Saturday, August 1, 2015


blazing through
layers of clouds
draped seductively in veils


Her mind races
trying to keep
track of all
that needs doing
like a squirrel
racing along
climbing the tall
tree of possibility
alas she missed
the opportunity
to get it right
in the end it leaves
her sitting up
there high in the
canopy her tail
twitching annoyed
at having dropped
that vital nugget
of information
then a new thought
comes along
and off she goes
hopefully into
the right direction....

Sunday at Turtle Bay
exploring the river
daydreaming of Monet

At the gloaming
fire glazed sky
the scent of smoke

Sunflower learned her
lesson the hard way
her upper leaves scorched
by the sun she'd adored
followed faithfully each
day now her face is
turned stubbornly toward
the East all day long
one late bee her only
companion as the sun she
once loved sets unseen
her worship cost her dearly
sun is a giver of life
yet can also damage those
staring into his brilliant
face beyond repair
yet still sunflower blooms
golden rays surrounding
her lovely round face

Six Word Saturday
Setting sun
magic orb
smoke kissed

Through dripping ink
branches scarlet
haloed sun sets at
last first cicada
tune up as bats flap
overhead on leathery
wings night falls
swiftly light breeze
comes up the canyon
stirring the cooler
air we breathe a sigh
of relief another hot
day survived..BREATHE!!

Letting go of the past
wild rapids which
often left me reeling
learning lessons
from the water which
tumbles along so
joyfully burbling
along full of life
motion and beauty
not letting any
obstacle stop or slow
it's journey determined
to meander along at
times leisurely sometimes
fast but always moving
forward letting go
moving on just like
life we let go
move on lest we
get stuck in a stagnant
pool of endless
regrets and sorrow
so letting go
learning the lesson
taught so well by nature

Last night once again
the skies were on fire
first Sol sunk
fretfully into thick
layers of smoke
then after night
fell gently first
stars appeared in the
darkening skies above
dare we hope viewing
the Perseids after all
now that skies are clear
hopefully we set up
chair and hammock
in the driveway tucked
snug in cozy blankets looking
up at the Milky Way flowing
high above our heads
patiently waiting soon
rewarded by first
streaks hurtling across
the sky one after another
in the stillness of
the night we could almost
imagine the loud roaring
as they skipped across
entering the atmosphere
never will we forget
that huge one streaking
for miles then a brief
burst of fire seen even
down here with naked eyes
leaving in it's wake
only the tail hanging
in the sky as if forgotten
then it too vaporized
through it all the infinite
universe appeared to be humming
as I recorded the wonders
in the camera of my mind....


Prompt: Fictionalise yourself
Not sure if I'd have a new name
will have to think on that
but I know for sure my hair
would be wonderfully red
and curly and my eyes would
be leaf green with a twinkle
in them and of course I'd
be really brave probably
riding a purple Harley down Hwy 1
overlooking the coast
roaring toward Big Sur on
my way to my animal shelter
tucked away under the trees
filled with dogs and cats
unwanted by some but loved
and cared for by myself
and a staff of helpers
who too might well have been
unwanted out there but
have now found their forever
homes in tidy little cabins
snuggled in the forest
along with all the animals
in their care because
what's a book or movie
without a Happy Ending??

Celestial hot flash
fire kissed Luna
feeling the heat