Saturday, August 5, 2017


First stirring of birds
fluttering in the bushes
first crystal clear notes
rise into the early morning
fiery sun slowly ascends
our dwindling creek mirrors
soft watercolor skies 
inhaling deeply calm settles
enveloping me with peace
generous reward for rising early

Bravely opening her heart
layer upon delicate layer
despite brutal heat dancing

Narrow gilded band glistens
as Sol slips away
sinking into the Pacific
envisioning I am there now
watching thundering waves crash
while slim legged sand pipers
run to and fro dipping their
long beaks into damp sand
gathering bit by tasty bit
then settling sated for the night


Deep vermilion red sun
sinks into ruffled neon pink duvet
  smoke bombers hum safely home

It's hard to remember
was it night was it day
when tragedy struck
and my muse slipped away
seeing words in the ether
reaching out in delight
only never to catch them
they slip out of sight
no longer can I tell you
about things that I find
like soft satiny layers
setting sun left behind
how that huge bloodred orb
tangled up in the pines
suddenly broke free again
slipping out of my sight
evening sky is now changing
soft pastels in smudged hues
lavender apricot soft tender blue
first crickets start chirping
breeze plays with my hair
faint scent of smoke drifts in
on the soft balmy night air
hoping I'll find her in a day
maybe two so I can once again
share all these wonders with you

It's early morning at the cusp of dawn
nature wakens now rising sun paints
pearly sky with subtle shades of apricot
sitting here in near silence gazing
into the magic grove I breathe deeply
nearly tasting the cool damp forest air
watching as first rays of sun appear
sending their long searching fingers
into the lush green twilight below
ruffling the heads of countless ferns
growing snug at the base of giants
then illuminating vibrant azalea
offering their lush riches to all
Stellar jays wake now calling out
shattering the morning stillness
soon chipmunks will scurry high
up the giant's trunks scampering
into the towering canopy in search
of breakfast maybe nibbling tiny
cones clinging to ancient branches
diaphoneous veils of lingering
fog slowly lift then vanish suddenly
though the redwoods are hours away
life is blessed by this virtual
ancient grove growing in my quiet space
breathing peace into each dawning day
at a distant rooster's call.....I rise

Late summer roses
offering their glorious faces
to the setting sun

Gathering the harvest
Grosbeak gracefully en pointe
Grasses offer themselves
Graciously giving nourishment
Generosity of nature inspires
Grateful to have captured the moment

Solstice crescents
painted upon a leaf
celestial artist's work
cleverly hidden moon shadows

Raucous voices
shatter twilight peace
woodpeckers overhead
like overtired children
refusing to settle down
instead their mad laughter
echoes through the canyon
as they fly erratically
from tree to tree as if
playing catch me if you can...