Thursday, December 1, 2016


First of December
cold north wind
flurries of 

Knitting a cap
brilliant warm colors
so toasty

North wind teases
warm cap put to the test
toasty ears smile

Searching for light
in the gathering darkness
sunset's grace note


Wake of buzzards
embroiders red gold morning sky

For Lisa
Slipping away
on angel wings
her light shines on

Cold nose day
spicy potsticker soup
rescue me

Just like a child
catching snowflakes on my tongue
winter wonderland

Winter Rose
bows her head
Snow King arrived suddenly
this morning her cheeks were rosy
his kiss might well be the kiss of death


Cafe au lait
golden milk laced
a votre sante

Luminous Luna
sails silently high above
roaring creek


Some days reflections
can almost
turn us upside down
leaving us
confused no longer
truly knowing
which side is

Wannabe emperor
instead of draining swamp
now crowns toadies

Gently cupping
her pale frozen face
winter rose

Winter is near
silently slipping
down over the ridge
draping diaphanous
veils blurring edges
swallowing trees
dampness kisses
cold upturned faces
droplets tremble
glisten on red berries
tis the season.....


Keening of trees
at storm's mercy
waving arms in vain
they now bow their heads
day shifted shapes
from pale whispering fog
to loud howling gales

Early Christmas gift
now adorns my wall
allow me to present
Professor Barnicus
Head Librarian

This sweet gift of love
received with love
husband couldn't wait
tradition of small
early gifts continues

 Sparkling with glitter
reading wishes from afar
Christmas joy


Little Blue
gone to town for surgery
just like us
feeling his age
too many truck birthdays

Head feathers bopping
they stream into the garden
California quail

Across the creek
now swallowed by thick fog
mournful bellow

Small moonlit world
captured in a gazing globe
optical enchantment

illuminates sky
early morning gift
inked bare winter branches

Halycon days
linger gently
deep breaths
frantic holiday
pace slows down
winter sunset
so splendid
one feels like
simply retreating
to a quiet place
of utter glowing peace

Unexpected storm
leaves sky ablaze in color
evening gift


Christmas Morning
crescent moon tangled in branches
soft hoot of the owl


Walking the dogs
Bear races in circles
cold morning joy


Sparkling like diamonds
crisp frozen grass underfoot
exhaling...I am Ice Dragon

Pale crescent moon
sleeping fox dreams
toes twitching....he runs


Swiftly falling night
we hurry along country roads
illuminating bare trees

Thankful for the beauty
thankful for the trees
thankful for the lonely paths
bringing needed ease

Thankful for the vistas
thankful for the sky
thankful for the wonders
pleasing to the eye

Thankful for sweet  birdsong
thankful for the bees
thankful for all creatures
bringing needed peace

Thankful for our strong legs
thankful for the love
thankful for good company
blessings from above

Thankful we can walk here
thankful for eyes to see
thankful for Mother nature
feeling love and blessed be