Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY 2015

I see her glowing in the branches
dreadful pest yet does she not
deserve to live am I to crush her
vivid green body beneath my boot
thus ending her brief journey toward 
magic changes that will transform her 
once again her next life on the wing
worm no more but splendid Hawk Moth
slowly turning away letting her eat her fill
as she prepares herself for changes yet
ahead my heart feels light knowing we will
meet again her unyieldy body transformed
caterpillar no more hovering above flowers
on velvet hummingbird wings sipping nectar

Lightbulb moment~she is eating for three

I do not have the magic to call down
rain from vivid hot blue skies
yet with a turn of my wrist I can
provide relief and joy to shrubs
and birds alike now sprinklers
circle throwing arches of water over
thirsty bushes which quickly fill with
feathered friends now joyfully dipping
preening side by side hummingbirds
nuthatches bushtits woodpeckers doves
fluffing chattering singing in praise
of this liquid gift from above
another turn of the wrist and it ends
yet still they sing and twitter
I am good at making garden magic

I am blessed with sharp eyes
able to find special gems
amidst clumps of wildflowers
as the picture appears on the
big screen I compliment myself
so pleased to have successfully
captured a brief moment of beauty


Letting my inner child pop
out to play wearing cherry
jewelry then finding the courage
to post the silly end result
online to share the smile
major breakthrough for me
I am very proud of myself...


Standing tall and proud
wearing lovely furs
fuzzy paws curled wondering
if we bear gifts but no
only cameras to capture
your wild beauty posing
as if you know your way
around a photo shoot
turning this way and that
showing off all your
best features and then
finally the glamour shot
you stretch bold stripes
 spilling down your back
enchanting wild thing


In Memory of Maggie
She walked in grace
her gentle heart open
fighting taunting demons
who whispered messages
struggling to break free
she graced our lives
with gentle yet strong
words battling valiantly
against that which
wanted to destroy her
which denied her peace
stole her chance at new
beginnings whole again
with the love of her life
by her side we mourn
her loss our hearts heavy
may she rest in peace

Through the woodlands
drifting on the fir
scented breeze raucous
calls fill the valley
Steller's Jay sails
through flitting from
branch to branch loudly
announcing his brilliant
presence stunning prince
glad in sumptuous sapphire
lord of the alpine meadows


This mighty tree lived
season after season
decade after decade
through summer heat
through winter storms
standing tall weathering
all of nature's forces
though it's life force
is no more through
my eyes it has not lost
it's sense of majesty
even in death it speaks
telling the story of
a long life well lived
of rich seasons past
when it's branches were
full of life a place
of refuge where small
feathered and furry ones
could find shelter from storms
find sustenance to raise
their young season after
season year after year
this mighty tree lived

So I was walking through
the forest on a small trail
strewn with sticks and stones
and other equally devious things
to make you trip and stumble
huffing and puffing  slowly
making the long return trip
from Mill Creek Falls
back to my companions who
had fallen by the wayside
suffering from bad knee pain
altitude and vertigo trouble
then suddenly I was all alone
not another soul in sight
no voices no bright colored
clothing seen through the dense
forest announcing more hikers
a sudden sense of unease crept
upon me I must confess
while it wasn't dark yet
black thunder clouds were
drifting above my head
could a sudden mountain thunder
storm find me here unprotected
my heart seemed to be pounding
in a most unpleasant way
what was I thinking I am not
the youngest anymore what if
a misstep caused a bad sprain
what if a black bear mother
crossed my path cubs in tow
my imagination went wild
my blood sugar crashed hands
and knees trembling fearing
the worst suddenly I saw
him limping through the woods
my knight in shining armor
never more welcome we slowly hiked
back my fears at rest knowing
lone death wasn't imminent after
all even scaly dragons no longer
scared me as they seemed to be
laughing at my recent frantic fears

Lush grenadine sky
 imaginary touch
sweet sticky fingers


I believe that surrounding myself
with the right people can make
all the difference in the world
I believe that people can bring
out the best in each other
those are the keepers in our life
I believe that despite the horrors
we see in our world
goodness will and must prevail
I believe that reading and now
writing has preserved my
sanity more then once in my life
I believe that encouragement and
kindness toward others is a
powerful magical tool which heals
I believe I am still learning
and  continue growing knowing
that with it comes  inner peace


she yawns
stretches her wings
waltzes around the room

I believe that nature's
small miracles
are daily gifts often
overlooked in our
busyness running here
and there so
when I  find evidence
of strange wonders
stopping and looking
slows the pace
this small empty
shell left behind
it's old occupant
now singing a strident
song which rises shrill
into the sweltering air
announcement to all
high summer is here
cicadas are on the hunt
for a suitable mate
cycles of life going on and on .....

Six Word Saturday
Unexpected Grace
damaged gate
perfectly restored

Twenty-nine years later
the way to his heart
still leads through
his stomach smiling
we sit German Pancakes
gracing our plates
breakfast in the garden
soft cooing of doves
all is well in our world
this peaceful anniversary morn


Wistful Wednesday
As blistering hot days
find us day after day
each seemingly hotter
then the one before our
yearning for cool crisp
autumn days gets stronger
and stronger with each
passing day our yearning
for the scent of crushed
fallen leaves beneath
our feet the heady aroma
of wood fires drifting
through bare branches
sunshine now soft and
golden spilling like honey
welcome no longer
enemy but welcome friend
for now we battle on
keeping cool keeping our
garden green and alive
but soon oh yes soon
those splendid days will
find us once again
bringing ease and peace
we'll sit spooning
hot hearty soups
keeping heart and hearth
warm settling by
the fire book in hand....

To the south of us
fire dragon
scorches the land
blazing it's
fiery trail
through the
few can escape
it's fury
even from here
we can see
it's ash laden breath
draped across
the evening sky
small souls
lost now adrift
on their last
journey skyward........


You don't really know me
don't know the reason
why don't know the struggles
I've endured
don't know the reason
why I am armored
often seen as harsh
yet full of tender
feelings of needs
the very same as yours
of wounds that
might need healing
don't know the reason
that have made me
exactly who I am
but surely we can
bridge the gap
accept each other
be a friend
celebrate our
strengths together
focus on the good
don't know a reason
we can't walk together
blessed and understood