be a throw away society where every
thing is meant to be tossed when no
longer perfect well today being a low
energy day I decided tackling that
stack of not quite perfect shabby
clothing in need of TLC and got to it
in the process getting reacquainted with
my  sewing machine and sewing box
now mind you I am a pretty sorry seamstress
only the basic are what I can tackle but
suddenly sitting out there in my little
cottage surrounded by silence humming while
bringing a few favorites back to life seemed
a zen kind of thing to do because yes
these were old worn things but they were
much beloved comfy treasure I love wearing
course I played with the contents of the
sewing box as well discovering I have a
lifetime supply of pins and needles
but now I also have my old favorites back
imperfectly mended but ready for another
decade and while doing this all my
favorite quotes visited me as well but
deciding which one was just too hard
so WASTE NOT WANT NOT it is..for now

Prompt: QUOTES
And still my mind sifts through quote
after quote, collected, appreciated
thought on yet how very difficult to
find just that one the one that means
the most I shall give up trying and
let them pick themselves let them
speak again as they spoke to me when
being added to my collection but no
they clamor me pick me please I am
the one oh dear what ever shall I do
so many quotes so little time to let
them all shine here so today I'll
pick one and then another.........

"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon,
who could not be happy?"~ Oscar Wilde

Surely my love for all of those wonderful
things have been my constant treasured
companions in life. They kept me sane and
safe during times when life was anything
but. They consoled me, kept me company
and still they bless my daily life day
after day bringing richness and joy

Knitting Meditation
Sitting curled up the quiet click
clack of bamboo needles keeping
pace with the soothing sounds of
nature music streaming from the
speakers filling this small space
with such serenity such a sense
of rest centering my mind
free to wander my gaze scanning
the woodlands outside only
to return once more to the work
at hand stitch by stitch row after
row until finally the scarf
is completed ready to rest cozily
around me neck on the coming
cool winter days.... I am ready

Prompt: QUOTES
"A room without books is like a body
without a soul.~ Cicero
How cannot I not include this one? It is a quote
I so very deeply believe in. When walking into a
room without books there is something missing, the
most vital part really, the soul of the room.
How can people live "book-less"?
How can they feel comforted and safe, knowing they are
in the best of company. A way of traveling the world,
without ever once leaving that comfy armchair. Where
do they escape during times of strive or grief, when
that special book might just hold the answer or if
nothing else take us away, however briefly to a better
place. Having grown up, surrounded by books untidy
scattered on endless shelves, stacks here and there
not fitting on already full shelves. Oh what joy
it brings, to know one has so much to still enjoy
or revisit once again. Needless to say all of my
rooms have souls, overflowing with knowledge, laughter
tears, delight...oh stop me now, I could go on forever........


He said:  Ming, are you awake?
She said: Ssssshhhh, can't you see I am meditating?
He said:  Ok, well I'll just admire your lovely stripes.
She said: You may as long as you are very quiet.
He said:  Meditation suits you very nicely.
She said: Sssshhhh, you're breaking my concentration.
He said:  Oh, I am so very sorry I shall be very quiet
She said:  The spell has been broken, you might as well
 admire my sapphire eyes .
He said:  Oh, they are very lovely indeed, shall I stroke
          your silky, striped fur now?
She said: Let me think on that...............YES, PLEASE!!


Prompt:  HOPE
In a world ever changing
often not for the good
Luna's phases her waxing
and waning changing yet still
familiar and reliable
returning to us from the
dark again and again
gives me hope looking up
into her lovely face on
dark nights her silvered
countenance seemingly smiling
filling my heart to overflowing
with serenity and hope that
all will be well after all

Prompt: HOPE
Do we not all hope to be loved
to be seen and heard
do we not all hope to be understood
to find those special ones
who can see into our souls looking
past armor build to keep
us safe from harm in a sometimes
painful and uncaring world
yet how often are we disappointed
opening our hearts and souls
only to be vulnerable our tender
antennae quickly retracted
remember the sting of rejection
yet time and time again
we carefully reach out one more
time~hoping for the best
hoping that this time will be
different for is not giving up
hope giving up on life?

Early dawn's gift
clouds part unveiling
magnificent wolf moon

After a dark rainy night
spectral Luna appears
draped in drifting
luminescent veils
hiding revealing
seemingly flaunting
her luminous beauty

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Blessed solitude
as once again
I tread familiar paths
beneath dark velvet skies
my feet remembering 
each turn as I drift along
enveloped in night's cloak
breathing in deeply 
city streets teaming with 
harried crowds left far behind
my heart slows it seems
resuming a more peaceful beat
stars once again shine brightly
infinite in numbers undimmed
by blazing city lights
insomnia never seemed so sweet
as I walk the night in solitude
back in the country once again
with only sweet cricket song
breaking the night's silence
this is where I belong.....

she emerges
above the roofs
gazing down golden eyed

Full Moon
her heart
the city laying
silently at her feet


Sitting with silence
I wait for the words
knowing they are there
within reach yet strangely
elusive unable to capture
their essence just yet
as I am slowly settling in
adjusting to this different
cadence of daily life
far from busy city noise
back to country silence
finding sacred moments
where nature seems to hold
her breath and all I hear
is the rushing of blood
in my ears assuring me
that all is well within
for now I sit patiently
hoping that soon once again
words will whisper then
sing spilling freely onto
the page but for now
I wait sitting with silence

Sitting with silence
as night is falling
trailing diaphanous
veils over Luna's
glowing face
night's velvet gown
glimmers with
countless diamonds
nature's richness
enchants us on this
first night of the
golden season
nature's palette will
change spilling sumptuous
baroque colors
over the grateful land
last celebration
before season's wheel
turns yet again
to the season of rest....

with silence
watching summer slowly
make way for autumn high above blue
icy skies down below warm vibrant glow
in a parking lot sitting with silence here
  paradise was  paved over long ago yet
 nature's beauty reigns even here in this
 asphalt wasteland slowly
angry car horns fade

There are days
when I can feel
my early roots
tugging at me so
strongly that I get
the feeling they are
calling me home to
a place that still
lives within after
more than four decades
a place deeply rooted
in my mind where lush
green meadows and deep
dark forest grow as they
did in my youth long
ago a place where pert
red squirrels scamper
plump mushrooms scent
dark fairytale woods
thick pillows of moss
thrive inviting cushions
perfect for daydreaming girls
yielding I close my eyes
allowing the tug to call
me home...for just a moment

Sitting with silence
gently swinging
in the night garden
gazing up at Luna
rising nearly full
last night as we sat
swinging to and fro
when suddenly my
thoughts turned briefly
to E.T. calling home
where did that
message come from??

Slipping out of my
warm cocoon
into the cool dawn
anxious to capture
Luna to hold her
keep her from leaving
so soon for just one
moment she was trapped
her golden light
held within the lantern
glowing brightly
but swiftly she slipped
her bonds breaking
free hurrying over
the mountains to dip
her glowing face
into the silvery sea
far away out of sight.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015


blazing through
layers of clouds
draped seductively in veils


Her mind races
trying to keep
track of all
that needs doing
like a squirrel
racing along
climbing the tall
tree of possibility
alas she missed
the opportunity
to get it right
in the end it leaves
her sitting up
there high in the
canopy her tail
twitching annoyed
at having dropped
that vital nugget
of information
then a new thought
comes along
and off she goes
hopefully into
the right direction....

Sunday at Turtle Bay
exploring the river
daydreaming of Monet

At the gloaming
fire glazed sky
the scent of smoke

Sunflower learned her
lesson the hard way
her upper leaves scorched
by the sun she'd adored
followed faithfully each
day now her face is
turned stubbornly toward
the East all day long
one late bee her only
companion as the sun she
once loved sets unseen
her worship cost her dearly
sun is a giver of life
yet can also damage those
staring into his brilliant
face beyond repair
yet still sunflower blooms
golden rays surrounding
her lovely round face

Six Word Saturday
Setting sun
magic orb
smoke kissed

Through dripping ink
branches scarlet
haloed sun sets at
last first cicada
tune up as bats flap
overhead on leathery
wings night falls
swiftly light breeze
comes up the canyon
stirring the cooler
air we breathe a sigh
of relief another hot
day survived..BREATHE!!

Letting go of the past
wild rapids which
often left me reeling
learning lessons
from the water which
tumbles along so
joyfully burbling
along full of life
motion and beauty
not letting any
obstacle stop or slow
it's journey determined
to meander along at
times leisurely sometimes
fast but always moving
forward letting go
moving on just like
life we let go
move on lest we
get stuck in a stagnant
pool of endless
regrets and sorrow
so letting go
learning the lesson
taught so well by nature

Last night once again
the skies were on fire
first Sol sunk
fretfully into thick
layers of smoke
then after night
fell gently first
stars appeared in the
darkening skies above
dare we hope viewing
the Perseids after all
now that skies are clear
hopefully we set up
chair and hammock
in the driveway tucked
snug in cozy blankets looking
up at the Milky Way flowing
high above our heads
patiently waiting soon
rewarded by first
streaks hurtling across
the sky one after another
in the stillness of
the night we could almost
imagine the loud roaring
as they skipped across
entering the atmosphere
never will we forget
that huge one streaking
for miles then a brief
burst of fire seen even
down here with naked eyes
leaving in it's wake
only the tail hanging
in the sky as if forgotten
then it too vaporized
through it all the infinite
universe appeared to be humming
as I recorded the wonders
in the camera of my mind....


Prompt: Fictionalise yourself
Not sure if I'd have a new name
will have to think on that
but I know for sure my hair
would be wonderfully red
and curly and my eyes would
be leaf green with a twinkle
in them and of course I'd
be really brave probably
riding a purple Harley down Hwy 1
overlooking the coast
roaring toward Big Sur on
my way to my animal shelter
tucked away under the trees
filled with dogs and cats
unwanted by some but loved
and cared for by myself
and a staff of helpers
who too might well have been
unwanted out there but
have now found their forever
homes in tidy little cabins
snuggled in the forest
along with all the animals
in their care because
what's a book or movie
without a Happy Ending??

Celestial hot flash
fire kissed Luna
feeling the heat

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY 2015

I see her glowing in the branches
dreadful pest yet does she not
deserve to live am I to crush her
vivid green body beneath my boot
thus ending her brief journey toward 
magic changes that will transform her 
once again her next life on the wing
worm no more but splendid Hawk Moth
slowly turning away letting her eat her fill
as she prepares herself for changes yet
ahead my heart feels light knowing we will
meet again her unyieldy body transformed
caterpillar no more hovering above flowers
on velvet hummingbird wings sipping nectar

Lightbulb moment~she is eating for three

I do not have the magic to call down
rain from vivid hot blue skies
yet with a turn of my wrist I can
provide relief and joy to shrubs
and birds alike now sprinklers
circle throwing arches of water over
thirsty bushes which quickly fill with
feathered friends now joyfully dipping
preening side by side hummingbirds
nuthatches bushtits woodpeckers doves
fluffing chattering singing in praise
of this liquid gift from above
another turn of the wrist and it ends
yet still they sing and twitter
I am good at making garden magic

I am blessed with sharp eyes
able to find special gems
amidst clumps of wildflowers
as the picture appears on the
big screen I compliment myself
so pleased to have successfully
captured a brief moment of beauty


Letting my inner child pop
out to play wearing cherry
jewelry then finding the courage
to post the silly end result
online to share the smile
major breakthrough for me
I am very proud of myself...


Standing tall and proud
wearing lovely furs
fuzzy paws curled wondering
if we bear gifts but no
only cameras to capture
your wild beauty posing
as if you know your way
around a photo shoot
turning this way and that
showing off all your
best features and then
finally the glamour shot
you stretch bold stripes
 spilling down your back
enchanting wild thing


In Memory of Maggie
She walked in grace
her gentle heart open
fighting taunting demons
who whispered messages
struggling to break free
she graced our lives
with gentle yet strong
words battling valiantly
against that which
wanted to destroy her
which denied her peace
stole her chance at new
beginnings whole again
with the love of her life
by her side we mourn
her loss our hearts heavy
may she rest in peace

Through the woodlands
drifting on the fir
scented breeze raucous
calls fill the valley
Steller's Jay sails
through flitting from
branch to branch loudly
announcing his brilliant
presence stunning prince
glad in sumptuous sapphire
lord of the alpine meadows


This mighty tree lived
season after season
decade after decade
through summer heat
through winter storms
standing tall weathering
all of nature's forces
though it's life force
is no more through
my eyes it has not lost
it's sense of majesty
even in death it speaks
telling the story of
a long life well lived
of rich seasons past
when it's branches were
full of life a place
of refuge where small
feathered and furry ones
could find shelter from storms
find sustenance to raise
their young season after
season year after year
this mighty tree lived

So I was walking through
the forest on a small trail
strewn with sticks and stones
and other equally devious things
to make you trip and stumble
huffing and puffing  slowly
making the long return trip
from Mill Creek Falls
back to my companions who
had fallen by the wayside
suffering from bad knee pain
altitude and vertigo trouble
then suddenly I was all alone
not another soul in sight
no voices no bright colored
clothing seen through the dense
forest announcing more hikers
a sudden sense of unease crept
upon me I must confess
while it wasn't dark yet
black thunder clouds were
drifting above my head
could a sudden mountain thunder
storm find me here unprotected
my heart seemed to be pounding
in a most unpleasant way
what was I thinking I am not
the youngest anymore what if
a misstep caused a bad sprain
what if a black bear mother
crossed my path cubs in tow
my imagination went wild
my blood sugar crashed hands
and knees trembling fearing
the worst suddenly I saw
him limping through the woods
my knight in shining armor
never more welcome we slowly hiked
back my fears at rest knowing
lone death wasn't imminent after
all even scaly dragons no longer
scared me as they seemed to be
laughing at my recent frantic fears

Lush grenadine sky
 imaginary touch
sweet sticky fingers


I believe that surrounding myself
with the right people can make
all the difference in the world
I believe that people can bring
out the best in each other
those are the keepers in our life
I believe that despite the horrors
we see in our world
goodness will and must prevail
I believe that reading and now
writing has preserved my
sanity more then once in my life
I believe that encouragement and
kindness toward others is a
powerful magical tool which heals
I believe I am still learning
and  continue growing knowing
that with it comes  inner peace


she yawns
stretches her wings
waltzes around the room

I believe that nature's
small miracles
are daily gifts often
overlooked in our
busyness running here
and there so
when I  find evidence
of strange wonders
stopping and looking
slows the pace
this small empty
shell left behind
it's old occupant
now singing a strident
song which rises shrill
into the sweltering air
announcement to all
high summer is here
cicadas are on the hunt
for a suitable mate
cycles of life going on and on .....

Six Word Saturday
Unexpected Grace
damaged gate
perfectly restored

Twenty-nine years later
the way to his heart
still leads through
his stomach smiling
we sit German Pancakes
gracing our plates
breakfast in the garden
soft cooing of doves
all is well in our world
this peaceful anniversary morn


Wistful Wednesday
As blistering hot days
find us day after day
each seemingly hotter
then the one before our
yearning for cool crisp
autumn days gets stronger
and stronger with each
passing day our yearning
for the scent of crushed
fallen leaves beneath
our feet the heady aroma
of wood fires drifting
through bare branches
sunshine now soft and
golden spilling like honey
welcome no longer
enemy but welcome friend
for now we battle on
keeping cool keeping our
garden green and alive
but soon oh yes soon
those splendid days will
find us once again
bringing ease and peace
we'll sit spooning
hot hearty soups
keeping heart and hearth
warm settling by
the fire book in hand....

To the south of us
fire dragon
scorches the land
blazing it's
fiery trail
through the
few can escape
it's fury
even from here
we can see
it's ash laden breath
draped across
the evening sky
small souls
lost now adrift
on their last
journey skyward........


You don't really know me
don't know the reason
why don't know the struggles
I've endured
don't know the reason
why I am armored
often seen as harsh
yet full of tender
feelings of needs
the very same as yours
of wounds that
might need healing
don't know the reason
that have made me
exactly who I am
but surely we can
bridge the gap
accept each other
be a friend
celebrate our
strengths together
focus on the good
don't know a reason
we can't walk together
blessed and understood