Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th-28th, 2014

February 24, 2014
Crystal rainbow finds me
paints third eye 
colorful enlightenment?


February 25th, 2014
Morning flights
trailing pink curls
crescent moon smiles 

February 26th, 2014
Deep in the woodlands~nearly hidden from sight
first tender green fingers
reach for the light

February 27th, 2014
Raindrops quiver~ adorning swelling oak buds
lichens and mosses ~plumped ~ freshly nourished
last night's fierce storm has eased~pounding rain ceased
light rain now~ soaking deep~feeding roots~urging growth
winter storms arrived late~already spring knocks at the door
creek~timid no more ~roars her approval~running muddy
no gentle playful song today~strong currents tear along
swift clouds keep pace~now and then a blue spot winks briefly
 gust of wind tears open the skies~golden rays flood the land
dry no more-nature's blessing upon as at last-precious rain
underbrush~alive with flocks of chattering birds 
singing~drinking deep~bathing~preening
giving voice to our joy

February 28th, 2014
Rainy day
yet inside captured rays
shine bright

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th-23rd, 2014 ~ A week in Elfje

February 17th, 2014
shining bright
delicate yet strong
sun and moon combined

February 18th, 2014
skipping along
dancing with joy
chattering like giddy schoolgirls

February 19th, 2014
looming ahead
sporting new coat
dominating road to town

February 20th, 2014
proud profile
overseeing the land
partner settled on egg

February 21st, 2014
heads raised
limpid eyes curious
resting on leftover hay

February 22nd, 2014
peaceful setting
grass finally greening
nestled together en famille
Watchful mothers
guard their
sleeping calves

February 23rd, 2014
snuggled together
light shining bright
gazing up in unison

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th, 2014

February 10th, 2014
Pine weeps~tears of joy

#2 MM

Pot of gold~at the end of the rainbow

February 11th, 2014
Venus rises~ miniature moon
ascending~not from a foamy sea
but a deep sapphire blue sky
glowing like a diamond
she slyly winks at me

February 12th, 2014
Nocturnal voices call me~surfacing from sleep I wake
cocooned in velvet darkness~ surrounded by delicious warmth 
Feeling Luna's searching gaze~sweeping through the garden
silver rays~calling me to play~beckoning through bamboo shades
only on warm summer nights do I answer her call~venturing out
walking with her on silvered paths~ beneath starry skies
on chill nights I feel her presence~yet resist her call~snug in my bed
closing my eyes tight~sinking deeper~back into my dreams.......of summer


February 13th, 2014
upside down
pounding shell vigorously
busy extracting her dinner
Sea Otter

February 14th, 2014
Gray day~winter still reigns
glorious splash of vivid vibrant color
reminds us~spring will come

February 15th, 2014
Misty morn~mighty oak stands silently
robin sings~rich notes rise~curl into the gray
avian artist~attempting to conjure up the sun

February 16th, 2014
Seven Word Sunday
Small faces appear~ bravely searching for spring


Poetic Bloomings Prompt #142
Love never ceases
Love never ceases...... to amaze me
how it comes around time and again
finding us throughout our lives in different guises
sometimes taking the form of romantic love
then the love of a dear friend of many years
sometimes it comes on furry feet~stealing our hearts
filling our lives with unconditional love and acceptance
what is love if not that tender feeling filling us with joy
warming and comforting ~never the same~so many faces
even after the loss of those gone ahead~love lives on
Love never ceases...... to amaze me

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st-9th, 2014

February 1st, 2014
The old deserted dairy farm sits quietly~basking in last light
behind it a bare cottonwood holds a nest way up high
epic in size~we've often admired it on our way to town
tonight we stop on our way home~pull over~curious
I jump out ~camera in hand~ready for action
hoping to get a good shot before we lose light
focusing the lens to maximum zoom~click~click
back in the  truck he asks~eyes shining bright~elated
"Did you see him fly in and land, did you?" 
Focused on my camera display I missed the landing
the nest well off the road and high~so high
the small display shows only the nest aloft
arriving back home~download complete
we meet the architect face to face at last
Bald Eagle settles for the night


February 2nd, 2014
Against a pale blue sky
first almond blossoms unfold
ballerinas in delicate tutus
dance in a cold north wind
as if trying to stay warm
setting sun casts a rosy glow
across the wintry barren stage
Did they unfurl too soon
tempted by unseasonal warmth
hoping for spring ~eager to emerge
this week winter returns once more
freezing nights ahead~maybe snow
delicate yet strong~they'll survive
offering their sweetness to the bees


February 3rd, 2014
Finally~Mt.Lassen wears a winter coat

February 4th, 2014
Alien landscapes shimmer beneath the surface of the creek
aquatic worlds~seemingly uninhabitated ~nothing stirs
green meadows and mountain tops wait for warmer days
when once again finned and froggy denizens will populate
this silent green world~filling it with sound and movement
frogs will sing of love well into the night~dating and mating
silver bellies will flash under the sun~schools of minnows
delighting us with agile dances~twirling in the swift current
we know balmy days are ahead~but for now it's rain we need
the creek lies quiet~eager to receive blessings from above
sorely needed to help this small universe survive and thrive
green cradle of life is ready~but will the drought break in time
searching the sky for answers~anxious for that moist miracle
clouds are gathering~obscuring the blue~dare we hope???

February 5th, 2014
Fiery skies~ promise of the storm to come?


February 6th, 2014
As we pass~ looking to the massive nest
Bald Eagles tumble through the sky~aerial ballet
courting~playing~readying the nursery

February 7th, 2014
A day well spend~securing their bond
they sit side by side~content~grooming
the nest~perched high above the silent old dairy
massive in scale~even from a distance
what joy it is to behold this pairing
camera allowing us a peek into their lives
mundane trips to town~enriched by their presence

February 8th, 2014
SWS Trio
Gathering together~riding out the storm
Beach trip off~rain consolation price
Stormy weather ushers in Sixth decade

February 9th, 2014
Lovely gift graces window~searching for sun
eager to create rainbows~yet thwarted by the rain
shining regardless~brightening this gray day
refracting precious light~glimmering with promise
holding rainbows~deep within it's crystal heart