Sunday, September 13, 2015


Blessed solitude
as once again
I tread familiar paths
beneath dark velvet skies
my feet remembering 
each turn as I drift along
enveloped in night's cloak
breathing in deeply 
city streets teaming with 
harried crowds left far behind
my heart slows it seems
resuming a more peaceful beat
stars once again shine brightly
infinite in numbers undimmed
by blazing city lights
insomnia never seemed so sweet
as I walk the night in solitude
back in the country once again
with only sweet cricket song
breaking the night's silence
this is where I belong.....

she emerges
above the roofs
gazing down golden eyed

Full Moon
her heart
the city laying
silently at her feet


Sitting with silence
I wait for the words
knowing they are there
within reach yet strangely
elusive unable to capture
their essence just yet
as I am slowly settling in
adjusting to this different
cadence of daily life
far from busy city noise
back to country silence
finding sacred moments
where nature seems to hold
her breath and all I hear
is the rushing of blood
in my ears assuring me
that all is well within
for now I sit patiently
hoping that soon once again
words will whisper then
sing spilling freely onto
the page but for now
I wait sitting with silence

Sitting with silence
as night is falling
trailing diaphanous
veils over Luna's
glowing face
night's velvet gown
glimmers with
countless diamonds
nature's richness
enchants us on this
first night of the
golden season
nature's palette will
change spilling sumptuous
baroque colors
over the grateful land
last celebration
before season's wheel
turns yet again
to the season of rest....

with silence
watching summer slowly
make way for autumn high above blue
icy skies down below warm vibrant glow
in a parking lot sitting with silence here
  paradise was  paved over long ago yet
 nature's beauty reigns even here in this
 asphalt wasteland slowly
angry car horns fade

There are days
when I can feel
my early roots
tugging at me so
strongly that I get
the feeling they are
calling me home to
a place that still
lives within after
more than four decades
a place deeply rooted
in my mind where lush
green meadows and deep
dark forest grow as they
did in my youth long
ago a place where pert
red squirrels scamper
plump mushrooms scent
dark fairytale woods
thick pillows of moss
thrive inviting cushions
perfect for daydreaming girls
yielding I close my eyes
allowing the tug to call
me home...for just a moment

Sitting with silence
gently swinging
in the night garden
gazing up at Luna
rising nearly full
last night as we sat
swinging to and fro
when suddenly my
thoughts turned briefly
to E.T. calling home
where did that
message come from??

Slipping out of my
warm cocoon
into the cool dawn
anxious to capture
Luna to hold her
keep her from leaving
so soon for just one
moment she was trapped
her golden light
held within the lantern
glowing brightly
but swiftly she slipped
her bonds breaking
free hurrying over
the mountains to dip
her glowing face
into the silvery sea
far away out of sight.....