Saturday, March 3, 2018

MARCH 2018

Those brief moments
when storm clouds part
rays of morning sun
kiss brave sentries 
standing tall tattered
but not beaten reminding
us all.....spring is coming 

I've only travelled these roads
and valleys in my imagination
while reading books set along these
winding roads and hollers
mountain beauty and destruction
often resting side by side
hard simple lives lived with grace
traveling these roads decade
after decade hoping against hope
that in the end all will be well

Image by Roberta Ellen Smith Apple
Words by Evi Schumacher

Sunset sentry near the epic nests
million dollar question
will new lives hatch once again

Delicate pink snowflake flurry
swirling madly in the wind
stepping on a soft carpet of pink

Sometimes in these dark chaotic
times I nearly forget
about simple pleasures found
translucent blossoms
offering their delicate faces
to golden rays of sun
reminding me BEAUTY it's out there
now hurry and share the good news

Sunday, February 4, 2018


How could I regret
slipping from my warm bed
into the cold garden
toes and fingers tingling
frozen grass crunching 
beneath my feet to catch
Luna newly revealed in all
of her post eclipse glory
before she slipped away
my only regret forgetting
to share her beauty with you 

Now I must turn away from
earthly woes and trouble
once again refresh my spirit
how can my heavy heart not
smile and gladden as spring
zephyr teases even taunts
bright Daffodils swaying gracefully
in this morning's warming sun
already my heart feels lighter
each breaths become ever deeper
nature once again rescues me
reminds me of all the beauty
still abounding all around if
we but see and accept the gifts
delicate balance will be restored

My only regret is
that the delicate scent
of violets cannot
be shared with all of you
please use your imagination

Winter Oaks have the best bones
the way their twisted limbs
reach high into the winter sky
as if pleading with the heavens
to bring needed winter storms
deep thirst quenched at long last
after enduring summer's drought
at other times they seem to dance
reaching out bare arms to one
another as if trying to embrace
standing still yet eternally in motion
as their bare bones are revealed
to us in deep winter holding
hidden nests in their generous
arms until next spring when fresh
soft leaves cover their nakedness
once again providing shade and shelter

On those days when our spirits
are a bit low burdened by world news
we head outside for fresh air
sitting on the steps leading
into the garden at day's end
looking up suddenly there it is
serenely sailing into view as if
summoned by extra-terrastial magic
SS Enterprise to the rescue
oh yes please....beam us up, Scotty!!

Sometimes our creative fires
are banked as if on a cold night
when we huddle against
darkness and things that go
bump in the dark unsettling us
yet all it takes is a gentle poke
a bit of prodding and stirring
some gentle huffing and puffing
thus encouraging the embers
quietly hidden cozy in the ashes
to spring back to life again
soon flickering with bright flames
not dead at all merely resting
patiently waiting...just out of sight

Often just a glance outside
into the garden can spark
creative fires to flare up
nature does that showing
us such stunning beauty
simple illuminated moments
how can we not feel inspired
to capture them share them
in both both image and word
with kindred spirits out there
is that not what created
this nourishing space right here

Nearly full Luna at last
storm clouds parted
revealing milk glass moon

Monday, January 1, 2018


Nearly full moon
delectable confection
wrapped in spun sugar
long after midnight
celestial surprise 
ushered in a New Year 

Naked winter trees
gyrate madly
in a quiet meadow
this is nature
doing some serious
getting down
shaking that thang
feeling the beat
beneath their feet
is this really happening
or was it just my inner child
daydreaming again
making up whimsical stuff
and it's not even Wednesday!!

My favorite road today
is no road at all
it's the slim deer trail
leading to the creek
this morning all was
swathed in foggy veils
like the mists of Avalon
sacred isle safely hidden
from curious human eyes
what wonders and magic
might be hidden down
here in our small kingdom
where we come to refresh
weary hearts and souls
when feeling overwhelmed
by the world outside
this blessed peaceful realm


Many years ago I watched
a lovely Russian ballet
one scene stuck in my mind
large corps de ballet
wearing splendid long gowns
wove their way too and fro
as if floating on the stage
this evening distant memory
suddenly rose covey of quail
floated across the trail
bodies held proudly erect
stick legs a mere blur
splendid head gear bobbing
disappearing into the Toyon

On fragile wings
winter rose angel hovers
symbol of hope


In the still of the night
sometimes my brain wakes me
chattering away endlessly
never speaking of pleasant things
of course always fretting about
what disasters might visit us next
which bill did I forget to pay
did I remember to give Petey his
evening pill calming his body
slowing the growth of evil lumps
should I take three weeks instead
of my usual two visiting home
allowing for a little special time
visiting friends overseas again
will Richard be alright handling
our place and furries without help
on and on my nighttime brain drones
driving me to distraction at times
all I really want to hear is the sweet
sound of peepers singing in the ponds
across the creek but it's still too
cold yet they're no doubt sleeping
maybe the soft hooting of the owl
or the communal songs of coyotes
that's all I really want to hear
in the still of a sleepless night

In the still of the night
under cover of darkness
moss quietly woke nourished
by gentle nurturing rain
dry brown clumps turned
into miniature forests
from lush tussocks slender
stems rise up bravely
delicate droplets tremble
beneath a pale winter sun

Solemn golden eyes
hold my gaze
burrowing owl bliss


My early childhood home
was with my maternal grandparents
living in a gray block
on a street which hadn't forgotten
the last war by a long shot
sooty dark facade riddled
with plentiful bullet holes
grim remainder of a war
that should never have been
but then no war should
ever be yet humans seem to
forget those lessons learned
about every 75 years or
so I read quite recently
yet not all was darkness
there was the ice man
spilling chilly splinders
on the ground eagerly
snatched up by little kids
there were the daisy crowns
my auntie still living
at home would crown me with
on visits to a nearby park
grandpa sometimes took me around
on errands now and then even
a secret visit to his regular
pub sitting me on the bar
with a thimble of egg liquor
getting slices of sausage
at the butchers and chunks of
delicious cake from grandpa who
was a baker by trade now
lucky to have come home
all in one piece from a war
he wanted no part of as it meant
leaving his wife and 3 kids
behind to face the bombs and shelters
he was send to the frontlines
no doubt thought suitable punishment
for opposing the regime
maybe that's why I am outspoken
knowing the bitter price
paid when people are silent
until it's too late and they are
trapped in a net of their own making

Late in the day
suddenly pale rose gold glow
suffuses our valley
dove gray veils race along swiftly
now and then revealing
lush creamy undercoats
then suddenly peeking through
swaths of palest robin egg blue
now once again the light fades
clouds grow dark and sullen
olive's pale silvery leaves tremble
in ever growing gusts of wind
for one brief moment patch of rose
silk appears then swiftly disappears
all in the blink of an eye
smudged lavender gloaming


My favorite way to get away
both then and now

Before dawn this morning
slippery dew covered hill
moving cautiously yet swiftly
totally focused on capturing
her warm golden radiance
wreathed in morning fog
not quite full but full enough
sating these hungry eyes

Saturday, December 2, 2017


And so she rises once again
lush luminous winter moon
oaks full only weeks ago
now reach stark bare fingers
into the darkening sky
as if praising her beauty
nights glisten magically
as she graces the heavens
sleep eludes me I wake
her brilliant light nudging
me from sleep...resistance is futile

Dec 5th, 2017
On this sunny windy day
sweet Sally O'Malley
crossed the rainbow bridge
hale and hearty again
no doubt eagerly welcomed
by the old pack waiting
tails thumping sniff sniffing
you're here at last...let's play


Her favorite blanket
special bowl now put away
fond memories of her
sweet face looking up
velvety snout nuzzling
those delightful ears
she was shy yet also fierce
our dear canine matriarch
missed by all of us
memories tenuous connection
maybe she's only walked ahead

December full moon
Sol rose swiftly
gilding her descent

Venerable oak stands alone
bereft of his companions
who stood with him there
in a lovely meadow filled
with birdsong and wild ones
he's the lone survivor now
his tree family was felled
they paved this paradise put
up a superstore parking lot
all hustle past the giant
unaware littering jabbering
not sparing him a kind thought
when I am near I send him
words of comfort
words of caring
words of courage
words of support
because sadly I cannot turn
back the greedy developers clock

Neither rest nor velvety darkness
enfold his stark aged branches
night no longer falls this paved
over prison stays brightly lit
day and night hustling bustling
yet he still stands proud and tall
not defeated though he witnessed
them fall one by one his fellow
giants all gone now no doubt firewood
only a few babes still standing
up near the road mere saplings
compared to his regal sturdy girth

Eyes burn with tears
am I utterly mad to
mourn with a tree??

Above roseate veils
slim crescent moon lingers
inky branch framed


To the east
glorious pool of crimson shimmers
through bare oaks~winter sunrise

Fabulous fireworks
firmament frolics
Friday's farewell


Massive head
cupped in upturned paws
snoring and snuffling
hibernating side by side
Bear and I dreaming our way
toward our next warm tasty meal


In flashlight's beam
fat shiny centipedes
dainty blue bodied snails
each moving at their own speed
criss crossing the nocturnal highway

Like a column of smoke
rising up on the current
spiraling higher and higher
drawing sacred circles
turkey vulture meditation

Like a column of smoke
rising up on the current
spiraling higher and higher
drawing sacred circles
turkey vulture meditation
Recently I made the acquaintance
of one who had until recently
been a stranger to me an old gent
known by the name Hashimoto
now you might ask if he is a poet
as his name has a poetic ring to it
maybe a new favorite sushi chef
possibly even one of those wonderful
Japanese artists who capture crane
in mid flight or mighty waves as they crash
with just a few elegant strokes of a brush
alas he is none of these instead he is
a physician who discovered a strange
disease which turns a body's defense
system to fail now intend on attacking
the very body it is meant to defend
while I am most grateful Dr. Hashimoto
was clever enough to find this anomaly
honestly a poem, painting or even one
artistic piece of sushi art would have
been much more appreciated by me
still pondering all of this did bring this
poem to life so maybe art is present
after all as I am sorting out my thoughts
on this new untraveled road ahead
Arigatou Gozaimashita, Dr. Hashimoto

Christmas night crescent moon
afloat in heavenly milk
served in a bowl of finest copper


Above the creek
wispy veils shimmer
kissed by the sun
as he makes his way
to the far west
all this in a pale
lavender blue sky
layers of exquisite color
visual feast for tired eyes


High atop the big white rose
dainty male quail perches
bobbing on a slender branch
his call announcing to all
sole ownership of his world
chi-ca-go chi-ca-go chi-ca-go
below him verdant shrubbery
is alive with rustlings and shadows
telling of a large plentiful covey
anxious clucking commences
should anyone come too close
bellies filled generous breakfast
of seeds consumed now they roost
growing pleasantly plump while
high atop the big white rose
on alert keeping his covey safe
dainty male quail perches on guard

Brilliant blue sky
small golden hands wave
waving back smiling

Magpie, Magpie flying free
joyously from tree to tree
chattering loudly to and fro
here they come then there they go
heads are turning now upside down
watching these cheerful avian clowns
my inner child jumps full of glee
if I had wings that could be me!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Basking up high 
hawks soak up golden rays
November morning 

Beaver Moon

Last night Luna was hidden
her fullness veiled
racing storm clouds
obscured her pale face
today's blue skies
hold a promise maybe
she'll be revealed
tonight in all of her
brilliant celestial glory
promise kept

I remember when there was
life before dogs
growing up with grandma
she deadly afraid of dogs
but always I yearned for
steadfast canine companionship

I remember my wedding gift
being a tiny Schnauzer pup
all silvery fur bushy eyebrows
adorable black truffle snout
puppy breath perky ears sharp teeth
chewed at my veil and nibbled shoes

I remember when our dogs
were of the small variety
miniatures all compact bodies
just right for city living
long before the advent
of large country dogs cast away

I remember when we first saw
this huge striped dog
sitting near a country pond
looking lost and forlorn
nervously barking at strangers
twice daily we brought food

I remember how his eyes closed
in utter bliss as a collar
was slipped over his head
and he was told come on boy
he followed me never hesitating
jumping into our little truck

I remember when having a dog
was just a dream never knowing
that one day the dream would
be multiplied over and over
that our yard would be filled
with those once homeless and lost


Tide of hungry quail
rushes in swiftly
dainty headgear
like feathery bells
ring a ding ding
eager scratching
clucking muttering
moving as one
our morning delight
growing plumper each day

Endless bronzed hills
roll toward the horizon
soon young green will sprout
pastures awash once more
rich green waves undulating
whipped by fierce winds
like a vast verdant inland sea
heavy clouds generously spilled
their heavy load across the land
each nourishing drop cherished
welcomed at the end of this rainy day

Hark...who goes there
bright eyes alert
slowly closing ranks
carefully surveying us
as if to gauge our intent
are we friend or foe
after all one can't be
too careful during this
scary month of November
as we pull away slowly
heads once again dip down
resuming their search for lunch

The comfort I give myself
is that though the road ahead
might well be rough filled
with troublesome potholes
but what if new exciting
 adventures await just ahead
over the crest of the next hill
there is comfort to be found in
looking at the world through
more hopeful positive eyes even
though the unknown lurks around
each corner the not so distant future
uncertain and unpredictable
maybe even a bit scary therefore
the comfort I give myself is to truly
focus on the here and now
enjoying the journey leaning
into the curves of everyday life

Inquisitive eyes
juvenile Bald Eagle
peers down at us
quietly sitting
posing endlessly
suddenly huge wings
unfurl.............he sails away

Autumn splendor adorns
our small creek
reeds painted in rich colors
replenished water now
once again reflects
beauty at it's banks and
movement of the sky above
season's wheel turning once again

Looking across the fields
old silo stands tall
it's former use long obsolete
yet still it serves
providing a perfect home
a fig tree lives in it's heart
planted by birds long ago
providing food and shelter
nature's time passages
working in perfect harmony

Over two decades
this view has enriched
our rural lives
eyes free to roam
over wide open spaces
nourishing our souls
thinking back when
our busy city lives
were frantic stressful
trying to stay ahead
though the move was
sooner than planned
we learned this was
what we needed all along

Saw two handsome crows today
swooping across the road
then perching.....deep in thought


There...movement in the grass
swift flash comes and goes
eyes focused now scanning again
spotting handsome trickster
stalking his breakfast
peering into the tall grass
suddenly diving head first
bushy tail and legs aloft
some unlucky wee beastie
surely stuck up his head
blissfully unaware that today
he was greeting his last morning


Large plates were filled
wine tasted divine
savored all at dinner time
our timing was perfect
not too terribly late
our stomachs are full
think dessert has to wait
maybe a bit later
we'll savor that too
for now we are happy
Happy Thanksgiving To You


Strange dreams are plaguing
me in the night lately
odd discordant flashes
myself sitting at a table
suddenly a scowling orange face
pushes through the crowd
he settles heavily oozing anger
much too near for comfort
demanding whining bullying
resisting with all my might
thankfully surfacing in time
heart pounding but safely awake
this morning again stumbling
from my bed more odd dreams
strangers invading our land
demanding we leave our home
babbling about eminent domain
telling us everything here
will be torn down needed for
important government doings
trucks pull in we're lost
where will we go this is all
we have to our name that and
our dogs and cats now homeless
frantic I toss and turn sheets
twisted tightly then waking
realizing it was just a dream
took an hour shaking that
realistic nightmare because
no matter how hard we try
our current reality will not
rest it pushes itself rudely
into our deepest subconscience
to be visited and dissected
while we rest ever more uneasily
never knowing....what comes next?

Tonight's celestial miracle
looking skyward
bedazzled by a brocade sky