Monday, February 1, 2016


Prompt: Let this be the year.....
Let this be the year
to focus on each precious
moment seeing it clearly
unobscured by worries 
not gazing into an uncertain 
future letting go of happenings 
which cannot be controlled
leaving space to truly savor
our many blessings those rare
beautiful moments captured
reminding us that all is not
doomed let's live life to the 
fullest not turning our backs
on the world's troubles but
allowing ourselves to savor
guilt free moments of stillness
thus replenishing the well
for surely none of us can carry
the weight of the world on
our shoulders each and every day
let this be the year....

Exotic beauties
bathing in sunlight
moment of Zen

Silky fur gleaming
velvet toes twitching
Ming Dragon dreams

Winter twilight
on bare branches
robins roost

February sunrise
against a cerulean blue sky
buzzards rising

 February gloaming
romantic dinner outside
soulful frog serenade

Good to the last bite
Tuscan dream reappears
sweet snowy mountain

Birthday celebration
falls on Chinese New Year
auspicious beginning?

Magic Mountain
Rising majestically
valley at his feet
we can feel his pull
even here two hours
south his siren song
calls to us softly
soon we tell him...soon

Sunny warm days
slowly first petals unfurl
glowing faces


Prompt: Fears or Fantasy
I fear that airing my fears
would render myself
too wide open exposing
the soft underbelly
which lives deep beneath
the surface a lifetime
of trying to brave
a cruel world often
without mercy so rather
then bare all I shall
stay safely behind my
armor which has served
me well kept me safe
or is that just a fantasy??

Delicate yet strong
welcoming the sun
with wide open hearts


Delicate yet strong
welcoming the sun
with hearts open wide
knowing no fear
they bloom bravely
though cold winter
storms could still
roar back they thrive
turning their faces
up into the blue sky
soaking up warmth
living in that moment
they care not that
spring might yet be
just a fantasy their
sweet blushing beauty
reminds us that life
is uncertain at times
fraught with perils
yet we too can cherish
each bright warm moment
tuck it away against
times when darkness
threatens our own
inner light making it
flicker let us too be
delicate yet strong
blooming without fear
living in the moment

Guns + Ammo = Love
thus proudly proclaims
the bright shiny sign
as we leave Chico
Guns + Ammo = Love
tell that to the
parents as they lay
fresh flowers on
their daughter's grave
who died at the hand
of the one she loved
tell it to the parents
mourning a small child
gunned down along with
too many others precious
lives lost too soon
tell it to all those
who have lost loved
ones at the hands of
evil running madly amok
tell it to them that
Guns + Ammo = Love
what madmen think up
these mindless memes
designed merely to make
their cash box jingle
merrily season after
season as these signs
appear eyes sores all
but this one surely the
worst America the Beautiful
dropping the mask suddenly
revealing it's dark side
is this what freedom has
come to mean in these
United States of America
where a tool of death
once needed to feed a
family and keep it safe
has now been elevated
by some to near godlike
status when will those
with a conscience stand
together against this
new Deity of Death
and say that enough is
enough because in our
minds Guns + Ammo = Love
do not belong together
in the same sentence
sugar coated to sell
when did the promised land
turn to this glorification
of death all under the guise
of freedom for all????


Prompt: Fantasy or Fear
Some days I fear that my writing
poetry was just a crazy fantasy
that being seen and heard by
fellow writers was just a dream
but as I write this poem words
woven while knitting by the fire
I smile gently not waking from
that dream but seeing words
once again unfurl like wool
join together growing in size
maybe not with perfection or
correct form no doubt breaking
most all writing rules but I fear
it's too late for me stop now
for this dream has become reality
capturing precious moments one poem
at a time overcoming the fear
embracing what was once only fantasy

Wrapped in a cloud of scent
memories of Arsenic and Old Lace
rise to the surface of my mind
no doubt those dear sweet rosy
cheeked ladies wore Eau de Violette
while calmly stirring a lethal
cup of tea softly chatting about
the weather innocence personified
strange how a sweet scent can pop
such images into a woman's head
while slowly walking in a sunny
garden watering thirsty violets


Prompt: Courage
COURAGE.. are we born with it
does our very birth determine
our bravery in the life ahead
at times my mind ponders this
wondering about that very thing
unable to remember how brave a
child I was most knowledge of the
small me came through my Auntie
who claimed she had to crawl into
my crib with me else I could
or would not fall asleep I am
not sure if that meant I was
a small terrorist brave enough
to dare the adults in my life
or if I truly was just a small
lost soul lacking the courage
to happily sing myself to sleep
courage is still not my strong
suit though amazingly I have
endured and survived many of
life's challenging and scary
moments the question remains does
this mean I am courageous yet afraid
to claim my own inner courage
do I wear a blindfold unable to see
that I can indeed be as courageous
as I allow myself to truly be
how about you do you wonder too
does courage flow through your
veins strongly or do you falter
wondering if courage is yours???

Ethereal white beauty
graces a grave on the hill
fond memories survive

Crisp cool spring morning
sipping peach blossom tea
watching warm flames dance
outside white plum shivers
feeling winter return's return
blooming sisters all around
face the cold with courage
wide valley vast sea of pink


Today muse has found me
words rise up swiftly
like tree sap in spring

Rising high above
human clutter at his feet
serene beauty
White stakes driven deep
into the heart of Mother Earth
once gentle rolling pasture
now a testament to corporate
greed mile after mile vast
platoons of tidy almonds sprawl
covering the newly claimed land
when fully grown they'll bloom
with such beauty sea of pink to the
far horizon we can momentarily
 forget the heavy price paid
habitat lost loud choppers hovering
high above spewing  their toxic brew
tending the latest crop for profit
beneath dense pesticide clouds
bees are still  innocently humming
pollinating gathering maybe dying
doomed under this savage onslaught of
corporate giants changing our world
we see yet feel so very helpless
wishing there were a way to turn
back the clock alas the world is
hungry for almonds profits at
an all time high  never mind the
severe drought in desert California
plant plant and plant some more
of these lovely thirsty profitable trees
you see even almond milk top choice
for those who want to end the cruel
abuse of dairy cows doesn't come
without a price because nothing is simple
anymore there are times we wish
we could forget all we now know
finding blessed peace once again sadly
I am afraid it's too late for that


Feeling strangely secure
despite unpublished words
river of words still flows
having found courage within
happily writing day after
day knowing that really
in the end is it not myself
that needs pleasing as I
craft my poems creative
chronicles images and words
entwined capturing moments
days and feelings knowing
that some day I will be
old and gray quietly smiling
as memories of lovely days
everyday thoughts captured
scroll past gone yet never
forgotten lovingly gathered
should memory start fading
image and words will help
me find my way back again to
days of richness and wonder
oh what joy there is in this

Taunting old man winter
twirling  festive gowns
bright harbingers of spring

Like a bubbling cauldron
wild skies are boiling
cooking up a late winter storm
pale winter sun peers
down illuminating those
below who are bending against
the fierce winds yet stoic
as the battle between winter
and spring rages on Old Man
Winter is feeling cranky
getting rather tired and worn
yet not willing to give up
his reign without a good fight
Spring is playful having
time and youth in her favor
knowing his days are numbered
letting him have one last
wild wet cold hurrah before
slamming the door in his cold
face his icy breath soon no
longer a threat to her own
vividly colored creations
which will delight our eyes
when spring sun kisses
their upturned young faces
rage on Old Man your days
are numbered we fear you not
Spring time is on our side

Luminous pearl
entangled in branches
fairytale moon


Peering down through the thorns
her face nearly as pale as that
of Sleeping Beauty below sweet
princess beloved by all slumbering
enchanted still hapless victim of an
evil spell cast by the angry Fae
exactly one hundred years ago today
as Luna's silver light bathes the
sleeper's face tenderly silent
footsteps approach slowly
finding the princess fast asleep
he leans down placing a gentle
kiss upon her pale cold lips
she stirs long lashes no longer
cast shadows on moon pale cheeks
now wide open eyes gaze up into a
face she has dreamed about often
over all of these long lost years
Luna envelops the lovers briefly
her cool silvered rays spilling
sweet benediction on a love always
meant to be then cloaking her face
she discreetly slips away as
once again the courtyard comes
alive with sounds of huge yawns as
courtiers and ladies stir and stretch
at long last life returns to the
 kingdom evil curse has lifted the castle
now silent no more excited chatter
fills the fragrant night air
Luna smiles

Elegantly reaching out
dancing together in the breeze
plum blossom ballerinas


Full moon tonight
brain won't quit humming
creativity soars

Luna unveiled
heart of her own universe
infinite beauty

Eye in the sky
never blinking just watching
Snow moon

Wolf's head
or trick of the eye
full moon

Crystals glitter
reclining beneath the moon
energy charge

Watched by the full moon
burning bowl of words flicker
long past time to let go

One last glance

Ancient Ammonite
your opalized heart
flickering flame


Suddenly roaring back to life
old boat emerges rumbles
loudly having shed it's covers
seems today's warm golden
rays have infected my dear
husband with a terrible
case of early spring fever
sadly there is no cure for
his current condition yet
he enters the room glowing
as if fevered wild eyed and
red cheeked not from cold
but filled with anticipation
adrenaline-sorry my love it's
still too cold for me maybe
soon we'll head up north visit
our favorite lake which is filling
with chilly snow melt right now
he smiles wanders off cheerfully
heading toward a warm shower
leaves behind an odorous cloud
subtle scent of regret with just a
hint of Eau de Petrol mixed
with a delicate touch of hope


Faded much laundered sheets
soft as silk against aging skin
clearly made for one another

These colorful comforts
combining texture and words
nourishing serendipity

Blissfully warm
feeling gently hugged
completed shawl
offers gentle comfort
wild and crazy
these colors of joy
coincidence or
serendipity at play


Swirling twirling
pale pink blizzard
rises then falls
deep drifts settle
rise again each
time a car passes
almonds in bloom
nectar drunk bees
join in the dance

Not seats for mighty kings
merely thrones
for our small treasures
lovingly crafted
from branches long dead
brought back to
life artistic reincarnation

Oaken veins reach high
into deepest Lapis Lazuli
embracing the pearl