Sunday, February 1, 2015


Wide awake
she's glowing
hypnotizing one bee


Blooming wild almond tempts
humming bees who
sing sweet gathering songs
while buzzing among her
heavily laden branches
she generously offers them sips
of her sweetest nectar
filling their trouser pockets
to bursting with golden pollen
her sweet scent fills the morning air

Digging through endless drawers
and boxes slowly sifting treasure
from chaff trying to lighten our load
slowly but surely two piles are forming
one to donate the other for things to keep
'tis no easy task let me tell you
some items haven't seen the light of day
 in years buried deep in boxes
yet once they were created lovingly
needle in hand~tongue stuck out for focus
finally finished and hung upon the wall until
they were tucked away to make room
for yet another creation or picture
but today once more this small piece
get's it's moment in the sun sweet
memory of the patience and time needed
to create this small springtime bouquet
I'll have to be honest with you right now
patience is really not my strength
making this small creation of my own
personal history all the sweeter
heady knowledge that if I so desire
patience sits with me now and then

Her golden reflection glows
shimmering on the water
frog chorus sings her praises

This magic night a mundane
hurried trip to the strip mall
proved that Nature's voice
can still be heard loud and clear
blotting out man made ugliness
as brilliant Luna ascends above
roofs and tarmac our reminder
that in this barren space beauty
can still be found if you only
slow down breathe and look up

Storm has found us at last
gray heavy skies
bring with it precious moisture
Crystal clear starry skies
holding a full moon
now only a glowing memory
Noting nature's blessings
her contrasting changes
she becomes my creative muse
Capturing her stunning beauty
in word and image
such blessing each and every day
In a world so often gloomy and dark
with hope barely flickering
her wonders brighten our days

Eye of the storm
morning moon

Sailing through life exploring
trying to find connections
casting my rope here and there
looking for a place to dock
sometimes strong winds have
made the journey rough in spots
casting me adrift for short
periods of time then once again
able to find safe shores ahead
these last few years of discovery
found connecting with kindred spirits
nurtures strengthens inspires
pushes us out of our lonely orbit
into a universe fashioned of
words feelings images struggles
triumphs good days bad days
things we can deeply connect with
and in doing so interconnecting
even when living our often solitary
lives away from the beaten path
some of us settled far away from cities
with it's exciting shows events groups
still we connect here and in doing so
find a safe harbor a place to be ourselves
accepted understood comforted
deeply connected through the words
we've shared over these years
connection making us strong
given us courage to step out of
our personal comfort zones sharing
creating writing CONNECTING !!

Do they truly connect root to root
bulb to bulb turning their shining
faces not only to the bright sunlight
but also leaning toward those
sharing their space roots touching
tangling as they stand closely
side by side flowers trees grasses
all of nature's bounty intimately
connected sending unheard signals
messages flowing beneath the earth
what blessing to feel a connection
with nature's miracles even if we don't
share the same language their messages
so subtle and silent not heard or even
understood by those of us living in their
verdant world yet the subtle connection
is there if only we take the time to see
them admiring their beauty their shapes
such blessings they bring to our planet
these first bright hopeful faces connecting
us to the new emerging season ahead
rooting us too deeply into the rich earth
nurtured by the miracles at our feet
our connection to Mother Nature

Floral connection
bridging two
celebrations brilliantly


Sitting outside at the gloaming
watching for the evening star
scent of blooming violets
floats subtly on the balmy air
suddenly ancient magic unfolds
huge mystical beast appears
streaking swiftly across the sky
connecting the present for just
one brief moment to a time long
ago when magic was common yet 
and such fantastic creatures
roamed a yet much younger earth
where Griffin soared through
evening skies with dragons
fairies flitted in secret glades
dancing as twilight settled
filling the night with magic
no mystic beasts roam here now
but evening star shines brightly
sound of creaking tree frogs
courting echoes through the valley
there's a bit of magic in that

This magic hour as the sun
slips away ever so slowly
tinting evening skies
with rich luminous colors
mirrored clearly in each
creek and pool along our way
headed home we stop
the sudden silence broken
by colonies of lusty frogs
croaking their night songs
beneath these silken skies
liquid meadowlark's lullaby
floats on the cooling air
one more song before sleep
our evening blessing

Celestial Playground
Mischievous young Luna
plays hide and seek
Venus cheerfully joins in
No sign of Mars tonight
he's hidden so well
in wide rosy contrail veil
Once darkness fell
trio was revealed
before slipping away


Prompt: MAGIC
And so the magic cycle nears it's end. Weeks ago pale bulbs send forth
first green spears, followed by buds pushed upward, seeking the light.
Slowly one by one petals unfurled in a blaze of brilliant color, opening wider
and wider each day. Cartwheeling under the sun, dancing a floral can-can,
delighting our eyes. Then slowly, as the days passed they started looking a bit
tired. Their early energy leaving them, now turning inward. These last days,
nearly overnight it seemed, petal by glorious petal the blossoms shed their
skirts, revealing the very essence of their intimate inner workings.
Yet even in death their beauty shines bright as they stand proudly, stripped
to their core. They are turning inward now to rest, promise of seasons yet to
come held deep within. When once again the magic of nature's cycles will urge
them to wake, stretching skyward toward the light, returning in all of their splendor


Prompt:  MAGIC II
Luna's Magic draws me
time and time again
even now as I sit dabbling
learning to create
dipping brush into water
then swirling in tiny
pots of luminescent color
even here as I touch
watercolor to damp paper
she speaks to me quietly
suddenly appearing floating
in a mother of pearl sky
on gently curling paper
how did she find me here??

Prompt:  MAGIC III
The magic of sun's return each day
climbing up into the morning sky
cauldrons of gold glistening
foretelling of his warming touch
most welcome at this cool time of
year waking the chilled earth
The magic of ever changing skies
of colors so rich and true
they warm heart and soul even
on early spring days as the
sun touches clouds brilliantly
in farewell before slipping away


Prompt:  MAGIC IV
Seeing the poetry in nature ~ MAGIC