Monday, July 4, 2016

JULY 2016

Only moments ago sultry hot
summer night's peace briefly
broken but thundering hoofbeats 
still echo in the clearing on Firefly Mountain
beneath a full moon wolves howl after the dark horse

Luminous crescent
adorns the night sky
fairy-tale trees


Prompt: Howl at the Dark Horse

Last night it found me again
in my dreams a Night Mare
riding alongside me lathered
causing my own heart to beat
along with the hard drumming
of heavy hooves subconscious
worries submerged by day now
running wild at night as my
mind races along retrieving
what was or could come to be
feeling a howl burst from my
throat I wake my heart still
pounding echoing the hoofbeats
of the dark horse who finds
me rarely now groggy I reach
for the light which repels
the dark one my breath slows
reaching for a again

I know it's for the common good
still how love aches as our dear
little creek small fishes froglets
and all living creatures within
are scooped up by the big bucket
beneath a roaring chopper then
swiftly whirled away overhead
only to be spilled onto the flames
we're feeling blessed at being safe
billowing smoke now smothered
but how we love our small creek
with it's shining face sparkling
reflecting the blue sky above
filled with creatures calling it
home quietly living their small
lives beneath the shimmering ripples
until the shadow hovers overhead
how love aches knowing that nothing
and no one is ever truly safe...


Love aches
when hearts break
when families suffer
when children lose a parent
when it makes no sense at all 
when middle aged men chase their youth
when they throw away all the good in their lives
when we feel helpless as if watching a train wreck
when we know there's naught we can do but fiercely hope 
when even that hope is slowly dying on the road to no return


Ant Tales
So this morning started interesting. When scooping BBear's kibble out, it was found to
have been turned into an ant farm of sorts. Which was really not the best way to start
our day, truth be told. Richard had to head out to town to look into an overheating
problem with our little, old truck, so after dumping 50 lbs of kibble on the bow of
the boat, off he went. I was left to stand out in the sun, tackling the ant problem on
my own. Why the sun you ask? Well ants hate direct exposure to the sun and in order to
get them to close down shop in the kibble it had to be spread out all over the boat bow,
exposing their sleazy activities to the bright light of the sun causing a lot of them to
literally abandon ship and the rest to scurry down into the bigger mounts of kibble.
Now I've always kind of admired ants, they are so very industrious and really know how
to make teamwork benefit them. That said, I don't like them doing their thing in my stuff.
I did try to be as mindful as possibly, all while my blood was boiling, both from the heat
and the frustration of the morning thus far. I know they are real pests, still they
too just want to live, don't they? Who am I to destroy them wholesale, wage war on
them when all they wanted was a free meal? So I sorted and sorted, scooped and scooped
from the boat into a shallow pan. After that batch was declared to be ant-free I would
then dump it into the large bucket where the kibble was supposed to be in the first
place. But that's another story which I am not going to tackle as I am feeling nearly
peaceful at this point. Of course some of the ants weren't going peacefully at all.
They got quite upset and as I flicked them off the boat and kibble, some decided to
attack the enemy, that being me, by crawling up my legs and then visciously biting
me while I was dancing a mad jig trying to dislodge them. And yes, there was a body
count involved in that battle, because enough is enough. I am trying to disperse the
army with peaceful means, but when I get no thanks for that, the fight is on. Anyhow
at well over an hour finally the last scoop was dumped into the pet food bucket and
the casualities were brushed off the boat. Any who were badly maimed in the process
were swiftly dispatched as I hated to see them suffer despite the fact they made me
suffer. Of course within a half an hour of my finishing this thankless talks, my
dearly beloved arrived back home, fresh as a daisy saying that the truck had been
checked, but of course no one could tackle the job on short notice. That said, they
tested it thoroughly and while it is slated to get a new thermostat and a radiator
flush in the very near future, still it was deemed to be safe to tackle the trip
up to Mt.Lassen this evening to view Luna make her ascent from way up there. So I
guess that while the day started off on the wrong foot, we do have something to
look forward to in the end, fingers and toes crossed. As BBear spend the last
Full Moon with us, albeit from the safe distance of his then home in the culvert,
he will join us tonight to admire Luna from a different vantage point. But first
I need a nice, long nap.

In the midnight garden of my brain
still I relive the full moon night
where the air was redolent of sulphur
soon sweetened by breathing firs
where leathery bat wings beat in the
darkness and luminous moths briefly
blinked in and out of sight touched
by our headlights and above it all
she rose swiftly touching the land
with her magic leaving us breathless
momentarily hushed by her glamour
as skies turned plummy and luscious
deep silence broken only briefly by
sleepy peeps ...a nearby bird dreaming


It can bring joy
It can bring pain
It can lift you up
It can let you down
It is much needed
It is most wondrous
It is complicated
It is all of that and more.....

Sunday, June 5, 2016

JUNE 2016

Embroidering the sky
at the speed of light
swifts dive for their dinner
hurry night is falling
soon bats will unfurl leathery wings


Pondering the prompt it seems
perfection has yet alluded me in
sharing my thoughts on perfection
while one part of me seems to
lean toward perfection thus often
discarding creative efforts which
seem to be lacking in some way
imperfection really lives at
my very core if I am truthful
at times there is a mighty internal
battle perfection trying to
shove aside the imperfect yet do
they not both need their moment
in the sun the imperfect often
just as needed and wonderful
as the less than thankfully as I
age I can now clearly see that
perfection at all cost is not
what I need or want that I have
space for both in my life neither
driving me to distraction but
living in harmony with both sides
as they are taking turns with
neither ruling but allowing
precious time and space for both
in that I find perfect peace

While some might find
this charmer far from perfect
is he not a prince of imperfection
clammy lumpy wart covered skin
but look at those brilliant eyes..PERFECT!!

Vivid cerulean sky
polished clear by
fierce north winds
across dwindling small creek
Gaia's tawny thighs go on forever

Some years back opportunity knocked
cautiously she took her first steps
hands shaking just the tiniest bit
she decided the time for courage had
come thus allowing creativity to slip
in carefully placing her first words
in this new world wondering if she
should have done so alas it was too
late there they were for all to see
imagine her delight at discovering
others much like herself some polished
some raw beginners but together they
wove words into tapestries of poetry
writing from the heart of passing days
mindful moments difficult times happy times
they enfolded each other with words of
support words of gentle encouragement
and in the end....that made all the difference

In a world so often dark and hopeless
tragedy after tragedy leaving us reeling
hurting and bewildered spirits crushed
all any of us can truly do is to remember
always that if we let our own light shine
when combined with the light of so many
others how can we not light up the world??


Prompt: What I like about myself
The things I like about myself....
maybe the most important thing is that
even though I often see myself as deeply
flawed I continue to wake up each day
determined to do better to step into that
new day clearly seeing worth even in my
own self critical eyes to know that I hold
both strengths and weaknesses that live
side by side I like that I am open minded
curious creative delighted by nature I like
that I am deeply loyal and I like that I can
remember those good qualities even on days
when I am tempted to not like myself all
that well because I am being too impatient
too cranky too outspoken yet still I know
there is much in me to be liked and I like that!

Pellucid summer sky
alive with tumbling swifts
waxing half moon

Summer finds us once again
tall grasses are dry and brittle
walking to the creek
each step greeted with sharp clicks
grasshopper clouds landing everywhere 

Spun silk glamour
Luna rises nearly full
diaphanous prelude

Mid morning visit
with abandoned Big Boy
cautiously wagging his tail
this made us smile today

Sitting on the tailgate
talking about how we'll
give up and leave in ten
minutes time as Luna had
yet to show her face
cleverly hidden obscured
by drifting clouds when
suddenly no sooner had
the words left my lips
she appeared as if she'd
listened all along and was
merely teasing us this night
now making her grand entrance
first a glowing rosy sliver
appeared as if by magic then
she rose higher and higher we
followed her ascent grinning
foolishly...she made us smile last night


Her calming glow
balm for aching hearts
kindling peace

Filling cracked hearts
with golden memories
beauty of Kintsugi


Cool morning moon
from the creek bullfrog calls
red flag warning

Hotter weather ahead
in the small pond
wise toad settles in

Weeks ago we saw him for
the first time sitting
out in a pond home to geese
along a lonely stretch
of country road he was
with a partner then who
was no longer there when
we discovered him still
waiting patiently scared
alone lost so we started
feeding him talking to him
doing our best to gain his
trust until recently a collar
was slipped over his massive
head with my own hands his
eyes closed in relief a few
gentle words asking if he'd
like to come home than turning
slowly walking back to our
truck with him following along
like a lamb no leash needed
just that bond formed on hot
days while sitting together
now tethering us together
in our care he shines unfolds
showing what a good boy he
is and with his bliss we too
are filled to the brim with
thankfulness for the Universe
and so many caring thoughts
from around the globe making
it all happen..I never expected that

Sunday, May 1, 2016

MAY 2016

First  fragrant creamy stars open
enticing winged nectar seekers
plump bumble bee cannot resist olive's
scented offer eagerly she dives deep 
soon sporting yellow knickers  
she nuzzles each star again and again
heavily loaded she takes to the air
bumbling home with her gathered treasure
on this beautiful first day of May

Pines in bloom
shimmering gold dust


Sitting completely still
nearly unreal yet feathers stir
now in the slight breeze
he's full of life so elegant
able to soar high above his world
his keen eyes able to survey all
his strident call carried on the wind
once he rises high into the sky again
clumsy and earthbound... we can only dream

Mother's Day Blues


I was un-mothered in many ways
in turn I too did not do my very
best at mothering struggling
through a young doomed marriage
trying to raise a child while
desperately trying to keep my
 personal world from unraveling
young alone and oh so unready
six thousand miles from home
among strangers and strange ways
still carrying that old guilt
of opportunities missed for the
sad cycle to end with me therefore
Mother's Day can feel heavy for
me as I read tender proclamations
of love touching memories of
perfect motherhood given and
received such deep connections
forged and tended tenderly
but do not feel sad for me
for as I've grown older I've
chosen to forgive both myself
and those who did their best
under less then perfect conditions
now I make those connections it's
my choice to pick up and weave together
those torn strands allowing us to
move forward connecting for the time
remaining to us learning to be tolerant
learning to move on past old hurts
mending the tattered cloak of loss and
disappointment patching large holes
thankfully today's only angry feelings
came when the flowers I ordered would
not find her on time for Mother's Day
yet picking up the phone sharing
the dismal news resulted in more
strands being woven as first outrage
then laughter at the crazy situation
resulted in more strands being woven
leaving us both smiling and cheered
making up for lost time it's never too late
Today's lesson
on this Mother's Day
I am not alone

Living sculpture
osprey and dove side by side
living in peace

On Motherhood
Sometimes it seems as if animals
by some seen lesser than ourselves
have a much better grip on parenthood
they go by instinct only it seems
always moving forward teaching lessons
knowing that this will offer the best
chance for their little one's survival
rarely do they seem uncertain never
bombarded by opinions books and other
complications they just parent the
way nature asks of them if only humans
would have more of that gift often with
us motherhood given or received seems
wrought with possible minefields and painful
memories of rejection carried forward
though even in the animal kingdom
at times there can be an aberration
maternal instinct lacking leaving those
in their care abandoned sometimes even
dead as young inexperienced mothers under
severe stress might feel overwhelmed
rejecting or even killing their young
then moving forward away from the scene
of the crime untouched by what they
left behind maybe starting over again
surely they were reared by good mothers
raising them to successful adulthood
which makes me wonder....what went wrong??

Each day we check the Linden tree
bees and I slowly circling looking
for that first bud oozing nectar
Bumble Bee fell asleep waiting
cocooned in tender young leaves and sunshine


Beneath glowering skies
revealing their colorful hearts
Lilies laugh out loud


Could my fascination with Luna
lie in her gentle comforting light
steady never flickering even when she slips
away out of sight now and then still I know
she is there on most nights her bright
steady gaze lighting up even the dark
corners where eerie shadows often lurk
branches snap loudly outside the window
uneasy thoughts drift heavily into
their favorite cozy dark night places
worries which cleverly followed me to bed
now wake me sitting heavily on my chest
rudely staring down as I toss and turn
her soothing pale light scares away all of
that her bright rays illuminate even the darkest
corners showing  me clearly there was nothing
to be feared after all I smile reassured once
again closing my eyes knowing that even while
dreaming she will watch over me never flickering...

 Waiting patiently
sitting out in the heat
deep in thought
why does he drive away
leaving me behind feeling bereft
ears pinned back listening
not hearing the familiar hum
every minute gone is one too long
where is he my adored two legged one???


First light trembles through leaves
beneath partially cloudy skies
iridescent jewels dive hover
high pitched angry squeaks
fill this morning's cool air
aerial battles ensue precision
flying maneuvers too swift
to follow with my sleepy eyes
they settle briefly ascend again
morning battle at the feeder
rubbing sleep from my eyes
turning I stumble into the kitchen
even before brewing our tea
syrup must be replenished the hungry
battalion drains feeders nearly as
swiftly as they fly soon first
golden rays pierce morning clouds
still they sip whirr sip whirr
watching hand cradling my cup
bedazzled by tiny jeweled warriors

Waning yet still she glows
deep fire smoldering
scorching dark night skies

Friday, April 1, 2016

APRIL 2016

Kissed by the morning sun
fox pauses looking back as 
if deciding whether slipping
into secret dense woodlands ahead
would see him safe or whether jumping
out of the gilded frame into an empty room
close by would do the trick today the question
of it truly empty scenting the dogs
 his choice is clear off he goes through the valley ahead 
slipping into the dark shadows where the air is redolent with 
ancient woodland magick... in the blink of an eye he disappears 

First golden rays
gliding on gilded angel wings
two cooing doves

Sublime virginal white
but looks are deceiving
Lady Banksia demure lady
in name only sprawling
wantonly displaying her 
charms smothering all 
with verdant decadence
such insatiable hunger 
to conquer all in her path
bloom lady savor your
days in the sun for once
your last moon bloom fades
clippers shall once again
confine your greedy wildness
shorten those wayward wings
before you engulf us all....

Prompt: Naughty shoes
If only I could find my naughty shoes
I am sure they're hiding someplace
in all of this clutter could it be
I like it that way as it keeps me from
putting them on to strut my stuff
venturing out into the world bravely???


Notes from Country Roads
Knee deep
in spring flowers
Charolais madonna
snowy white calves
by their sides...bucolic bliss

Like a scene from Bonanza
minus cowboys and tack
four abreast they come
thundering across green
pastures bucking tossing
their heads tails flying
squealing out loud with
equine spring joy just
another beautiful day
 in the Wild West


Prompt: Naughty Shoes II
Next time I fly back to Europe
I shall wear my naughty shoes
step out into the loud scary crowd
of humanity as if I belong there
perhaps looking shiny and polished
like the seasoned at ease travelers
I see passing by as I sit there
luggage at my feet wearing comfy
clothes shoes that will slip off
easily my favorite pillow in hand
wanting to be invisible nothing at
all like those bold divas sailing
by leaving in their wake admiring
glances and the scent of expensive
perfume..........nah, not a chance
naughty shoes just don't fit me
they seem to pinch my toes painfully...

Some days instead of doing what's
expected you might just feel like
putting on your naughty shoes get
off the freeway and just start
walking down the road less traveled
going any place more exciting
than the next doctor's appointment
or grocery store or other must
do events because walking down
that road to the far horizon would
surely be much more fun... on second
thought let's wear the naughty
shoes but drive there instead
more time to savor stolen moments..

Hoarding words today
for those silent days
when there are none

Swirled secret beauty
embroiders intricate patterns
upon the yellow door

Morning sun
gathered in buttery silk

Today I put on my naughty shoes
ventured forth gathered my
feeble courage I dipped brush
into water dabbled with paint
a bit of this and a bit of that
to create a miniature landscape
maybe I should have put those
shoes on long ago they seemed
to fit rather well as they took
me on a most delightful journey
a full moon bathed the valley
in the distance soft whoo whoo
of an owl drifted on the pine
scented air ......I'll be back

No rainbow in sight
yet here by the roadside
tiny pots full of gold

Strange traveler rests
armored mysterious creature
very cleverly disguised
surely fatigued from his
epic journey while sleeping
only the strange creatures
populating his back are
wide awake silently watching
or maybe he's simply wearing
 disturbing dreams this cloak
of mystical creatures long
forgotten in the mists of time
then again maybe a knight
under an evil spell...I wonder

he appears
rubbing both eyes
to clear my vision

For Cheryl
Pearly white rose
suddenly wide open
small pallid moon
mourning with you
precious son lost too soon

Such elegant beauty
meadowlark pauses mid-song
golden chest aglow
nature makes the heart soar
one precious moment at a time

Late afternoon sun
butterscotch beauty shines
revealing her heart
Tut's memory still lingers
he posed beneath this beauty long ago


All alone grazing
bright eye watches cautiously
feeling no threat
head dips down once again
foraging verdant springtime bounty

Late last night
Luna and Jupiter strolled through
shining so bright
twinkling stars appeared on leaves
bedazzled by moonlight

Solidly planted
gazing up into a robin egg blue sky
morning commute
some days such longing to fly away
on butterfly wings

Two shiny black crows
special tidbit lovingly shared
knee deep in flowers
not a single caw to be heard
liquid meadowlark song rises up into the sky


Again she summoned me
rising swiftly I follow
her gilded trail
strange how this obedience
is so joyfully embraced

She rides the storm
smiling sometimes veiling
her glowing face
watching in admiration I wonder
do only Celestials have such courage

My humble camera
captures beauty flawlessly
no tweaking here
just these eyes finding
lush baroque flounces glowing

He's at peace now
like warriors of old
laid to rest in the
shade of the great white
rose cairn of stones
marks the spot where
he lies tenderly bedded
down on fragrant cedar
praised for his valor
in fighting so bravely
for his life while rose
petals drifted on his
silky pelt along with
melissa furry lambs ear
lavender and rosemary
for rememberance always
we told him once again
what a fine cat he was
brave until the very end
at peace now in our Secret Garden

Ming's shadow is nowhere to be found
where is the annoying creature hiding
striped tail twitching in irritation
she searches for it in all the old
favored places looks high and low
but there is no sign of it anywhere
even when she looks quickly over
her shoulder where it always lurked
before following her from place to
place in the way shadows do at times
there is no sign of it surely something
is wrong seems only days ago shadow
would sit a cat length away not too
close just right showing proper respect
who knew that pesky shadow had found
favor with Ming Dragon she seems at a
loss and no longer likes this endless
game of hide and seek anxiously kneading
her bed seeking comfort or insight
maybe both after her latest fruitless
search she seems to feel that enough
is enough it's been days come out come
out wherever you over!!!

Could it be that
Unicorns are still with us
in plain sight
cleverly hiding their gilded horns
maybe their magic can only be seen by some


Prompt: Cycles of Life...sometimes dream, sometimes nightmare
My very own prompt is letting me down
somehow words just aren't flowing easily
having lived dreams only to have them turn
into nightmares surviving then more dreams
came my way living one now but always in
deep shadows they lurk...what if they
find me again leaving me reeling and
alone once more unable to escape
feet leaden running in place