Thursday, September 1, 2016


For Lisa
Sweet Dove
flying free 
escaping pain
Sweet Dove
rising up high on
angel wings
Sweet Dove
her loving legacy
will live on

Pale Celestite blue
maybe angels
leave bluebird feathers

September Eve
landscape subtly aglow
dripping honey

Gathering stones
collecting feathers
mindful moments

And then, just like that...
wings slowly opened
even busy bees seemed
to pause briefly surely
astounded by Painted Lady's
hidden beauty revealed

Under the early morning sun
Friar Tuck smiles serenely
receiving the celestial blessing

PROMPT: What three things will you save in
an emergency such as fire or flood. This
after all the sentient, beloved beings in your life
are safe and sound?
If all else were safe
what on earth
are the most precious
three things
to carry away as well
thought the pack rat
as she scratched her
head looking around
in despair her books
too many to carry
just the thought of
their loss makes
her feel slightly ill
photos oh yes
newly created art
but of course
but in the end
too many treasures
no way to decide
maybe in the end
it will be just her
sanity her serenity
her hope for the
future after losing
so many treasures
gathered over a lifetime...

 August 1997-September 2016

Today Death entered our home
not eagerly awaited
yet invited all the same
for did we not ask the Universe
to spare dear Molly cat
that last trip in the hated
carrier only to be laid
out on a frigid metal table
suffering last indignities
instead he took her doing
our bidding on our terms
while she laid peacefully
in her warm cozy bed
surrounded by love and
familiar voices urging her
to slip away run across
the rainbow bridge taking
with her love and greetings
to all those gone before
once more she'll be well
joyfully playing in the sun
reunited with her siblings
of whom she was the last one....


For nineteen years
she graced the foot of my bed
tonight no small face looked up at me
hot tears slip down my face mourning her loss
even her outraged cries at slow service will be missed.....

Hot Indian Summer afternoon
droning with furry honeybees
Alyssum's sweet temptation

Higher and higher
they rise on wide wings
we too yearn to fly
leaving earthly worries behind
just soaring on the hot current


I am so privileged
that despite frustrations
worries and challenges
still my life is blessed
in so many many ways
sometimes I have to remind
myself of that and give thanks
rather then whine and mope
when so much of the world is
suffering painfully in many
ways hunger wars homelessness
I am so very privileged
counting my blessings daily
while scrolling and seeing
horrors pain and suffering
viewed here yet so far away
feeling totally helpless
empathy is all I can offer
but it's not enough....

Autumn Moon
Not quite full yet
still she dominates
tonight's night sky
rising high swathed in
delicate layers kissed
by flames slowly ascending
her face now glowing golden
illuminating this deliciously
cool crisp night as the wheel
of seasons slowly turns toward autumn....

September creek
shimmering at sunset
mirror of beauty

Early morning beauty
gladdens my heart
sweet buzzing of bees

Prompt: Edward Hooper's "Hotel Room"
Finally she'd arrived, swiftly slipping off her sensible
traveling clothes. She felt so free all of the sudden.
Outside the window she could hear the waves breaking
on the sandy shore, behind her the curtains stirred,
a deliciously cool breeze kissing her hot, bare skin.
Her decision to get away on her own was made suddenly
as the heavy weight of daily chores and endless needs
to be met had gotten to be too just much of late.
She really just needed some time away, time to think.
Sighing she sat on the edge of the bed, thoughtfully
looking at the list she'd written before leaving home,
she realized that what she really needed was to just
let things unfold. No need to stick to pesky schedules
or plans. She was here to just be, to savor time alone.
Though she knew she had wanted to start writing again,
one of the reasons she had given to allow for this trip,
what she really felt like doing was taking long walks
along the beach, hunting for seashells, watching sunsets
then sipping a glass of cool wine while eating meals she
didn't have to plan or cook. Then at the end of the day
slipping under crisp sheets to catch up on her reading.
She crumbled the note in her hands determined to let
her time away be a change of pace, no plans needed.
Samba rhythms now drifted on the breeze, along with the
perfume of lavender and other aromatic flowers she'd
passed on her way to her final destination, this hotel
room. While the beat of the music did tuck at her gently,
still she felt that enjoying this lovely, cool sanctuary
would do quite nicely for now............maybe later?