Tuesday, March 1, 2016

MARCH 2016

Bending over endlessly
trimming last year's spend stems
lush scent of Melissa


Adoption day at  a local pet store
even days later old soul eyes
of a young wheaten terrier haunt me

Sometimes on darkest days
gilded linings appear
celestial reminders of hope

Dainty bells promising spring
glorious vivid blue
 ringing in next winter storm

Yesterday they basked in spring sunshine
today old man winter is back
rudely ruffling their pink organdy skirts


Weathered rough oak branches awaken
emerald green pearls burst forth
impatiently nudging aside last dead leaf

Foraging just before sunset
taking to the sky cawing hoarsely
shiny black murder of crows

 Mother Earth lies green and lush
beneath a leaden drizzly sky
her generous curves embroidered
by bronzed threads glistening
beneath the pale morning light
almond orchards stand knee deep
in flooded rows as the last of
the storm races across the land
on vast range lands vernal pools
now form lakes these wet blessings
are much needed but not all is
well lone eagle sits looking forlorn
his massive nest lost to last
nights howling gales his tree now
shortened cruelly his home gone
our hearts are heavy wondering
if the nest was all that's lost
to him as he sits stoically
surveying his changed world we
too are altered by his grievous
loss he lost his home maybe his family
our trips to town and back will
never be the same again all gone
splendid eyrie graces our trip no
more all we have are mental images
and these last pictures taken
mid January when all was well and
hopes were high that we would see
another proud chick fledge this season


Gazing off into the far distance
mentally scenting the Pacific
where wild breakers crash onto the
shore throwing tidbits at webbed feet
they seem strangely out of place inland
sitting high up above the parking lot
flocks of cars beneath their yellow feet
surely this silent trinity of gulls
must long for the wild sea as do we
yet here we all are awaiting the
next wave of fierce storms crashing
ashore to the West far way today
but we shall visit those shores once
again awash with gifts from the sea
even if only in storm tossed dreams
for now until one day the sea's call
becomes insistent enough urging us to
 travel once more to those salty shores
we shall follow the gulls west until
the Pacific once again breaks at our feet

Promise of spring to come
tiny arms reach out
eager to embrace the sun

Prompt: Changes
A picture from so long ago 
oh where did the decades go
when I sat basking in the sun
after long days of boating fun
roaring screaming across the waves
pipes where hot those were the days
long of leg still slim and trim
isn't it a funny thing how years
flew by how things have changed 
everything is rearranged this body
I inhabit now is not so hot is not 
so wow but yet it takes me everywhere
we still have fun so I don't care  
because inside the wild child rides
still dreaming of those carefree nights

Greening California
veiled in heavy mizzle
damp connection
to our British friends
cold clammy fingers
reach across the globe
Wellies to the rescue
Hoodies pulled tight
time to rouse reluctant
dogs for morning walkies
as long as we all get
drenched together they're
game pushing eagerly outside
now gamboling like spring lambs


Pungent sharp heads
rise higher and higher
offering sweet tangy
nectar to the bees
after feasting on
Arugula will their honey
tingle on the tongue??

Like a flock of exotic birds
flamboyantly dressed
as if ready to take flight
yet rooted here firmly
blooming where they're planted
living in the moment........

Such exquisite stillness lies here
beneath swiftly racing clouds along
the small creek one lone red winged
blackbird sings his evensong each
note crisply bursting forth hanging
briefly in the mellow air then all
is still once more this moment of
tranquility stays with me all the
way home further yet as even now
days later I can feel the happy
serene smile on my face tilted up
bathed by the setting sun on that
late afternoon isn't it small precious
moments just like this which if
mindfully gathered will sustain us
along life's chaotic at times deeply
bewildering journey surely I am not the
only nature child  breathing deeply
sipping the wild air seeking sustenance
freely given to all who gaze with wide
open eyes into nature's generous green heart

Against all odds
carmine buds unfold
eye of the storm

How I delight in fabulous art
created by the famous and
not so famous artists I admire
alas these hands do not guide
brushes or pens thus far talents
discovered are using clear vision
then capturing found beauty
simple camera tool of choice
day after day these eyes scan
searching then finding as I
eagerly embrace my inner artist
in my own unique way~ I am growing!!!

Tame no more now roaring beast
brown back rippling roiling
bucking along like a mad bull
undulating kraken like arms
spread race along tumbling down
once dry ravines feeding the
greedy beast below which devours
all in it's path branches
whole trees are on a wild ride
downstream huge rapids boil
roaring rising up as if to meet
dark blue bruised sky above
bucolic meadows peaceful only days
ago turned into muddy spreading lakes
we have not seen nature unload
such overly generous bounty in years
safely we stand high above the
roaring beast wind slashing cold
rain into our faces tucking
poking as if willing us to join
this crazy dance brought north
by unruly El Nino the wild child
roaring up from the warm south
taking our leave we run for warmth
and shelter because honestly
we're getting too old to party
like that much preferring sitting
in front of a warm fire drying out
while sipping soothing cups of tea
digging drenches then skitting down
to take a look soon clambering
back uphill was party enough for us

For one brief moment
drifting out of the clouds
new moon blessings

Unfurling frilled delicate petals
appearing deceptively fragile
yet like women strong at heart

Who's this bright young thing
perched smiling upon a log
dreaming of woodland fairies

Suddenly beamed down by storms
strange otherworldy entity
miniscule planet landed on earth

Ode to Joy
Skylines have changed
storm altered vistas
roll past our windows
sadly we glance over at
familiar places noting
changes brought by late
winter storms severed trunks
like broken teeth pointing
up into a pale blue spring sky
when suddenly we see it there
is something new a dark spot
in still nearly bare trees
surely this was not there just
two days past are our eyes
deceiving us today is it just
a mirage a hopeful vision we
wish to see but no it's true
we are indeed bearing witness
to this most marvelous renewal
swiftly pulling over to our
old accustomed spot where we'd
stopped so many times before
a closer look reveals indeed
proves without a doubt they're
back our proud eagle pair hard
at work swooping down again and
again gathering up branches in
the pasture then huge wings flap
slowly until they are aloft
once more bearing new lumber
these sky high builders land
then carefully new branches are
woven into the growing nest oh
how we wish we could just sit here
all day watching as their home
takes shape basking in the
knowledge that against all odds
all will be well once more
but time waits for no one we
must move on yet how different
we now feel our perception seems
altered our day changed by
this wonderful sight no longer
sad but jubilant we drive
away our hearts filled with joy
grateful that no all was lost
on that wild stormy night....


We're not wearing the green today
instead feasting our eyes
on Gaia's green mantle sprawled
at our feet isn't it clever how
she throws in bright splashes
of bold glowing colors which truly
compliment her many shades of
green these verdant pastures
now blessing our desert state
must be absorbed deep into our
souls to nourish us for those
dry brittle days ahead when once
again these meadows will lie
dormant green no more but clothed
in shades of tawny lion gold
which has a strange beauty of
it's own yet it's these green
lush days that make our hearts
soar as we listen to the song of
jubilant meadow larks soaring
up into a forget me not blue sky

Three pretty Dutch girls
looking all around
whispering to each other
not making a sound
wearing lovely bonnets
basking in the sun
I think I heard one giggle
am I the only one????

Night falls gently
views now mere shadows
this moment of zen 

As if flying
on gossamer wings
Luna ascends

Holding on
trying to weather the storm
letting go

Secret surveillance system
savors Spring sunshine
saying "I am watching you!"

King Tut
Slipping from the envelope
into my waiting hands
arriving with angel wings
beloved face gazes at me
our Mambo King long gone
yet here he is even if only
on a tiny precious canvas
still a sweet reminder that
one day we'll meet again
he'll look up brown eyes
shining then once again
he'll dance the mad mambo
wiggling madly head to tail
singing  his Tutter Butter
song along with his special
signature moves oh the joy
for now we'll bask in his
calm sweet gaze once more
grateful for that special
person who took the time
capturing his spirit perfectly...

Moments before dawn
watching a near full moon set
blissfully unaware of
tragic events a continent away
which forever altered
precious lives families torn
apart grief stricken survivors
still reeling from shock
collectively we hold our breath
yet up in the heavens planets
make their way across the sky
serenely shining on us all
my epiphany then is this
how can these tragedies
seemingly worlds away not
touch us as well while we
live our own quiet lives
away from big cities where
horrors once again unfold
seen from a safe distance yet
felt by all mourning hearts
worldwide their loss is our
loss as we grieve once again
for yet more lives lost our
world surely gone mad is it
too late can we still change
or will violence always brutally
tear away the fragile veil of beauty...

As always she beckoned me  golden eye wide
awake come follow me she seemed to ask
so into a cold spring morning I went still
sleep drunk and shivering yet following
her lead roaming the woodlands nearly silent
just before dawn only first timid chirps here
and there oh it was cold my fingers grasping
the camera ached with it yet how could I resist
her lunar spell  the one she weaves around me
to handily so I wandered and drank deeply of
the cold, crisp air all the way down to the
creek which lay glittering coldly at my feet
mirroring a pale morning sky losing myself nearly
missing her fond farewell only moments before
she slipped away, out of sight....welcome Sol
please lend me your bright warming touch I pleaded


Papa would dust off his archaic italian
no doubt charming the dear ladies on
art trips arranged by the Academy
he'd cheerfully hold court surrounded
by sweet widowed ladies fussing over him
he'd take in the sights sip deep of lush
red wine no doubt gazing up seeing a golden
moon suspended just like this between
soaring slim columns of Italian Cypress
while sighing....aaahhhh, Bella Toscana
I his eldest daughter still long to visit
those same  rolling hills take in the vistas
his eyes rested on so many decades ago
for now gazing across the small orchard
viewing a setting moon will do but someday
I too hope to walk the cobbled streets
feast my eyes on wondrous ancient art sip
lush red wine and sigh....aaahhhh, Bella Toscana

My epiphany this evening gazing out 
into the night is that I am surely 
enchanted by Luna's magic spell unable to
resist her call on moonlit nights
peering down through oak branches
precious jewel set in moonlit bronze
as she floats up serenely I realize that 
this might well be a genetic trait passed 
down through generations lunar connection 
to mom and those before her over six 
thousand miles away she too cannot resist
her call staring out of the window when Luna
reigns over the night sky crescent or full
it matters not we stare together into
the dark reassured to see her calm steady
light illuminating even the darkest night
sometimes I wonder what are we looking for??

Hiding in a dark quiet corner
off the beaten path glowing beauty
lights up this small space
where lawn machines slumber
waiting for their day in the sun
treasures are found in the most
unlikely of places...who knew

White luminescent beauty
 slightly imperfect
waning moon

One by one
they are moved
back out into the world
leggy pale a bit sparse in spots
newly transplanted into rich dark soil
stretching out their toes looking up into
a vivid blue spring sky basking in the sun
recent winter home an empty room with empty shelves

Satin piece of heaven
fallen to earth
Night Sky