Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Spoken in anger
tasting bitter 
on the tongue
Where does it all end
how do we turn this
bloody tide around what 
will it take for all to 
realize we need to stand 
together side by side 
no longer standing alone
on the sidelines
watching death flicker
on the blue screens
across our conscience
one death at a time
one refugee at time
one child at a time
one war at a time
one step at a time in
the right direction
heeding not the voices
of wealthy talking heads
aiming to add fuel
to the dangerous blaze
lying politicians
beholden to their donors
greedy corporations
willing to rape the planet
for profit and obscene gain
should we not be standing 
together united against the 
bloody tide threatening
to swallows us all whole
while the greedy prosper
devouring the fruits of 
their harvest of hate
why do we not reach across
seeing our common humanity
all around the world
people who just want to 
live in peace yet the powers
to be will not let it 
die this ugly monster 
rearing it's head taking
lives all around the globe
in the name of whatever cause
suits the moment while those
of us who want and need peace
struggling to stay sane 
the horrors of it all 
unfolding day in and day out
where does it all end
do you have the answer???
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December 6th, 2014
To the neighbor across the street
we send you peace respite from
the demons riding you hard
we send you healing thoughts
hoping that they will find 
and soothe you in your pain
for surely pain is what feeds
the anger and rage you visit upon
those living near those who
tried to help and failed now
enduring your roaring music
filled with hateful lyrics
striking out violently 
your message of hatred being
met by our message of peace
and healing for you and all 
who feel moved to spew such
helpless howling anger at a
world already quivering with 
emotions too large for most
to endure yet endure
we must doing our best this
small gestures via the ether
are all we can manage
we send you peace and healing....
Plea for Peace
Change that channel 
mute the voices of hate
do your own thinking
before it's too late
Change that channel 
still the voices of fear
they're out to steal
all that we hold dear
Change that channel
silence prophets of doom
howling their message that
the end is coming soon
Change that channel 
while there's still time
write down your thoughts
in thoughtful rhyme
Change that channel
channel voices of peace
those who uplift us
giving hearts ease
Change that channel
let your inner light shine
care about the world
while there's still time
Change that channel 
we need words of peace
words of joy and comfort
let the hate speeches cease

PROMPT: Forever...and ever
For decades now
they have come
though overwhelming
at times we
care for them
as best we can
offering them
comfort and food
dry quiet spots
to rest and groom
feline refugees
throwaways lost
souls no matter
what we wail and
worry at times
still how can we
not care for them
and keep caring
forever...and ever.

On this Winter's Eve
after the storm
Luna's silver crescent
shining so bright
in the night sky
serenely making her descent
her steady brilliance
as she travels the night
sky the constancy
the celestial rhythm
of her lunar cycles
going on forever and
ever into infinity
bring me peace at the end
of this long day....

Knitting in front of the wood stove, I sit
back, feet raised up,basking like a lizard.
Savoring the delicious heat as little wisps of
scent, spices and orange peel in the kettle
atop the stove, curl from it's spout. Blessed
silence enfolds me broken only by the clacking
of bamboo needles as another scarf takes shape.
Now and then a snorting snore emitted by Poppy,
sleeping in front of the stove doing her
own basking and daydreaming, paws a-twitch.
But back to the scarf or should I say scarves.
As I rest, the battle within rages, good guys vs bad
guys, being handily won by the good ones I am pleased
to say. But I was restless, needing to put my hands
to work on something.
So out came the box of unfinished knitting projects.
All was carefully sorted out, half finished in this
pile, leftover skeins in that, some passed along
to a friend. I really only use a favorite yarn
now by Lion's Brand called "Homespun".
And no it's not really homespun. Sadly while I
adore sheep and wooly creatures, their wool makes
me itch like mad, according to my husband this is
to be blamed entirely on my Princess and the Pea DNA.
This lovely yarn, rich in color, luxurious to the touch
is it for me.
Now you might think I just lie there, mindlessly
knitting away, but no. Even though I am not
moving much other then my hands, my mind is
skipping along on little trips of fancy.
My scarfs now also have names.  Recently a
project started long ago  was finally finished
and earned the name of "Northern Woods". Some
of my newer favorites are what I like to call
"Infinity Hugs". Scarfs with no loose ends but
joined to form a continuous loop which wrap
themselves around a bare neck in the most wonderful,
comforting way, without those annoying ends flapping
about, slithering down ones arms. A recent one,
using colorful odds and ends, was named "Artist's Palette".
There is also "Moon Shadow"and "Crystal Cave".
"Baroque Purple" fit for a queen made it's way
across the sea to Mum's house, meant to keep her
warm on her doggy walks around the block, while
adding a splash of color to her now somewhat subdued
wardrobe. And yes, of course she fancies herself
queen of her own small kingdom, so what better color
for her? But I think my favorite to date is a new one,
already earning a name despite having barely gotten
started. I call it "Woodland Walk". As I sorted out
a ball of this and a ball of that, already the colors
began telling a story. Knitting row after row in a lovely,
nubby "Double Moss Stitch" my mind starts walking along.
It's as if I myself walk through shaded bosky woodlands
rich,leafy scents rising, subtle colors hidden everywhere.
Mossy boulders, mushrooms peeking out among the leaves
subtle splashes of purple as if Porcelain berries
still hang in clusters, waiting to be harvested
by dwellers in the forest. Little dabs of red suggesting
rosehips tempting the wild ones.
Closer to the edge my woodlands turns a paler shade of
green as if added light starts finding my path. Then the
scene opens, a forest clearing unfolds pale subtle greens
dabbled with golden splotches of wildflowers, golden
sun rays spill down onto the scene. On the edge of the
virtual meadow little dabs of blue suggest bluebells.
Yes, all this whilst sitting in front of the fire, never
leaving my comfy chair. All while using up odds and ends.
This saturation of the senses, textures, colors and scent
evoke memories. Suggesting a journey to long forgotten
places, a childhood so very long ago now. These thoughts
and fancies thus knitted into a scarf with infinite
care..today this brings me peace.

Cloaking dense fog
invisible geese honk
navigating south

Olive waves to us
outside the window
stormy weather


Prompt: Christmas-time-bitter-sweet layers of emotions bleed
Counting our blessings
warm home good food
yet feeling the lack
of family sharing
our hearth as they
did long ago a sign
of changing times
regardless we celebrate
this sweetness our
small family human
canine and feline
knowing that too many
are out in the bitter
cold huddled under
cardboard shivering
hungry long forgotten
by those whom they once
called their very own
emotions of gratitude
bleeding into emotions
of sadness contemplating
this dreadful contrast
in our world during
this season of peace
and joy...but not for all

Christmas Full Moon
Wreath of Light
Christmas Miracle

Miraculously she rose
parting the clouds
after heavy rain pelted
our thickly clouded valley
she rose triumphantly
smiling down on all below
this unexpected blessing
gilded the day as she gilded
our tumbling creek spilling
blessed gold at our feet
Christmas Blessing

Christmas Moon
shining bright
atop the pine
this blessed
magic night
Christmas star

Prompt: LIFE ~ What is it really? (to you)
Life to me are the brief moments of grace
grace which recharges our batteries
grace which gives us hope on dark days
grace illuminating what is truly important
personally to me those much needed moments
of grace are most often found in nature
the many facets of nature's beauty restful
meditation which calm the mind in our often
chaotic and seemingly hopeless world
these moments of grace make life worthwhile

Murmuration pauses
bare trees bear dark fruit
evening slowly approaches


Great Horned Owl
hoots in the night
scanning our garden
bathed in moonlight
hurry up kitties
come in for the night
lest you be taken
for a last fatal flight
great owl is hunting
needing a meal
hurry up kitties
the danger is real!!