Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th-30th, 2014

November 24th, 2014
Drops of autumn color
tremble in the
cool morning breeze

November 25th, 2014
Give thanks to the Universe
for wonderful messy trees
though they fling their leaves
carelessly untidily in autumn
they give so much more
exhaling oxygen providing
us with the very air we need
to sustain our own small lives
Giving generous cool shade
on even the hottest days
sheltering us providing food
their lush exquisite beauty
such endless form and shape
how bereft our world would be
without their regal presence
Blazing vivid color bringing
light into the darkest wet day
leaves dancing down gracefully
blanketing the cold ground
giving life and sustaining soil
thus feeding the very earth
honor them protect them
cherish their sacred presence

November 26th, 2014
Splash of exotic color
truly brightens
even the grayest day

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th-23rd, 2014

November 17th, 2014
High above our heads
Canadians stream by
hurriedly trying to outrun
the bitter cold reach 
of the Arctic Express
pushing hard they fly high
in a clear blue sky
dotted like musical notes
on the overland wires
traveling avian symphony
composed on the wing

November 18th, 2014
Frosty autumn morning
finds feathered friends
flying in for a landing
eagerly eyeing seed 
buffet laid down below 
finding the offerings
to their liking~down they
flutter~a whir of wings
one last look around
all's well~let's eat!!!

November 19th, 2014
Monochromatic landscape lies
draped in heavy gray mizzle
overhead cawing hoarsely
crows flying high pierce
shrouds of misty veils
the only sign of life
as we crossed
the prairie

November 20th, 2014
On the electrical lines
seven doves wait
patiently for the
feeding frenzy
below to
Symbol of peace
cooing so softly
they fly down
angel wings
Getting their turn now
at last the long wait
is over sparrows
and blue jays
finally had

Ode to a Prince of a Cat
Siegfried 1997~2014
Today he left us~ now only memories remain
of that very first day when we spied the mewling
litter of kittens~cleverly tucked away out of sight
he slipped away~rejoining those who crossed before
brother Cheetah~brother Teddy~elegant sister Woody
litter mates they were~snuggled tightly together
Through tears we fondly recall the many years
he graced our lives~mischievous as a young cat
cheerfully thieving the neighbor's scattered things
soon a bag was hung upon the fence to return
his found treasures~cans~casette tapes~tools
any odds and ends laid down carelessly
He was a recycler at heart, a retriever of balls
chewer of branches~playful tackler of siblings
his silver tabby fur glowing in the underbrush
he stalked ~once foolishly challenging a rattlesnake
angrily coiled ~rattles sounding a fierce warning
sharp spray of water saved him that day
Growing into the most magnificent prince of a cat
somber now~naughty wild youth left long behind
often found sitting~deep in thought as if contemplating
life as it presented itself to him each and every day
but now and then his inner white tiger would spring forth
slay a careless bird~never wasteful~he'd relish his wild feast

November 21st, 2014
Infinite sculptures stretch
as far
as the eye can see carrying
and precious warmth into
our homes
towers that
can be seen as
 either beauties or
beasts yet no matter
 how we see them we value
their service to us keeping cold
and dark at bay on the cold winter days ahead


November 22nd, 2014
Breaking through the heavy mist deep V's sketched into the sky
traveling south to milder climes their loud calls reach us
clearly standing below looking up into the rainy cold
skies marveling at such strength of purpose and
wing inner compass guiding them along on
their arduous long journey year after
year in all weather such a wonder
such inspiration for us below
reminding us to be strong
on our inner journey
to the  place we
need to be in
order to

November 23rd, 2014
Overnight the cold storm moved on
early morning finds us under
glowing skies~filled with fluffy remnants
tenderly kissed by the rising sun
glowing so brightly~warming heart and soul

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th-16th, 2014

November 10th, 2014
Sitting quietly~deep in thought
enveloped in golden mist
is this magic~is it a golden dream
Startled back to reality I turn
looking outside this evening
our skies spill down liquid gold
Moments later~bright golden streaks
bright raspberry~transforming 
quickly ~deepest vermilion glows
Inhaling deeply~breath takes in
this magically infused air
sinks deep down into the soul
Soon colors fade~darkness falls
the streaks deep violet now
edged in antiqued old rosé lace
Heart overflows~full to the brim
with Nature's beauty now
carried within~AFTERGLOW


November 11th, 2014
Beneath a pale morning moon
buzzards circle lazily
Shasta's snowy flanks beckon

November 12th, 2014
Delicate bud slowly unfurls
glowing citrine green
rebirth of bouquet long dead

November 13th, 2014
Dark clouds gather to the West
radiant sun slowly slips away
valley shrouded in golden mist
Above us a pool of cerulean blue
spilling notes from it's heart
pure soaring soprano fills the air
Meadowlark~ golden throated
sings exquisitely~ full of joy
bidding this day a last farewell


November 14th, 2014
Thick morning fog
caresses the pines
November morn

Birds chatter loudly
fluffing against
 November morning chill

November 15th, 2014
Beneath flaming fall trees
cattle graze peacefully
their pale flanks kissed
gently by the setting sun
Savoring this rural scene
tranquility descends
we head toward home
another luminous autumn day

November 16th, 2014
Wise old owl flag
newly arrived
graces old cattery
Sitting empty now
our last old boy
moved in with us
Yet through sad losses
we've gained space
for messy creativity
Embracing change
our only choice
life is moving on
Small light filled space
once filled with purrs
transforming into a studio

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st-9th, 2014

November 1st, 2014
Once again my nocturnal muse appears
her bright light gently diffused tonight
rainbow halo shimmers tenderly holding
this heavenly body~her timeless beauty
inspires and enchants again and again

November 2nd, 2014
At last deep autumn has found us
generous colors spill across the yard
heavy dark clouds shroud skies
which had been a bright hot blue
shimmering with heat all summer
Blessed cooler days are here at last
not quite prepared bodies protest
joints creek muscles tighten fingers cold
opening the door chills follow us inside
now first fires blaze snapping merrily
Candle flickers warming the soul
standing in the kitchen peeling silky
pears and apples adding winter spices
handful of cranberries blending carefully
then together they tumble onto the crust
What better way to welcome this season
chasing away the chill by creating warmth
not only with candle light but crackling fires
sweet pies bake heating the cool house
curls of delectable scents rise into the air

November 3rd, 2014
Morning sky awash in delicate
stripes of rosé and periwinkle
Last golden leaves tremble
on now nearly bare Tilia
Time to say goodbye
rest well this winter
Until spring wakes you
once again your buds
Forming heart shaped
leaves and golden florets
Veiled in sweetest scent
dripping nectar for the bees
Now sleep draw your life
juices deep into your heart

November 4th, 2014
weaving powerful
bold geometric patterns
clouds weft cypress warp

November 5th, 2014
On this day
when so much seems lost
the future looking dark
golden glow shines brightly
reminding us gently
that as with season's change
darkness might reign
leaving us feeling hopeless
but as it is in nature
season of light and rebirth
will find us once again
so let us not lose heart
let us cherish the hope that
down the road light
will find us once again
leading us out of the shadows
back into a bright future
for the sake of us all
and future generations

November 6th, 2014
Celestial fireworks
blooming overhead
much needed joy
vivid colors
bursting up high
colors spills to earth

November 7th, 2014
Glowing face hidden
entangled in oaks
suddenly breaking free
she floats up~ rising
within a coppered halo
high above the pines
she smiles down
blessing our home
and all laying below
her bright silvery gaze


November 8th, 2014
Opulent plump beauty
reclines languidly
promising juicy autumn joy

November 9th, 2014
On this day~celebrating with joy
twenty five years ago today
dreadful wall came down at last
once again traffic roared
through this gate to the others side
freedom no longer a dream
but a reality on that amazing day
this wall separating families
for decades~fallen~beaten down
but while we celebrate and sing
lighting up this bright vibrant city
let us never forget and honor
those who died in their attempt
while fleeing oppression and fear
only yearning  to be free to join
their families on the other side
hunted with dogs they were
gunned down~stark white crosses
stand witness lest we forget
the terrible price they paid
running toward freedom

Todesstreifen~Strip of Death
coated thickly with poison
nothing left alive to grow and thrive
Silky gold sands drank eagerily
the lifeblood of those
who risked it all~and failed
Runs of dogs~prisoners too
spend every night and day
their duty to alert the guards
Guards walked in pairs here
each the other's keeper lest
one of them should try to run
Harsh searchlights pointed out
the quaking silhouettes of those
bravely trying to escape at night
Now once again silent dead land
is full of life~joyous barking
dogs dig and play~burying the past

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th-31st, 2014

October 27th, 2014
Delicate smile
glows brightly
sinks down 
into a rosé 
cloud duvet
fairy tale sky


October 28th, 2014
First Flight
Into early morning skies the color of
fine champagne buzzards take
to the air lazily spiraling up
into the skies growing
ever smaller~now
mere dots
way up high

October 29th, 2014
Loudly he announces his arrival
bold raucous cry rings out
disturbing our morning peace
Bright eyed he flies in alights
scattering small birds who
familiar with his might flee
Handsome blue silver knight
but no Lancelot is he
bringing chaos to our realm
Methinks I shall name him Mordred
for he came not in peace
but to disturb our blessed kingdom

October 30th, 2014
Early autumn morning
gilded spires rise
up into a pale blue sky
Morning breeze carries
the musty scent
of colored fallen leaves
Faint scent of wood smoke
enhances this
heady autumnal perfume

October 31st, 2014
winter king
seemingly floating
above the far horizon
such grand mountain majesty
bare flanks are now once again
draped in snowy ermine wreathed with
cloudy collars pulled snug against the cold
splendid sight savored on our morning walk this day

Take care of your furred ones~keep them inside
sparing them harm and possible fright
Tis All Hallows Eve~ghouls are walking outside
warty wizards appear~casting spells in the night
Pumpkins are grinning~baring big teeth
eerily illuminating these dark rainy streets
Goblins are roaming ~ loudly ringing the bell
hand them their treats~then bid them farewell
Soon the veil thickens~this night~it will end
peace once again~stay safe my dear friends

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th-26th, 2014

October 20th, 2014
Letting go
always the 
hardest way
to show 
your love

Tugged in a hidey hole 
by his wily feral mum
found by our curious
short legged dachsie
always ferreting around
finding treasure for us
He was lifted to the light
blinking~gazing up at us
with wise yellow eyes
tailless~what a surprise
a rumpie not even a stump
just a round furry tuft
Long legged~full of spirit
he wiggled  his way deeply 
into our very hearts
blessing our everyday life 
for nearly eighteen years
today we said Good Bye
May we meet again
on the other side
you dear sweet boy
we shall keep you close
to our hearts always
alive in our memories


October 21st, 2014
Glorious sunrise
skies dabbled
with hot pink flocks
of drifting sheep
birds sing joyful songs
sun spills it's golden light
across the morning garden
beauty fills our senses
life goes on~bringing joy
even in our sadness

October 22nd, 2014
Opening my eyes at dawn's first light
solemn golden eyes gaze down on me
unblinking~am I sleeping~dreaming
of silvery snowy owls~reaching up
my hand finds not feathers but fur
at my touch rumbling purr spills forth
silvery head sporting pointed ears
pushes deep into my offered hand
Siegfried the silver tabby~no owl
wanting to know if it's time to eat

October 23rd, 2014
Glowing warmly
brightening this rainy day
elegant velvet gown
adorned with diamonds
Vivid treasure found
tucked in a quiet corner
late year blossoms
Autumn's gift to us

October 24th, 2014
Once again the grass is green
deep~lush~up to our ankles
well behaved grasses are here
wild wonderful weeds as well
Banished in most yards
but welcomed in ours
why aim for perfection
let nature reign in splendor
Let these wild things thrive
let them set wondrous heads
waving on long elegant stems
seeded heads bowed in prayer
Hoping to complete their cycle
before the mower strikes
we wait patiently until it's time
to mow~sowing the ripened seeds


October 25th, 2014
When the flow of words
slows to a trickle
are we really out of words
or is the opposite true
are there so many
trying to spill forth
they dam the flow
like a busy beaver
slowing the stream
yet behind the dam
miraculous transformation
takes place new worlds form
new habitats emerge
life burst forth and flourishes
are we merely beavering away
our treasured hoard of words
allowing them to grow
creating new worlds
changing our inner
landscape~enriching it
until the time is right?

October 26th, 2014
First golden glow
hurry winter
is coming


Hoping the bounty
ripens before
first frost comes
coldly robbing us
of this last warm
memory of summer

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th-19th, 2014

October 13th, 2014
Far from the sea
how I long to hear
her soothing voice
calling me
her salty breath
enveloping me
her sandy shores
inviting me
small foamy waves
tasting me
her endless horizon
freeing me
my soul soars
with the gulls
above me

October 14th, 2014
Luna sails above
trailing roseate
veils in her wake
hurrying home
before the sun
finds her lingering

October 15th, 2014
Huge wings dissect a silvered sky
dark shadow flies~a flash of white
flares briefly~could it be again
our Eagle of that early spring
Eagle eyes survey the land
reclaiming this~their old domain
Queen or King we do not know
their regal profiles look the same
They did not raise a brood this year
our summer was too hot and cruel
their nest aloft an old dead tree
no shady leaves to keep them cool
Joyfully we greet this sight
regal bird seen first in flight
perched now in a barren tree
our blessing this day to see

October 16th, 2014
Dusky stars~circle of three
this magick floral trinity
herald blessings all around
dearest wishes heaven bound
sharing blessing with thee and thee
off they go~so mote it be

October 17th, 2014
Blustery gales are now about
fallen leaves they twist and shout
landing here and swirling there
spreading color through the air
We now find them everywhere
sometimes even in our hair
suddenly my words~they rhyme
dancing merrily~keeping time
Feeling the rhythm~dancing along
swirling~skirling~singing a song
savoring the blessings of the season
do I really need a reason???


October 18th, 2014
Angels reach out
with caring hands

October 19th, 2014
Bert the frog
dances a mad jig
does somersaults~flips
are these his death throws
is he having an epileptic fit
standing witness~helpless
concerned~yet mesmerized
suddenly the miracle happens
he's not suffering at all
he's dancing a dance of renewal
a dance of personal growth
slowly a veil forms around him
he frantically gyrates~faster
 his feet jiggle and wiggle
pulling at the ectoplasm veil
now shrouding his head
after one last tiring effort
done~he's standing tall
Fred Astaire like
he's got the moves
Bert the frog
sports new togs