Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 1st-30th, 2014 Home Stones

Minimal Monday
Devastated~all but one~gone!
Cleaned the mess and the tank
shiny scales is all that's left 
survivor~granddaughter's favorite
she named him Demon Fish long ago
as he's possessed of two red eyes
startling on a white body to be sure
he flops and turns as we refill his home
mouth open~slowly gasping~sometimes floating
hovering near death from the looks of it
We head to town~an idea has formed
he looked so lonely and bereft~what if
what he needs most right now are friends
stress remedy in hand and a bag of feeder fish
the fattest~healthiest from the looks of it
it's worth a try~homeward we speed
not feeling very positive~will he still live
no sign of him~a good sign mayhap
if there's no floater there is hope we feel
Thinking good thoughts I empty the vial
magic healing powers can't be far behind
new friends are feeder fish~doomed to die 
but today was their lucky day~a new chance
eagerly they try to jump and swim~still bagged
finally~it's time to go~they spill out of their prison
into the green depth~exploring~then suddenly
he appears from nowhere~rising from the deep
joins the school of curious youngsters~greets them
Eagerly he swims with them~relieved it seems
to find his home has not been emptied after all
alone no more~he gathers speed~zooming along
seemingly playing catch me if you can with them
we stand and watch~silly smiles on our faces
it seems as though he feels in his own fishy way
what else would explain this amazing turn around
I fetch the evening flakes~not sure if they will feed
but sure enough they do~big brother by their side
June 4th, 2014
Whimsical Wednesday Quartet
Swimming gracefully
at the end of a long lead
delightful furry mermaid
Tail wagging~snuffly snout
pierces water's surface
where did that fat taddy go
Skipping along the beach
trying to keep pace
if only she could be free
But this furry mermaid
will transform~grow feet
run off~nose into the wind

June 5th, 2014
Here he is, my Birthday Boy~the one I hold so dear
he's been been beside me for so long~the flying of the years
seen good times and some bad times too~but still we hold our own
We've laughed~we've cried~we dealt with it~no matter what life send
build houses~working side by side~saved furry ones and buried them
build our simple rural life~best friends~together till the end
Let silver not hair fool you~nor the innocent blue eyes
because if you don't watch him close~you might just pay the price
he loves to play a wicked trick~maybe even twice
Time flies~ he's getting on but still~he's very young at heart
too young at times~ doing crazy things~causing me to sigh
Let's toast his good health everyone~for I hold him dear in my heart

June 13th, 2014
Honey Moon
Tonight I sit~awaiting her debut
too early yet~I rise~move gently
through the poses~it's been too long
yet muscles well remember how
slowly they stretch~do my bidding
Dancer's Pose~hand held out
ready to hold her honeyed face
Still she stalls~refusing to appear
I walk the land~eyes searching
finding her at last~she glows
enormous~dominating the horizon
slowly she rises~oak filigree
adorns her lovely amber face
jeweled beauty~such a joy to see
Once more I sit~well satisfied
watching her night's journey
amber light~ now turning silver
the woodlands glow magically
beneath her gaze~inky branches
reach high~unwilling to let go
of this exquisite celestial gem

June 15th, 2014
7WS Trilogy
Bright eyed
born long ago
another era
Gentle man
no realist
dreamer of dreams
He was
my anchor
for many years

June 16th, 2014
They're coming!!!
SciFi Sky

June 24th, 2014
Embraced bold heart
throbbing in the evening sky
exquisite palette lingers

June 26th, 2014
Elegant trumpets
sweetly curved
exquisitely scented
will Sphinx Moth
be able to resist
your sweet call

June 27th, 2014
Walking the walk~headed out the gate
pounding the pavement~trekking sticks in hand
striding out~breathing deep~uphill~downhill
the air~getting warm~yet still a bit of cool remains
eyes scanning woodlands and sky ahead
hidden treasures~buck and doe~fawn at side
what a pleasure~they'd been gone too long
but here they are~en famille~babe nursing
huge puffy clouds~slowly disperse~no rain
we missed our chance at blessed moisture
moving forward~savoring each shady spot
it's heating up~ear buds in place~music moves me
forward~down the road~and back in time all at once
songs of Mystery Tours~Walrus and Fools on the hill
Yellow Submarines~Sergeant Pepper and the band
cheering me on~yet reminding me of the past
teenage years~angst ridden emotions swirled
so many changes in body~mind and daily life
in retrospect~often so lost~yet still I sing along happily
because not all was dark and uncertain~these songs
remind me of the wonderful times~while savoring this day
back at our gate~still singing along~shade~water~BLISS

June 28th, 2014
Floral flames flicker
opening their fiery hearts
for one day they burn

June 30th, 2014
Subtle watercolor dawn
morning star grows faint
first waves of heat roll in
June 30th, 2014
Let us get back
to the path
of mindfulness
Writing and sharing
stones~large or small
connecting deeply
Supporting each other
checking egos
as we enter this space
Letting peace flow
once again
mindfully sharing