Friday, April 1, 2016

APRIL 2016

Kissed by the morning sun
fox pauses looking back as 
if deciding whether slipping
into secret dense woodlands ahead
would see him safe or whether jumping
out of the gilded frame into an empty room
close by would do the trick today the question
of it truly empty scenting the dogs
 his choice is clear off he goes through the valley ahead 
slipping into the dark shadows where the air is redolent with 
ancient woodland magick... in the blink of an eye he disappears 

First golden rays
gliding on gilded angel wings
two cooing doves

Sublime virginal white
but looks are deceiving
Lady Banksia demure lady
in name only sprawling
wantonly displaying her 
charms smothering all 
with verdant decadence
such insatiable hunger 
to conquer all in her path
bloom lady savor your
days in the sun for once
your last moon bloom fades
clippers shall once again
confine your greedy wildness
shorten those wayward wings
before you engulf us all....

Prompt: Naughty shoes
If only I could find my naughty shoes
I am sure they're hiding someplace
in all of this clutter could it be
I like it that way as it keeps me from
putting them on to strut my stuff
venturing out into the world bravely???


Notes from Country Roads
Knee deep
in spring flowers
Charolais madonna
snowy white calves
by their sides...bucolic bliss

Like a scene from Bonanza
minus cowboys and tack
four abreast they come
thundering across green
pastures bucking tossing
their heads tails flying
squealing out loud with
equine spring joy just
another beautiful day
 in the Wild West


Prompt: Naughty Shoes II
Next time I fly back to Europe
I shall wear my naughty shoes
step out into the loud scary crowd
of humanity as if I belong there
perhaps looking shiny and polished
like the seasoned at ease travelers
I see passing by as I sit there
luggage at my feet wearing comfy
clothes shoes that will slip off
easily my favorite pillow in hand
wanting to be invisible nothing at
all like those bold divas sailing
by leaving in their wake admiring
glances and the scent of expensive
perfume..........nah, not a chance
naughty shoes just don't fit me
they seem to pinch my toes painfully...

Some days instead of doing what's
expected you might just feel like
putting on your naughty shoes get
off the freeway and just start
walking down the road less traveled
going any place more exciting
than the next doctor's appointment
or grocery store or other must
do events because walking down
that road to the far horizon would
surely be much more fun... on second
thought let's wear the naughty
shoes but drive there instead
more time to savor stolen moments..

Hoarding words today
for those silent days
when there are none

Swirled secret beauty
embroiders intricate patterns
upon the yellow door

Morning sun
gathered in buttery silk

Today I put on my naughty shoes
ventured forth gathered my
feeble courage I dipped brush
into water dabbled with paint
a bit of this and a bit of that
to create a miniature landscape
maybe I should have put those
shoes on long ago they seemed
to fit rather well as they took
me on a most delightful journey
a full moon bathed the valley
in the distance soft whoo whoo
of an owl drifted on the pine
scented air ......I'll be back

No rainbow in sight
yet here by the roadside
tiny pots full of gold

Strange traveler rests
armored mysterious creature
very cleverly disguised
surely fatigued from his
epic journey while sleeping
only the strange creatures
populating his back are
wide awake silently watching
or maybe he's simply wearing
 disturbing dreams this cloak
of mystical creatures long
forgotten in the mists of time
then again maybe a knight
under an evil spell...I wonder

he appears
rubbing both eyes
to clear my vision

For Cheryl
Pearly white rose
suddenly wide open
small pallid moon
mourning with you
precious son lost too soon

Such elegant beauty
meadowlark pauses mid-song
golden chest aglow
nature makes the heart soar
one precious moment at a time

Late afternoon sun
butterscotch beauty shines
revealing her heart
Tut's memory still lingers
he posed beneath this beauty long ago


All alone grazing
bright eye watches cautiously
feeling no threat
head dips down once again
foraging verdant springtime bounty

Late last night
Luna and Jupiter strolled through
shining so bright
twinkling stars appeared on leaves
bedazzled by moonlight

Solidly planted
gazing up into a robin egg blue sky
morning commute
some days such longing to fly away
on butterfly wings

Two shiny black crows
special tidbit lovingly shared
knee deep in flowers
not a single caw to be heard
liquid meadowlark song rises up into the sky


Again she summoned me
rising swiftly I follow
her gilded trail
strange how this obedience
is so joyfully embraced

She rides the storm
smiling sometimes veiling
her glowing face
watching in admiration I wonder
do only Celestials have such courage

My humble camera
captures beauty flawlessly
no tweaking here
just these eyes finding
lush baroque flounces glowing

He's at peace now
like warriors of old
laid to rest in the
shade of the great white
rose cairn of stones
marks the spot where
he lies tenderly bedded
down on fragrant cedar
praised for his valor
in fighting so bravely
for his life while rose
petals drifted on his
silky pelt along with
melissa furry lambs ear
lavender and rosemary
for rememberance always
we told him once again
what a fine cat he was
brave until the very end
at peace now in our Secret Garden

Ming's shadow is nowhere to be found
where is the annoying creature hiding
striped tail twitching in irritation
she searches for it in all the old
favored places looks high and low
but there is no sign of it anywhere
even when she looks quickly over
her shoulder where it always lurked
before following her from place to
place in the way shadows do at times
there is no sign of it surely something
is wrong seems only days ago shadow
would sit a cat length away not too
close just right showing proper respect
who knew that pesky shadow had found
favor with Ming Dragon she seems at a
loss and no longer likes this endless
game of hide and seek anxiously kneading
her bed seeking comfort or insight
maybe both after her latest fruitless
search she seems to feel that enough
is enough it's been days come out come
out wherever you over!!!

Could it be that
Unicorns are still with us
in plain sight
cleverly hiding their gilded horns
maybe their magic can only be seen by some


Prompt: Cycles of Life...sometimes dream, sometimes nightmare
My very own prompt is letting me down
somehow words just aren't flowing easily
having lived dreams only to have them turn
into nightmares surviving then more dreams
came my way living one now but always in
deep shadows they lurk...what if they
find me again leaving me reeling and
alone once more unable to escape
feet leaden running in place