Thursday, November 3, 2016


Dripping beauty
such glorious colors
autumn delight

First bare branches
herald winter
still quietly waiting
in the wings for now
sunset chill enfolds us

Early morning dew
gathered delicately
strung like fairy jewels
simple beauty found twinkling
enchanting the dog yard this morn

On a slight breeze
one by one they twirl down gracefully
languid golden dance
ballerinas could not perform
dance of the leaves with more elegance


Writing Prompt:  Belonging


Belonging......such an elusive feeling
Belonging..........always just out of reach one moment gone the next
Belonging.........will I ever truly belong anywhere
Belonging..........deep longing for just that every day
Belonging......embraced by nature filling the deep void
Belonging........nature the place where I feel I  truly belong

Hope shines brightly
pushing aside all fears
this moment of peace

L  uminous
         U  tterly beautiful
                 N  atural mends hearts
                              A  lways illuminating the dark

 R   ight now
      I   nner turmoil
     S   ettles at last
      I    nner unease
         N  early forgotten
                               G   iving us hope again          


The word WELTSCHMERZ is special to me
because right now it perfectly describes
for me that heavy feeling that deep ache
knowing that many are walking that path
many are hurting and worried along with us
it is an ache deep in the heart and bone
it is a sense of melancholy leaving us
tired and adrift our world in such chaos
with too much war too much suffering
with too much division too much want
with too much hate too much of too much
there is indeed a collective world pain
shared together as many of us are aching
hoping for peace hoping for human kindness
frantically searching for the silver lining
in the ever growing darkness of a world gone mad....


The word HOPE is special to me
for is it not hope keeping us sane
do we not carry it deep in our hearts
knowing we will need it on the road ahead
is it not hope giving us much needed strength
for shining our light into the gathering darkness??

Be in this moment of beauty
this moment of utter peace
inhaling such sweet fragrance
listening to the hum of life...


Shining a light into the darkness
some days the light grows dim
barely illuminating the shadows
threatening all we hold dear
seeking understanding as to why
not easily finding the answers
yet there are light bearers
together we search out evil
together we unite against wrong
together we support one another
together we keep on hoping
together we shall conquer fear
together we keep on fighting
together we shall win this battle
together we shall cast our light
so very very bright there will
be no place to hide no place
to undo all the good done already
not turning back moving forward
shining a light into the darkness
lest it gather strength and settle
on this great blessed land of ours

Fearing for our future
darkness settles
hot tears leave trails

And though some days we might feel
as if we've been plunged into darkness
still we must reach up toward the light
for we cannot will not dwell in darkness
we must find hope to carry on to thrive
we know the light is there even though
worry causes it to flicker to grow dim
let us be each other's light bearers
together let us carry the torch of hope
let us shine our collective light
finding our way out of the darkness...

Pale green beauty
sumptuous lushness
jeweled droplets tremble
even at the cusp of winter
you shine bravely against the dark

Near the end of the day
twilight reveals
majestic avian trinity
calmly they sit en famille
proud symbol of unity and strength

Illuminating life
slender sliver glows
lunar grace note


First of December
cold north wind
flurries of

Knitting a cap
brilliant warm colors
so toasty

North wind teases
warm cap put to the test
toasty ears smile