Saturday, June 3, 2017

JUNE 2017

Scented June evening
last bees sip with first moths
drunk on Linden blossoms
green pyramid's blooming branches reach 
up into the soft blue sky worshiping Luna

Evening arrives quietly
Sol sinks away for the night
leaving behind glowing embers
first cooling breezes stir the leaves
hot day slowly slips into blissful night

Roots sunk deep
into dry rocky California soil
yet sturdy branches
tell of such strength
tell of rugged determination
tell of thriving against all odds
looking up into the canopy of the mighty oak
Luna's bright eye peering down on me as if asking
"Do you have what it takes to thrive where you're planted?"

Ode to a Daylily
Delicate droplets sparkle
gold heart gazes up into the gray
velvet shades of vermilion
forgotten are hot days of May
looking lush as an empress
regally dressed for the ball
savoring delicious cool June day
not minding the drizzle at all
now and then a small gust
starts her swaying she's waltzing
to nature's sweet tune
how lovely that I have found her
it wasn't a moment too soon
for the empress will close up
her finery dying gently
before the next day of June

Walking the dogs between showers
taking a small detour
she beckoned me with slim fingers
eager to tell me her secrets
or just eager to bare her sweet heart


Strawberry Moon
veiled by clouds
yearning for one bite

Strawberry Moon
delectable sphere

Bruised evening sky
painful metaphor for the
state of our nation

Delicious tropical sunset
another sizzling hot day
no relief in sight


Sometimes we feel
as if we live on an island
way up here in the north
stronghold of conservatives
our scary liberal views
isolating us from others
who feel those refusing
to fall into step with them
are less than patriotic
are silly really in our panic
our worries for the earth
our worries for our country
our worries for the less fortunate
often pushed aside or seen as weak
our "leadership" is sorely lacking
instead encouraging isolation
of the rising voices of reason
ridiculing our valid concerns
painting us to be the enemy
one vicious midnight tweet at a time

Sitting up for some time
tiny gray hands firmly grasping
delectable Sunflower seeds
gray squirrel decided he was
in dire need of a siesta
after this most delicious feast
so he tidied his long whiskers
looked around making sure
no sneaky cats were about
then plop down he went
melting into the shadows
shiny eyes regarded me
with solemn curiosity
realizing no one coveted
his shady spot he
snoozed on....

Buddha's watchful third eye
smiles down upon
boy monk who has a secret
not up his sleeve
but in the velvet folds
nearby his winged friend
Stella Luna sleeps her
day away peacefully
resting up after a busy
night's hunt beneath
a golden crescent moon
this today was my happy
moment of Zen..little brown bat


This makes me happy today
such openhearted beauty shining
with depth and richness
flamboyant bright ruffles
bring to mind Flamenco dancers
clacking their heels and castanets
looking over their shoulders
fiery eyed flicking their shawls
twirling to the sound of a guitar

Sudden movement near the bird feeders
then gentle limpid pools gaze back at us
might we open the gate maybe she asks
without words this seemingly innocent being
hiding the fact that she is indeed
the one who ate the treats put out for her
then handily helped herself to our
tomato plant leaving only a sad stripped stem
now denuded of all leaves and fruit
then she nibbled the potato plants
finally munching day lily buds for dessert
before going in search of rosebuds
something especially coveted by her
she's back at long last and oddly enough
we seem to be rather delighted by her presence

And who might you be..asks Ming indignantly
hidden deep in the lush greenery
what strange creature are you
and what are you doing in my garden
do you not know that I am Queen
of all you see's all mine
every tiny leaf every bug every flower
I am the Queen of gone
suitably chastened the doe turns slowly
making her way to the garden gate
peering longingly into the secret garden
which also belongs to the cranky Queen
who stands guard nearby...daring her
defeated the doe makes her way back
down the hill suitable chastened...for now