Thursday, October 1, 2015


First day of October
brilliant face glows
promise of the golden
season now upon us
vivid rich treasure
warms the heart 
on these cooler
days of autumn
shorter yes but 
 oh so sweet....

I love you because you light
up the darkest night
even the oceans cannot resist
your gentle pull as you
nudge along the tides to rise
with silvered waves hissing upon
beaches laying still beneath
your watchful steadfast gaze
how can mere mortals resist
your lunar charms as you
tempt us from our warm beds
eager to walk the night garden
illuminated here shadowed there
full of magic these nights
as you wax night after night
sometimes I get melancholy
when you slip away out of
sight yet happy knowing
that others on the other side
of the globe will soon
walk under the same blessed
light I love you because
you invite all of the world
to gaze up together....united

I love you because...I know you prefer
staying in bed late on cool mornings
now that you are finally retired
yet here you are up at the crack of
dawn making my tea and toast
keeping me company as I take one pill
after another until the dish is
empty cheering me on walking by
my side  on the journey to wellness
I love you because of that and many
other reasons as well dear husband of mine

I love you because even this late
in the season after a brutal summer
you greet the mornings in such a
festive colorful way your bold
skirts indigo imprinted with purple
stars bright heart light deep inside
which shines and glows I love the way
you climb up into the tired spend
roses bushes enrobing them in splendor
while they catch their breath covering
their nakedness gifting them with your
beauty your heart shaped foliage isn't
this the way dear friends enfold us
gently at a time we need comfort most
when we're struggling through life
catching our breath renewing ourselves
nature is always teaching lessons if you
listen to her watch her learn from her

Prompt: QUOTES
So I am just back from a day of mending
yes you heard me right mending that fine
art taught to most women my age when
we were girls because back then you
didn't think clothes were disposable
something broke you fixed it socks
got holey you darned them seems kind
of old-fashioned and out of date now
doesn't it or does it have we gotten
to be a throw away society where every
thing is meant to be tossed when no
longer perfect well today being a low
energy day I decided tackling that
stack of not quite perfect shabby
clothing in need of TLC and got to it
in the process getting reacquainted with
my  sewing machine and sewing box
now mind you I am a pretty sorry seamstress
only the basic are what I can tackle but
suddenly sitting out there in my little
cottage surrounded by silence humming while
bringing a few favorites back to life seemed
a zen kind of thing to do because yes
these were old worn things but they were
much beloved comfy treasure I love wearing
course I played with the contents of the
sewing box as well discovering I have a
lifetime supply of pins and needles
but now I also have my old favorites back
imperfectly mended but ready for another
decade and while doing this all my
favorite quotes visited me as well but
deciding which one was just too hard
so WASTE NOT WANT NOT it is..for now

Prompt: QUOTES
And still my mind sifts through quote
after quote, collected, appreciated
thought on yet how very difficult to
find just that one the one that means
the most I shall give up trying and
let them pick themselves let them
speak again as they spoke to me when
being added to my collection but no
they clamor me pick me please I am
the one oh dear what ever shall I do
so many quotes so little time to let
them all shine here so today I'll
pick one and then another.........

"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon,
who could not be happy?"~ Oscar Wilde

Surely my love for all of those wonderful
things have been my constant treasured
companions in life. They kept me sane and
safe during times when life was anything
but. They consoled me, kept me company
and still they bless my daily life day
after day bringing richness and joy

Knitting Meditation
Sitting curled up the quiet click
clack of bamboo needles keeping
pace with the soothing sounds of
nature music streaming from the
speakers filling this small space
with such serenity such a sense
of rest centering my mind
free to wander my gaze scanning
the woodlands outside only
to return once more to the work
at hand stitch by stitch row after
row until finally the scarf
is completed ready to rest cozily
around me neck on the coming
cool winter days.... I am ready

Prompt: QUOTES
"A room without books is like a body
without a soul.~ Cicero
How cannot I not include this one? It is a quote
I so very deeply believe in. When walking into a
room without books there is something missing, the
most vital part really, the soul of the room.
How can people live "book-less"?
How can they feel comforted and safe, knowing they are
in the best of company. A way of traveling the world,
without ever once leaving that comfy armchair. Where
do they escape during times of strive or grief, when
that special book might just hold the answer or if
nothing else take us away, however briefly to a better
place. Having grown up, surrounded by books untidy
scattered on endless shelves, stacks here and there
not fitting on already full shelves. Oh what joy
it brings, to know one has so much to still enjoy
or revisit once again. Needless to say all of my
rooms have souls, overflowing with knowledge, laughter
tears, delight...oh stop me now, I could go on forever........


He said:  Ming, are you awake?
She said: Ssssshhhh, can't you see I am meditating?
He said:  Ok, well I'll just admire your lovely stripes.
She said: You may as long as you are very quiet.
He said:  Meditation suits you very nicely.
She said: Sssshhhh, you're breaking my concentration.
He said:  Oh, I am so very sorry I shall be very quiet
She said:  The spell has been broken, you might as well
 admire my sapphire eyes .
He said:  Oh, they are very lovely indeed, shall I stroke
          your silky, striped fur now?
She said: Let me think on that...............YES, PLEASE!!


Prompt:  HOPE
In a world ever changing
often not for the good
Luna's phases her waxing
and waning changing yet still
familiar and reliable
returning to us from the
dark again and again
gives me hope looking up
into her lovely face on
dark nights her silvered
countenance seemingly smiling
filling my heart to overflowing
with serenity and hope that
all will be well after all

Prompt: HOPE
Do we not all hope to be loved
to be seen and heard
do we not all hope to be understood
to find those special ones
who can see into our souls looking
past armor build to keep
us safe from harm in a sometimes
painful and uncaring world
yet how often are we disappointed
opening our hearts and souls
only to be vulnerable our tender
antennae quickly retracted
remember the sting of rejection
yet time and time again
we carefully reach out one more
time~hoping for the best
hoping that this time will be
different for is not giving up
hope giving up on life?

Early dawn's gift
clouds part unveiling
magnificent wolf moon

After a dark rainy night
spectral Luna appears
draped in drifting
luminescent veils
hiding revealing
seemingly flaunting
her luminous beauty