Sunday, June 5, 2016

JUNE 2016

Embroidering the sky
at the speed of light
swifts dive for their dinner
hurry night is falling
soon bats will unfurl leathery wings


Pondering the prompt it seems
perfection has yet alluded me in
sharing my thoughts on perfection
while one part of me seems to
lean toward perfection thus often
discarding creative efforts which
seem to be lacking in some way
imperfection really lives at
my very core if I am truthful
at times there is a mighty internal
battle perfection trying to
shove aside the imperfect yet do
they not both need their moment
in the sun the imperfect often
just as needed and wonderful
as the less than thankfully as I
age I can now clearly see that
perfection at all cost is not
what I need or want that I have
space for both in my life neither
driving me to distraction but
living in harmony with both sides
as they are taking turns with
neither ruling but allowing
precious time and space for both
in that I find perfect peace

While some might find
this charmer far from perfect
is he not a prince of imperfection
clammy lumpy wart covered skin
but look at those brilliant eyes..PERFECT!!

Vivid cerulean sky
polished clear by
fierce north winds
across dwindling small creek
Gaia's tawny thighs go on forever

Some years back opportunity knocked
cautiously she took her first steps
hands shaking just the tiniest bit
she decided the time for courage had
come thus allowing creativity to slip
in carefully placing her first words
in this new world wondering if she
should have done so alas it was too
late there they were for all to see
imagine her delight at discovering
others much like herself some polished
some raw beginners but together they
wove words into tapestries of poetry
writing from the heart of passing days
mindful moments difficult times happy times
they enfolded each other with words of
support words of gentle encouragement
and in the end....that made all the difference

In a world so often dark and hopeless
tragedy after tragedy leaving us reeling
hurting and bewildered spirits crushed
all any of us can truly do is to remember
always that if we let our own light shine
when combined with the light of so many
others how can we not light up the world??


Prompt: What I like about myself
The things I like about myself....
maybe the most important thing is that
even though I often see myself as deeply
flawed I continue to wake up each day
determined to do better to step into that
new day clearly seeing worth even in my
own self critical eyes to know that I hold
both strengths and weaknesses that live
side by side I like that I am open minded
curious creative delighted by nature I like
that I am deeply loyal and I like that I can
remember those good qualities even on days
when I am tempted to not like myself all
that well because I am being too impatient
too cranky too outspoken yet still I know
there is much in me to be liked and I like that!

Pellucid summer sky
alive with tumbling swifts
waxing half moon

Summer finds us once again
tall grasses are dry and brittle
walking to the creek
each step greeted with sharp clicks
grasshopper clouds landing everywhere 

Spun silk glamour
Luna rises nearly full
diaphanous prelude

Mid morning visit
with abandoned Big Boy
cautiously wagging his tail
this made us smile today

Sitting on the tailgate
talking about how we'll
give up and leave in ten
minutes time as Luna had
yet to show her face
cleverly hidden obscured
by drifting clouds when
suddenly no sooner had
the words left my lips
she appeared as if she'd
listened all along and was
merely teasing us this night
now making her grand entrance
first a glowing rosy sliver
appeared as if by magic then
she rose higher and higher we
followed her ascent grinning
foolishly...she made us smile last night


Her calming glow
balm for aching hearts
kindling peace

Filling cracked hearts
with golden memories
beauty of Kintsugi


Cool morning moon
from the creek bullfrog calls
red flag warning

Hotter weather ahead
in the small pond
wise toad settles in

Weeks ago we saw him for
the first time sitting
out in a pond home to geese
along a lonely stretch
of country road he was
with a partner then who
was no longer there when
we discovered him still
waiting patiently scared
alone lost so we started
feeding him talking to him
doing our best to gain his
trust until recently a collar
was slipped over his massive
head with my own hands his
eyes closed in relief a few
gentle words asking if he'd
like to come home than turning
slowly walking back to our
truck with him following along
like a lamb no leash needed
just that bond formed on hot
days while sitting together
now tethering us together
in our care he shines unfolds
showing what a good boy he
is and with his bliss we too
are filled to the brim with
thankfulness for the Universe
and so many caring thoughts
from around the globe making
it all happen..I never expected that