Thursday, April 2, 2015

APRIL 2015

Spring is here
no time to 
next year's
young depend
on timely 
mating rituals
no time to 
fool around
soldier beetles
gather making
love....not war

Six Word Saturday Duo
Unveiling her
face just
before dawn
Predawn delight
shimmers softly
morning blessing

Twice yearly they make the long arduous journey
following invisible pathways
instinct urging them to head south each autumn
far away from their Northern homes
traveling for weeks down toward milder climes
flying high overhead their calls
filter down to us as their arrows pierce
the infinite skies stretching north
on the move again traveling aerial pathways
eagerly winging their way toward home
ready to raise a new generation of travelers



Yesterday golden ruffles glowed
heads held high skirts spread
but on this gray rainy day
they are bowed in humble gratitude
as sheets of rain saturate
the land ensuring nourishment
for blossoms yet to grace our
gardens on sunny days to come


Storm finally passed
above roseate clouds
a pale morning moon

Delicate droplets
nature weeps
crystalline tears

Headed out to town 
just a mundane outing
list of errands in
hand guiding our path
Yet how often have we
found that even 
these planned trips
can hold blessings
Never boring these jaunts
along our rural roads
spring roundup is on
tall cowboys riding high
The Wild West is present
here holding on tight
this romantic view brutal
to our city slicker eyes
Headed north on the freeway 
alongside towering trucks
brief glimpse into a valley
a herd of Bison with calves
Errands run truck loaded
we retrace the earlier
path taken toward town
relaxed now headed home
One final blessing found on 
this bright spring day our
Eagles perched on their nest
feeding one gray fuzzy chick
Nature's magic transforms the
simple pathways of our days
unexpected wonder and joy
around every turn of the road


How do we listen
do we listen with 
wide open hearts 
and minds caring
deeply for those
who speak to us
for this is as
it should be
or do we listen 
only to our own voice
chattering in our heads
while tuning out
those who want and
need to be heard
hearing only a droning
noise rather then
painful words and
confidences shared by
someone needing a friend
needing to matter 
or do we judge silently
hearing about struggles
we cannot imagine
or maybe having experienced
our own troubles 
and hardships along the way
can we empathize
allowing us to truly 
listen letting 
those who need us 
know that we are
here for them always
by their side
sharing their troubles
feeling their pain
holding a hand or
speaking words of 
comfort and support
maybe thus lightening
their heavy load
validating their pain
offering words of comfort
that this dark path
will once again bring
them to a clearing
where the sun shines 
and birds sing and 
soaring hope fills 
heavy hearts once more
how we listen matters!!!

Listening to the roar 
of traffic
yet focusing on this
small paradise
at the edge of a paved
parking lot
miniature world
where tiny bugs
go about their daily
lives and cheerful
flowers shine brightly
listening for 
the hum of the bees
coming upon this
minute oasis
in the urban desert
most welcome break
from harried shoppers
my mind takes off
on a flight of fancy

 Stepping into the garden
flooded with lush scents
subtle song as the wind
teases melodious chimes
busy chattering of birds
squabbling at the feeder
observing busy comings
sparrows followed by
pairs of cooing doves
arriving on angel wings
soon pushed aside by
arrogant jays screaming
in victory as they scatter
timid flocks at the feeder
delicate goldfinches feast
on plump rosemary seed
above it all high pitched
squeaks of the hummers
flying their aerial battles
diving battling whizzing
past our heads then scolding
angrily the feeder drained
of it's sweet nectar
hurrying inside to replenish
their syrupy banquet
then watching them settle
sweetly side by side
content once again
sharing a meal together
battles forgotten
peace returns for now


glowing beauty
tasty leaved herb
invites busy foraging bees

Prompt: IMPACT
Looking back over the last few years I can't help
but think of the IMPACT is has on my life when a dear
friend, known to you all, took a moment to hit the send
button, inviting me to a writing challenge. I thought 
"WHAT!? What on earth will I write about?? Of course that
negative voice was immediately heard in the background,
whispering words of discouragement. You all know the one
I speak of. It's not for you, it said and I thought and
thought and decided.........WHY NOT??

Hadn't I always loved the written word, though never 
having written myself? Did I know come from creative stock,
my father loving to write and doing so? It seemed someone
had faith and felt all I needed was a gentle shove to 
help me soar, seeing myself in a way I had never thought of

A creator of not only words strung together as poetry to be 
shared, but also discovering a new joy, capturing the beauty
found in our simple, rural lives with my camera.

Once taking the plunge and accepting the challenge how often
have all of you been the wind beneath my newly found wings?
How often on sad days have your kind, caring words, your own
wonderful writings and sharing of your lives in both word
and image made dark days a little brighter?

The IMPACT this group and it's support has had on my life is
so tremendous and the fact that others feel the same way just
gives me a feeling of belonging. Of feeling understood, of being
among kindred spirits. Leaving me no longer isolated, but a part
of something bigger, something amazing, something to be treasured

Scrolling through the pages of my blog which documents the journey
along the river of stones alongside new friends found, all made
possible by feeling heard and understood. Trusting myself to dabble
in paints, even finding the courage to share at times, such a wonder.
My days are filled with mindfully noticing so many things unseen or
passed over before. Now examined, made note of, pondered over and
maybe shared. 

As I sit here in my Mindful Owl Studio, sharing these thoughts I am
thankful! Thankful for the support and encouragement. Thankful for 
your own brave sharing thoughts and feelings most generously, good
and bad, bright and dark. And in doing so, weaving a shining tapestry
for all to enjoy, to be part of something bright and positive.
It has impacted us all, has it not???

Delicate blossoms unfurl
on gnarled venerable trees
come winter transformed
into culinary liquid gold
Holding tight to the jug
we're homeward bound
eager to refill the Fusti
our table again blessed
Drizzling golden drops to
anoint simple foods
fresh asparagus roasted
sighing in culinary bliss

Sunday, March 1, 2015

MARCH 2015



Welcoming March ~ this first day
roaming through waking woodlands
chartreuse shimmer endless shades
of verdant newly budded green
stiff March wind roars tousling hair
teasing pines to dance and sing out loud
ruffling succulent fresh grasses 
already alive with multi colored wildflowers 
nodding their heads wisely along the path 
at our feet sprawls the wide open valley
undulating range stretching north
Mt. Shasta in the distance rosy pale 
beneath the warm morning sun
our pack of dogs eagerly racing
eyes alert ears flying as they circle
madly full of joy and energy
they too feel the turning of the season
as we embrace this sunny Sunday morning
savoring our very own Small Celebration

Brave Toad Lily's fuzzy young leaves
sparkle with morning dew
having endured another cold night
safely nestled together
they welcome the warm morning sun
surviving against the odds
even thriving despite the cold nights
surely worth a small celebration

One golden note
perfectly balanced
Luna's nightsong

I was conceived near a large busy river
within sound of a great cathedral nearby
walked along that same river now a toddler
exploring eagerly eyes open wide gait unsteady
many years later walking the banks of another
river by then a teen swirling with confusing
unsettling emotions not unlike the eddies
I watched standing on the banks back then
years later now a grown woman revisiting
standing by that same river once again as
swans regally glide to shore cygnets in tow
greedily accepting our simple offerings
even now our way to town takes us across
yet another river this one a continent
away from the large rivers I once knew
deep waters reflecting the skies above
flowing toward the sea not many miles away
we don't live on that river instead making
our home high above the banks of Elder Creek
which this early in the year dances along
twinkling in the bright sunshine and magically
reflecting the light of each waxing moon
feeding the soul of this Aquarian born under
the sign of the water bearer seemingly destined
to be ever near this life giving element which
has found me again and again decade after decade
rivers and creeks blessing my long journey
through life ~ flowing just like a river

Like a river...........seasons flow subtly
one into another delighting the
senses as each season unfolds enriching
lives with splendid offerings
stark black branches etched into winter 
skies now covered in a delicate chartreuse
froth shimmering magically at sunrise
dead twisted branches of wisteria awaken
spilling elegant pale lavender waterfalls 
along with sentimental currents of scent
white lilacs add yet another layer
first roses unfurl bravely gazing once  
again up into a cerulean blue sky 
this awakening and unfurling, this return
of spring lift our spirits carrying us
along on waves of spring's strong pulse
energized exuberant a river


We keep our tenderness
leaving bitterness behind
we keep precious moments lived
leaving darkness in the past
we keep our tender soft side
even when life is sharp and hard
we keep love in our hearts
for those who have blessed our lives
we keep each moment shared
which made us stretch and grow
we keep the lessons learned
forgiving ourselves mistakes made
we keep learning always
for it enriches and strenghtens us
we keep looking for natural beauty
which is found most everywhere
we keep our sense of childlike wonder
thus keeping magic in our lives
all of these and more are the precious
and wondrous things we keep

I keep my love of the written word
instilled in me by my dad
who would gift me with books
telling me about all of the magic 
held within their pages
I keep my care in handling them
sometimes a bit overprotective
still dad taught me that as well
I keep my love of the man
long gone now but never forgotten
who would make up poems 
at the drop of hat or small stories
while I sat safely on his lap
big eyes looking up at him anxious
to hear the wondrous next part
I keep the sense of peace found
as I explore and savor nature
yet another gift he gave me
on our many walks through the woods
and park lands of my native land
I keep the memories of
trips taken in his station wagon
which he named Liebchen
but most of all I keep the gift
of finding the words to share
the love he instilled in me
for the written word
for the love of learning
for the beauty in nature
for the magic held within books
for the tenderness he shared
these are the things I keep 
his most precious gifts to me

California gold
bright-eyed faces
welcome spring

Yesterday the skies finally opened
we'd watched with hopeful eyes
as clouds were growing and boiling
into dark threatening monsters
would they deliver on their promise
or just taunt  us like before then
swiftly float away pushed by brisk
winds leaving the land thirsty
then first rumbles echoed in the valley
dogs woke standing on trembling legs
seeking comfort as the atmosphere changed
suddenly the skies opened no gentle
dribbles and drizzles this time fierce
torrents of rain driven along wildly
whipping the landscape all around
spring flowers quickly hung their tender
young heads to survive the tempest
unleashed in the garden as wild gales
tore through rain streaking sideways
deeply saturating all soaking the earth
which drank deeply until finally it
could hold no more rushing rivulets sprang
up joining gushing merrily along the paths
making their way through the woodlands
down to the creek now roaring it's approval
loud enough to hear once the wind settled
rains tapering off storm hurrying north
late afternoon found the land refreshed
gentle drip drops plopped down from leaves
as night slowly settled over the valley
tree frogs bravely raised their voices
first a quiet chirrup here and there
soon a full chorus of praise at this
blessed opening of such generous skies

Clouds hurry across stormy night skies
trailing vaporous veils until suddenly
for one brief moment an opening appears
Luna's silvery crescent takes the stage
brilliant Venus trailing by her side
opening night after the storm only moments
later the curtain falls again ~ ENCORE??


Lying down beneath a marbled sky
enjoying a scented marbled book
just savoring the moment no guilt
felt at procrastinating yet once again
our lives are short with stacks
of lonely books begging to be read
why not push unpleasant chores aside
for a little longer just for today
maybe procrastination needs it's day
in the sun maybe even more then one

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Wide awake
she's glowing
hypnotizing one bee


Blooming wild almond tempts
humming bees who
sing sweet gathering songs
while buzzing among her
heavily laden branches
she generously offers them sips
of her sweetest nectar
filling their trouser pockets
to bursting with golden pollen
her sweet scent fills the morning air

Digging through endless drawers
and boxes slowly sifting treasure
from chaff trying to lighten our load
slowly but surely two piles are forming
one to donate the other for things to keep
'tis no easy task let me tell you
some items haven't seen the light of day
 in years buried deep in boxes
yet once they were created lovingly
needle in hand~tongue stuck out for focus
finally finished and hung upon the wall until
they were tucked away to make room
for yet another creation or picture
but today once more this small piece
get's it's moment in the sun sweet
memory of the patience and time needed
to create this small springtime bouquet
I'll have to be honest with you right now
patience is really not my strength
making this small creation of my own
personal history all the sweeter
heady knowledge that if I so desire
patience sits with me now and then

Her golden reflection glows
shimmering on the water
frog chorus sings her praises

This magic night a mundane
hurried trip to the strip mall
proved that Nature's voice
can still be heard loud and clear
blotting out man made ugliness
as brilliant Luna ascends above
roofs and tarmac our reminder
that in this barren space beauty
can still be found if you only
slow down breathe and look up

Storm has found us at last
gray heavy skies
bring with it precious moisture
Crystal clear starry skies
holding a full moon
now only a glowing memory
Noting nature's blessings
her contrasting changes
she becomes my creative muse
Capturing her stunning beauty
in word and image
such blessing each and every day
In a world so often gloomy and dark
with hope barely flickering
her wonders brighten our days

Eye of the storm
morning moon

Sailing through life exploring
trying to find connections
casting my rope here and there
looking for a place to dock
sometimes strong winds have
made the journey rough in spots
casting me adrift for short
periods of time then once again
able to find safe shores ahead
these last few years of discovery
found connecting with kindred spirits
nurtures strengthens inspires
pushes us out of our lonely orbit
into a universe fashioned of
words feelings images struggles
triumphs good days bad days
things we can deeply connect with
and in doing so interconnecting
even when living our often solitary
lives away from the beaten path
some of us settled far away from cities
with it's exciting shows events groups
still we connect here and in doing so
find a safe harbor a place to be ourselves
accepted understood comforted
deeply connected through the words
we've shared over these years
connection making us strong
given us courage to step out of
our personal comfort zones sharing
creating writing CONNECTING !!

Do they truly connect root to root
bulb to bulb turning their shining
faces not only to the bright sunlight
but also leaning toward those
sharing their space roots touching
tangling as they stand closely
side by side flowers trees grasses
all of nature's bounty intimately
connected sending unheard signals
messages flowing beneath the earth
what blessing to feel a connection
with nature's miracles even if we don't
share the same language their messages
so subtle and silent not heard or even
understood by those of us living in their
verdant world yet the subtle connection
is there if only we take the time to see
them admiring their beauty their shapes
such blessings they bring to our planet
these first bright hopeful faces connecting
us to the new emerging season ahead
rooting us too deeply into the rich earth
nurtured by the miracles at our feet
our connection to Mother Nature

Floral connection
bridging two
celebrations brilliantly


Sitting outside at the gloaming
watching for the evening star
scent of blooming violets
floats subtly on the balmy air
suddenly ancient magic unfolds
huge mystical beast appears
streaking swiftly across the sky
connecting the present for just
one brief moment to a time long
ago when magic was common yet 
and such fantastic creatures
roamed a yet much younger earth
where Griffin soared through
evening skies with dragons
fairies flitted in secret glades
dancing as twilight settled
filling the night with magic
no mystic beasts roam here now
but evening star shines brightly
sound of creaking tree frogs
courting echoes through the valley
there's a bit of magic in that

This magic hour as the sun
slips away ever so slowly
tinting evening skies
with rich luminous colors
mirrored clearly in each
creek and pool along our way
headed home we stop
the sudden silence broken
by colonies of lusty frogs
croaking their night songs
beneath these silken skies
liquid meadowlark's lullaby
floats on the cooling air
one more song before sleep
our evening blessing

Celestial Playground
Mischievous young Luna
plays hide and seek
Venus cheerfully joins in
No sign of Mars tonight
he's hidden so well
in wide rosy contrail veil
Once darkness fell
trio was revealed
before slipping away


Prompt: MAGIC
And so the magic cycle nears it's end. Weeks ago pale bulbs send forth
first green spears, followed by buds pushed upward, seeking the light.
Slowly one by one petals unfurled in a blaze of brilliant color, opening wider
and wider each day. Cartwheeling under the sun, dancing a floral can-can,
delighting our eyes. Then slowly, as the days passed they started looking a bit
tired. Their early energy leaving them, now turning inward. These last days,
nearly overnight it seemed, petal by glorious petal the blossoms shed their
skirts, revealing the very essence of their intimate inner workings.
Yet even in death their beauty shines bright as they stand proudly, stripped
to their core. They are turning inward now to rest, promise of seasons yet to
come held deep within. When once again the magic of nature's cycles will urge
them to wake, stretching skyward toward the light, returning in all of their splendor


Prompt:  MAGIC II
Luna's Magic draws me
time and time again
even now as I sit dabbling
learning to create
dipping brush into water
then swirling in tiny
pots of luminescent color
even here as I touch
watercolor to damp paper
she speaks to me quietly
suddenly appearing floating
in a mother of pearl sky
on gently curling paper
how did she find me here??

Prompt:  MAGIC III
The magic of sun's return each day
climbing up into the morning sky
cauldrons of gold glistening
foretelling of his warming touch
most welcome at this cool time of
year waking the chilled earth
The magic of ever changing skies
of colors so rich and true
they warm heart and soul even
on early spring days as the
sun touches clouds brilliantly
in farewell before slipping away


Prompt:  MAGIC IV
Seeing the poetry in nature ~ MAGIC

Friday, January 2, 2015


This year, after writing daily and posting here as well, I am taking a bit of a break. Not from writing of course, nor from taking photos, but from the daily commitment I'd stuck with for 2 whole years. So this year I'll keep my posts to months, rather then then days or weeks. Sharing thoughts, images, poetry, whatever comes to mind. 
I hope those of you who have followed my blog, looking forward to the news of my written and photographed life, will be patient and keep stopping in  to see what's going on.
We had a very busy holiday season, with wonderful company. Got some of my images blown up and framed, setting up a small studio space in what was once the cattery.  Just keeping busy and playing catch up at the moment. I am just needing to take a little breather before jumping back into the flow of words...................................HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Suspended in the crescent
of the Sundial bridge
succulent slice of half moon


Such joy crossing the river 
touched by sun's first rays
tender gilded apricot skies
reflected back in endless
subtle shades shimmering
deep peace filling the heart
as eyes follow the gentle flow
toward the far horizon
as the river makes it's long
winding journey to the sea
often wildly roaring along
this morning gliding gently 
well mannered within it's banks
is it not often so with life
periods of violent upheaval 
followed by gentle times
when once again all settles
becoming still and peaceful
as the storms of life move on
finally leaving us once more
able to find that still place
where peace settles softly
around our shoulders
like a comforting shawl

Last night her gentle glow
followed us home
up through the valley
when first she rose
partially hidden by clouds
finally shrugging off the shawl
rising up golden at first
then silvering with her ascent
riding high up in the sky
glowing pearl shimmering
casting her milky light
upon the waters below
small wavelets glimmered
paying homage at her feet


Fairytale moon rises
in the forest tonight
strangely shaped
specters reach out
grasping her tight
she's smiling serenely
up up and away
illuminates the forest
it's soon bright as day
no specters to fear
it's now clear to see
the specter I feared
was merely a tree
so yet once again
her magic appears
her silvery touch
allays nighttime fears
she now keeps on sailing
all through the night
bathing those down below
in her bright healing light

This watery avian wonderland
sprawled endlessly at our feet
reaching to the far horizon
upon it~bopping peacefully
thousands upon thousands
wintering waterfowl~endless shapes
colors forms and species
peacefully chattering feeding
side by side~this scene of peace
interrupted at measured intervals
by a sudden rising of  huge flocks
as Snow Geese take flight
filling the skies~feathered blizzard
whooshing of countless wings
enthusiastic honking as they wheel
above the waters~then as if in
concert~wings wide~orange footed
landing gear ready for descent
down they come~graceful reentry
accomplished once again they feed
heads dip~butts up in the air
then heads emerge once again
faces ringed in reddish mud
words alone can't do justice
to this most marvelous sights
leaving reluctantly planning
our next visit on the way home


No Name
What draws them here
why do they come
shyly sneaking around
winding between pots
hiding behind shrubs
watching us carefully
is there a sign someplace
invisible to us~ a marker
indicating "Enter here"
written in stray cat code
if only they could talk
able to tell us the story
of their sudden arrival 
as the old ones leave us
does the "VACANCY" 
sign suddenly light up
do they know we're unable
to turn our backs 
will they stay or stray again
maybe only the Universe 
can answer these questions

Prompt Response
John William Waterhouse
Soul of the Rose
She rises ~lays down her pen
leaving behind her writing
rich scent of roses drawing her 
out through the French doors
stepping onto the warmed stones
down into the summer garden
her colorful embroidered slippers 
sink into the rich soft grass
sighing deeply she gives herself
up to the many delights all around
silence broken only by birdsong
and the droning of contented bees
visiting flower after colorful flower
heavy pollen sacks on their legs
flashes of color flicker as birds
rise from the stone birdbath
leaving droplets shimmering briefly
in the still balmy afternoon air
settling overhead bright eyes watch 
as she passes slowly drinking it all in
deep peace and tranquility 
settles around her slim shoulders
envelops her like a silken shawl
approaching the high stonewall
her slender hands reach out
bracing herself she leans forward
tenderly cupping a sun warmed rose
her face sinking deeply into the
velvety heart of the fragrant blossom
inhaling the very soul of the rose

Prompt Response #2
John Singer Sargent
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Such a special treat for the girls
allowed up late this night
first strains of violins 
drift down into the garden
above the house~windows
wide open ~welcomes guests
with open arms as dusk
settles gently on the gardens
pale blooms glow brightly
sweet scent of stock mingles
with rose, lily and spicy pinks 
first bats appear~wheeling
swiftly through the treetops
crickets strike up their song
as girls spill into the garden
adorned in festive dress 
they flutter among the shrubs
like delicate Luna moths
solemnly turning their hands
to this most cherished task 
swiftly lighting Chinese lanterns
now small golden moons
illuminate the nighttime garden
high above slim crescent moon 
rises into the darkening skies
countless stars shimmer bright
this magical Midsummer night

Six Word Saturday
No name~no home
cautiously hopeful

Seven Word Sunday
Artistic expression
first timid effort
finally artfully framed

Suitcase Prompt Response
My suitcase once packed long ago
so eager to leave ready to
sever ties to that old world
seeming so faded and worn
blurred around it's aging edges
Tugging much hope and dreams
next to my meager belongings
ready to start over in what
seemed the promised land
to my then younger naive self
While it kept many a promise
and I learned to love this
beautiful bright new world
troubles must have found
space in my suitcase as well
Not all was perfect and easy
making a life as best I could
ending one marriage starting over
finding the peace and love
I had travelled so far to find
These days my suitcase waits
patiently ready to travel again
often making the trip across
that very same sea to savor
all I missed which wouldn't fit
Back to the land of my birth
a place eagerly left behind
so long ago not knowing then
that as I grow older my roots
would tuck at me so fiercely

New Moon Trio
Shrugging off black chiffon
sky goddesses appear
golden smile shining brightly
Luna and Venus embellished
tonight's delicately
streaked silvered blue sky
 Once again newly born
 she appears drawing
our eyes to the night sky

Woodland spirits raise
gnarly arms high
farewell sun salutation
Blackbird Mantilla
parts fog
three crows follow

Sunny day
going to look
for adventures

Desk Topography
My desk is my little kingdom. A creative space where I can visit with friends
around the world, without ever leaving my chair. Surrounding me are some of my
favorite things. Books, photographs, a few stuffed furry friends. Creative supplies
such as my newest addition, a wonderful horned owl sitting on a stack of books
stamp with a brand new coppery inkpad to go with it. No doubt by the time my
birthday comes around all presents will already sit right here, being used :-) To my left
the camera rests ,after sharing another large numbers of captured memories, now
safely tucked into my computer. Two of my favorite Tarot Decks in their colorful bags,
waiting for me to shuffle through and admire their beauty.
Of course useful things such as tape, envelopes, pens,erasers, staplers, all those things
needed to work and create. As this is my old desktop computer desk, it also has a
handy pullout drawer that I can use to spread out my bills and paperwork for the not
so desirable tasks of paying bills.
A favorite paperweight which states "A room without books is like a body without a soul."
Note the empty space above the desk, waiting for a few more shelves, as the small
shelves and stands on the desk are slowly filling with books. Beneath the desk are
my printer and paper supplies, at the ready. And no, I didn't stage any of this to take
the picture. I am just naturally cluttery and love being surrounded by my treasures. To
the back of me sits a bag of knitting with several shawls begging to me finished. Sorry
you have to wait another little while, so much to do and never enough hours in the day.
Next to it the wall is covered in photographs and my framed Sun-Moon creation.
From it, looking down on me are the furry faces of our beloved cat family who once
called this room their home. While the last of them left us late last fall, their spirits
surely still skip through here now and then, curiously exploring desktop and cubbies.
Why else would I find stuff in strange places at times? I am not that absentminded, am I??

Creating at my desk
Hidden deep
within this tree
small brown snail
appeared to me

Sunny winter day almond unfurled
her diaphanous organdy skirts
shook them out in the warm breeze
no doubt this gray foggy morning
she's regretting her unseemly haste
feeling this morning's chill deeply
not even bees will nuzzle her this morn
with their warm honeyed breath
standing by the roadside trembling
did she only dream spring's first
warm tender kiss waking her too soon ?

outside longingly
from winter quarters
can't wait any longer

garnet red
full of goodness
enhanced by jellied chia

Last leaf
first blossom
seasons connect

Dainty beauty unfurls
defying January wind

Several desks
spread throughout
my small world
not enough hours
in each day
to savor and enjoy
each of them
yet just knowing
they are there
waiting patiently
filled with treasures
to be savored
gives me deep comfort