Tuesday, July 3, 2018

JULY 2018

Sol now slowly slips 
into a red gold liquid 
amber haze smoke tinged
by fires hours away
today's mood has changed
fierce heat has a soft
edge to it tawny lion gold
valley lies as if autumn
hovers near though we know
months of high summer are
ahead of us for today we'll
savor this short reprieve
sweet promise of cooler
seasons to come much later
in the year of course
for now we are welcoming 
this sudden sweet mellowness 
our gratitude ripens
along with the first blushing plums

Red orb entangled
deep eerie fierce glow
blood orange sky

Waking slowly....acrid taste
of smoke bitter on the tongue
Sol rises swathed in smokey robes
fierce fire god's eye surveying
all below as if searching for fuel
defiantly I turn the sprinklers on
for just a short while leaving
our green oasis protected by water
hummingbird dances pirouettes
among the dripping leaves..morning bath

Chiffon tutus
dancing in the breeze
floral ballet

Technicolor sunset
right overhead
first bat's nightflight

Lush silken fabric
woven on the heavens
rare celestial gift

Deep carmine heart
center of it's universe
delightful stamens
fragile petals radiate outward
stretching roseate wings into the world
sharing her subtle beauty for just one day



Describe one item in your bathroom

Suspended on a translucent string
turning in the lightest breeze
small sea urchin shell spill tendrils
of spanish moss from it's belly
giving the illusion of a landborn
jelly fish floating on thin air
pale green-gray moss turns a darker
livelier shade of green in the humidity
of the shower or from an occasional
fine misty spray keeping it alive
lovely bit of beauty among the much
more mundane items on the surface below

Cheerful group of late hatchlings appeared
speckled cotton balls on toothpick legs
undulating like a wave between their
parents who are on high alert Mom leading
Dad bringing up the rear watching for danger
some chicks hatched earlier this year
already nearly adult size making these
latecomers look tiny beyond belief
already the wee ones are pecking and
scratching eagerly in the dirt under the
watchful eye of their proud parents
Ming is on lockdown after scattering
their tiny ones all over the ivy patch
Richard was scolded and chased trying
to get to the frontporch while baby
roundup was under way...family finally
safely gathered making their way swiftly
to the back of the property for a nap
after this high adventure in the garden
late this afternoon Mom and chicks
appeared from under a pile of cutoffs
stacked securely for that very purpose
Dad watching quietly in the Manzanita
squirrel made the mistake of wanting
to meet the chicks...Dad made short
work of that sending squirrel on his way
muttering to himself fluffy tail flicking
but scrambling quickly up the nearest pine




I've barely scratched the surface
of adjusting to this new reality
aging limbs now throbbing and worn

I've barely scratched the surface
of this once slim and lithe body
now trapped in a larger vessel

I've barely scratched the surface
of this new journey into the unknown
traveling at an alarming speed

I've barely scratched the surface
of getting to know this new me
carefully tasting the waters of age

I've barely scratched the surface
of embracing and being at peace
with this new to me landscape

I've barely scratched the surface
of combining my inner youth
with my outer shell defying me

I've barely scratched the surface
of battling this new foe
trying to slow me down...hey, not so fast!!!

Perched on the shady side
woodpecker awaits the cooling stream
preening in sprinkler's path
enjoying amenities offered by the keeper
of the magic faucet which releases the gift

Tranquil still life
welcome oasis only moments ago
teaming with guests


I was sleeping slowly slipping into the strangest dream
leaving the earth's atmosphere in an unusal airplane
headed for the moon I bet as it comes every nearer
maybe I am going to leave a bare footprint on that dusty
planet though really I'd rather think of Luna as a glowing
goddess looking down on us spilling her radiant rays
but this is a dream after all nothing is ever the same
in that strange land if you know what I mean because
while flying through the dark singing space a school of
odd fish swam by their iridenscent scales glittering
blowling bubbles that drifted endlessly on sky currents
now and then a falling star streaked past me hissing
using my hand I follow it's trail until it disappears
suddenly a gray leathery face appears huge dark eyes
studying me carefully as if contemplating my fate
I knew I should have looked over my shoulder making
sure I wasn't being followed by aliens while on this
lunar adventure but suddenly he smiles and disappears
oddly enough I feel kind of sad and bereft just think
of all the knowledge I might have been allowed to gather
that's the way it is with dreams though isn't it   
they often leave you confused wondering what it all means

Saturday, June 2, 2018

JUNE 2018

Wild child
cavorts in the sky
joyful game of hide and seek


My most favorite pillow
travels with me far and wide
it's fluffy interior life
fits my head perfectly
adjusts itself to the shape
of my often aching neck
no other pillow would do
inside of it's heart nestles
a small sachet of lavender
scrunching my pillow causes
it to release dreamy clouds
of fragrant relaxing bliss
cradling me through both
good dreams and bad alike
it's my portal to home
even when I far far away
across the deepest dark ocean
it tethers me connects me
to these now more familiar shores


There is another special pillow in my life
filled with flaxseed and lavender
heated in the microwave for a few minutes
it soon emits a subtle tasty scent
along with warm cozy waves of heat
perfect for those cold winter nights
when frozen icicle toes yearn for
it's cozy shape tucked under the cover
one can almost hear them sigh
as they snuggle deep into it's warm heart
their own portal to warm and toasty bliss
assuring me of a sound night's sleep as well


High up in an azure sky
icy lace veils drift
shape shifting draperies
embroidered in angels
sometimes demons then strange
wondrous mystic creatures
while down below on earth
heat shimmers over distant
golden hills spring's verdant
splendour now just a cool memory

Looking at a bee's behind
peacefully loading her tank
no need to fear her sting

Humming a song of gratitude
bees swarm small Tilia
night time scent intoxicates

Isn't she just perfect
in her imperfection
that lush velvety skirt

Some days seem like dark caves
where hope grows dim
even in a writer's heart
words suddenly fail us
refusing to spill forth
sometimes our fellow
writers can be that much
needed guiding light
their insight and support
shining a bright light
into that dark cave until
vague ideas are illuminated
ready to emerge out into the sun


Maybe it's that too many
live in the lap of luxury
therefore finding it easy
to push aside thoughts of
all the wrongs in our world
because after all these
aren't their people are they
these are the "OTHER"
those brown ones those illegal
"criminal" ones trying to take
away....what exactly or do
they even know maybe they are
just repeating talking points
pounded into their heads
by propaganda media sources
fearing that "THEY" are coming
for our full laps already filled
with plenty asking for just
some crumbs from our full tables
and laps some compassion while
just trying to save their children
and themselves from suffering
possibly even certain death
while we too are blessed with
much somehow thinking of those
with so little fleeing for
their lives sits heavy on our
souls and that's how it should be
after all we should be outraged
we should feel shame as children
are torn from their parents arms
their punishment for seeking safety

He was our special boy
gone too long now
King Tut was his name
he came to us from a rather
unsuitable uncaring place
to rest in the lap of luxury
enriching our lives with
his loving charming personality
he danced the Mambo his
whole body alive with wiggling joy
our forever Mambo King still lives
on in our hearts how could we forget
even thinking of him now makes me smile

vanilla custard
stars piled high
humming bees gather nectar

Abstract shadow play
created by the rising sun
Solstice morning

Red hot and golden
Firedrake blazing in the heat
Solstice Blessings

Oh tell me...how do we turn the tide
of tension and division
how can we change the hateful dialog

Oh tell me...how do we turn the tide
of brother hating brother
of sisters even friends battling

Oh tell me...how do we turn the tide
against those who care not
those who sold their souls without shame

Oh tell me...how do we turn the tide
remembering how it should be
all of us united standing together as one

Luna sweeps onto the stage
wearing heavenly lace
lush black filigree on ecru
why do I never grow tired of
capturing and writing about her...don't you?

If you look at Luna
long enough
she seems alive
almost as if breathing
you probably think I am a Lunatic

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

MAY 2018

May morning
sun spilling gold
bees stroke
blossoms eagerly
gathering pollen
extracting nectar
these delicate wings 
carry their sweet bounty 
home to the waiting hive

Waterfall of color
Nature's May Day Celebration
fragrant tsunami

wizard's pet
basking on log
watching with hooded eyes

Be still for just a moment
let me capture your delicate beauty
before you flit away again
let us now follow your shadow
dabbling our path leading the way
then up and up you drift
up into the deepest blue sky
sailing away on the balmy current


Is this not the most precious thing
we can give one another
yet it is of course wrought with anxiety
will our gift be welcomed
will we be understood or does it
merely make us more vulnerable
now that someone else holds secrets
once belonging to only ourself
yet holding our hearts shut tight
like a bud refusing to unfurl
how can we embrace each other fully
honestly and with true acceptance
thus laying the path for openess
toward everyone around us all while
knowing just how hard it can be
to be open and all embracing
in the face of things so very foreign
strange beliefs we cannot fathom
unkindnesses more often than kindness
how do we open our tender hearts
when we might well risk everything
when we are asked to accept even
that which is unacceptable to us

Lately inspiration has shunned me
really don't know why
this ennui has settled in my heart
maybe I was never a writer
after all unable to set down words
without the back and forth
close connection to fellow writers
working alone doesn't seem to
suit me but here's hoping it's just
writers block and nothing worse
maybe looking into the lush heart
of such splendid natural beauty will
awaken my missing muse again
allowing me to feel inspired enough
to write my heart out regardless
of circumstance and prodding
writing just for me myself and I

Unblinking she gazes at me
eye to eye we meet
admiring her sineous beauty
those elegant stripes
reclining in the little pool
slithery bathing beauty
muscles undulating she exits
her subtly rounded middle 
indicate that breakfast 
had already been savored 
this was an after breakfast dip

Across the creek
there's romance in the air
tempers are frayed
tailfeathers displayed
serious gobbling ensues
over who rules here
meanwhile their hens pay
little mind to it all
just quietly pecking
searching for tasty morsels
maybe later on they
will allow some liberties
for now it's just much ado
about nothing let them gobble
let them preen and prance
this is not the first time
the ladies have seen this dance

Full Flower Moon
rising in the east
exquisite Ikebana

As if capturing moonlight
luminescent faces
gleam with full moon magic

Thursday, April 26, 2018

APRIL 2018

Blackbird sings 
not in the dead of night
but lustily with intact wings
on this fine misty English morning

Whats more English
than a wee robin
perched atop a hedgerow
quietly savoring
spring morning's first rays
his bright eye alert
curiously watching as if
sensing no harm is meant
just my delight at his presence

At long last fierce battle won
she emerges victorious
pale countenance illuminates
rising ever higher
spilling silver into the garden
moon-shadow follows me silently

For just one moment
luminous halo appears
her crowing glory

Just like precious flowers
in a lush secret garden
connections too need tender
loving care is nourishment
not needed to keep friendships
alive and well else they
will soon no longer thrive
no longer grow mayhap even
wither and die from neglect 

Nothing's ever
just black and white
sometimes it's
elegantly gray and silver

Saturday, March 3, 2018

MARCH 2018

Those brief moments
when storm clouds part
rays of morning sun
kiss brave sentries 
standing tall tattered
but not beaten reminding
us all.....spring is coming 

I've only travelled these roads
and valleys in my imagination
while reading books set along these
winding roads and hollers
mountain beauty and destruction
often resting side by side
hard simple lives lived with grace
traveling these roads decade
after decade hoping against hope
that in the end all will be well

Image by Roberta Ellen Smith Apple
Words by Evi Schumacher

Sunset sentry near the epic nests
million dollar question
will new lives hatch once again

Delicate pink snowflake flurry
swirling madly in the wind
stepping on a soft carpet of pink

Sometimes in these dark chaotic
times I nearly forget
about simple pleasures found
translucent blossoms
offering their delicate faces
to golden rays of sun
reminding me BEAUTY it's out there
now hurry and share the good news

I refuse to accept
that my writing days
are slowly dying
I refuse to accept
that beauty no longer
moves or touches me
I refuse to accept
my creative journey
is no longer useful
I refuse to accept
any of the limitations
placed on myself often
by myself because if need
be I shall be the wind
beneath my own wings
feast my eyes on beauty
capture it in words
and image again and again...

Snowclad mountains shimmer
gracing the far horizon
lush rolling rangelands sprawl
along the noisy Interstate
that such bucolic beauty exists
alongside roaring traffic
hurrying toward their destinations
on a whim we took an exit
not our own just to gaze silently
savoring just this moment
over the roar below now rises sweet
jubilant song of a meadowlark
how can we not feel blessed
as we feast our eyes on such
vistas such splendour at our feet
before merging once again
heading toward home replenished

Nature...healing our hearts
offering her treasures

Be still and know that I am
there even on cloudy nights
when my face is obscured
Be still and know that we all
look up at the same moon
connecting us in some way
Be still because our differences
are really made up by those
who would control and divide us
Be still and gaze up
don't despair for even when
all seem darkest I am

Yesterday I flew to the moon
up into a brilliant blue sky
up up ever higher I traveled
leaving earth's atmosphere
traveling until silence settled
around me like a dark velvet cloak
gazing at Luna's flanks closeup
it became quite clear that like
myself she is a woman of a certain
age though surely much wiser
than I will ever be after all
 time is on her side

swaying elegantly
in the breeze
wearing orange organdy frocks