Sunday, March 1, 2015

MARCH 2015



Welcoming March ~ this first day
roaming through waking woodlands
chartreuse shimmer endless shades
of verdant newly budded green
stiff March wind roars tousling hair
teasing pines to dance and sing out loud
ruffling succulent fresh grasses 
already alive with multi colored wildflowers 
nodding their heads wisely along the path 
at our feet sprawls the wide open valley
undulating range stretching north
Mt. Shasta in the distance rosy pale 
beneath the warm morning sun
our pack of dogs eagerly racing
eyes alert ears flying as they circle
madly full of joy and energy
they too feel the turning of the season
as we embrace this sunny Sunday morning
savoring our very own Small Celebration

Brave Toad Lily's fuzzy young leaves
sparkle with morning dew
having endured another cold night
safely nestled together
they welcome the warm morning sun
surviving against the odds
even thriving despite the cold nights
surely worth a small celebration

One golden note
perfectly balanced
Luna's nightsong

I was conceived near a large busy river
within sound of a great cathedral nearby
walked along that same river now a toddler
exploring eagerly eyes open wide gait unsteady
many years later walking the banks of another
river by then a teen swirling with confusing
unsettling emotions not unlike the eddies
I watched standing on the banks back then
years later now a grown woman revisiting
standing by that same river once again as
swans regally glide to shore cygnets in tow
greedily accepting our simple offerings
even now our way to town takes us across
yet another river this one a continent
away from the large rivers I once knew
deep waters reflecting the skies above
flowing toward the sea not many miles away
we don't live on that river instead making
our home high above the banks of Elder Creek
which this early in the year dances along
twinkling in the bright sunshine and magically
reflecting the light of each waxing moon
feeding the soul of this Aquarian born under
the sign of the water bearer seemingly destined
to be ever near this life giving element which
has found me again and again decade after decade
rivers and creeks blessing my long journey
through life ~ flowing just like a river

Like a river...........seasons flow subtly
one into another delighting the
senses as each season unfolds enriching
lives with splendid offerings
stark black branches etched into winter 
skies now covered in a delicate chartreuse
froth shimmering magically at sunrise
dead twisted branches of wisteria awaken
spilling elegant pale lavender waterfalls 
along with sentimental currents of scent
white lilacs add yet another layer
first roses unfurl bravely gazing once  
again up into a cerulean blue sky 
this awakening and unfurling, this return
of spring lift our spirits carrying us
along on waves of spring's strong pulse
energized exuberant a river


We keep our tenderness
leaving bitterness behind
we keep precious moments lived
leaving darkness in the past
we keep our tender soft side
even when life is sharp and hard
we keep love in our hearts
for those who have blessed our lives
we keep each moment shared
which made us stretch and grow
we keep the lessons learned
forgiving ourselves mistakes made
we keep learning always
for it enriches and strenghtens us
we keep looking for natural beauty
which is found most everywhere
we keep our sense of childlike wonder
thus keeping magic in our lives
all of these and more are the precious
and wondrous things we keep

I keep my love of the written word
instilled in me by my dad
who would gift me with books
telling me about all of the magic 
held within their pages
I keep my care in handling them
sometimes a bit overprotective
still dad taught me that as well
I keep my love of the man
long gone now but never forgotten
who would make up poems 
at the drop of hat or small stories
while I sat safely on his lap
big eyes looking up at him anxious
to hear the wondrous next part
I keep the sense of peace found
as I explore and savor nature
yet another gift he gave me
on our many walks through the woods
and park lands of my native land
I keep the memories of
trips taken in his station wagon
which he named Liebchen
but most of all I keep the gift
of finding the words to share
the love he instilled in me
for the written word
for the love of learning
for the beauty in nature
for the magic held within books
for the tenderness he shared
these are the things I keep 
his most precious gifts to me

California gold
bright-eyed faces
welcome spring

Yesterday the skies finally opened
we'd watched with hopeful eyes
as clouds were growing and boiling
into dark threatening monsters
would they deliver on their promise
or just taunt  us like before then
swiftly float away pushed by brisk
winds leaving the land thirsty
then first rumbles echoed in the valley
dogs woke standing on trembling legs
seeking comfort as the atmosphere changed
suddenly the skies opened no gentle
dribbles and drizzles this time fierce
torrents of rain driven along wildly
whipping the landscape all around
spring flowers quickly hung their tender
young heads to survive the tempest
unleashed in the garden as wild gales
tore through rain streaking sideways
deeply saturating all soaking the earth
which drank deeply until finally it
could hold no more rushing rivulets sprang
up joining gushing merrily along the paths
making their way through the woodlands
down to the creek now roaring it's approval
loud enough to hear once the wind settled
rains tapering off storm hurrying north
late afternoon found the land refreshed
gentle drip drops plopped down from leaves
as night slowly settled over the valley
tree frogs bravely raised their voices
first a quiet chirrup here and there
soon a full chorus of praise at this
blessed opening of such generous skies

Clouds hurry across stormy night skies
trailing vaporous veils until suddenly
for one brief moment an opening appears
Luna's silvery crescent takes the stage
brilliant Venus trailing by her side
opening night after the storm only moments
later the curtain falls again ~ ENCORE??


Lying down beneath a marbled sky
enjoying a scented marbled book
just savoring the moment no guilt
felt at procrastinating yet once again
our lives are short with stacks
of lonely books begging to be read
why not push unpleasant chores aside
for a little longer just for today
maybe procrastination needs it's day
in the sun maybe even more then one