Sunday, January 1, 2017


Silently stalking
following the hunter's call
captured in my lens

As darkness falls
way up high in the pine
horned owl duet
one calls one answers
brief ruffle of feathers the hunt is on

Above the valley
like a broken tooth
gnawing the sky

vast power at rest
pristine white flanks
glisten dominating the valley


I thought Acceptance
would be my chosen word
for the year ahead
yet other words come
tumbling through asking
to be the special one
here comes Joy followed
by Tranquility pushed
aside by Focus maybe
I just have to  accept
that for now there
is more than one
calling attention to itself
possibly as the year
unfolds my focus
will be much clearer

On a rainy gray day
bright splashes of color
eagerly small feelers
spread out and connected
vivid colors now hummed
in colorful harmony
my heart sang out loud
gray day faded into
Fifty Shades of Joy

Under cover of darkness
tumbling down silently
crystalline stars

Across the creek
such mournful lowing
grazing snow cows


Soft thuds in the canyon
trees shrug ermine shoulders
quail's dainty dance

Fierce roaring dragon
on the rampage tears out trees
drags them downstream


Who would have thought.......
we'd still be here
in our fourth year
journeying together
gathering and trading stones???

Delicate veils
obscure then reveal
lunar ballet


Still struggling with acceptance
as the dreaded day draws ever nearer
how can we accept this fate

A world away serenity
overpowers interstate's roar
breathing in peace


Who would have thought
dark clouds would move on
revealing a dear face


High up in the clouds
deep humm of homebound plane
outrunning the storm


Robin Meditation

Out of the fog
they arrive in large flocks
robins are here

Jubilant robin's song
rises up from the canyon
berry harvest time

Sitting perfectly still
watching them come and go
heartbeat slows


Waking up in the dark
wind howls up the canyon
roaring like a freight train
tearing through the woodlands
trees rock and moan
house creaks and shudders
rain pelts windows
drums angrily on the roof
dark omen of things to come
or just a winter storm
you tell me........

Juvenile Bald Eagle
proud symbol of our country
these wings of hope
may they lift us up high
may hearts lighten- we'll fly again


Each day it's growing darker
the future's looking grim
all I can really think about
is who let these monsters in

Who turned their back on neighbors
who bought the evil lie
who thought we would be greater
if we let our citizens die

Who cannot see past color
who feels that lies are great
who thinks that lives don't matter
wake up it's growing late

They're taking all we've got
one order at a time
they're killing all the dreams
that made this land so fine

We only thrive together
united side by side
look into your inner mirror
make sure that you are right

Turn off the broadcast messages
that are keeping you in line
our country is worth fighting for
we haven't got much time..UNITE!!

Offering comfort
exquisite small world
exudes tranquility