Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Year's end tonight
so today we play
blissing out in the snow
laughing out loud
on the brilliant white flanks
of magic mountain
endless deep blue skies
glittering powdery snow
drifting like fairy dust
through the trees stirring
in the gentlest of breezes
hidden forest paths 
where lavender shadows 
hide beneath the pines
savoring these precious
moments we reconnect
strengthening bonds
formed over the years
once a wee curly headed
girl now a grown woman
taking on the world 
spreading your wings
but in these precious moments
you return to us once again
as you have year after year
how quickly time slipped past
yet some things never change
you were our joy in the old year
and will be our joy in the new
what a wonderful way to see
in this brand New Year together
side by side we bid good bye
to the old and welcome the
new with open arms
to discover and explore
a blessed brand New Year...


Happily humming
capturing fleeting moments
of sublime beauty

At the edge of the bank
white toes grip tight
holding on for dear life

Sssssh, tread softly
emerald dragon slumbers
disturb not his peace

Newborn triplets
bravely rise up
beneath gray skies

Quirks?? Who me?? Never!!
Ok, I confess I do have a few
more really than I have space
to mention I am sure more
will surface as I ponder
this week's prompt
for now there's this
don't you like your
tea in this cup but your
coffee in that one??
Sadly my husband just
doesn't understand
that particular quirk
to him a cup is a cup
to me it's got to be
the right one and my morning
and evening tea has to
be in the darling blue
pot with matching cup
and my cozy to go with it
soup spoons only one is
the one and then there's
the yogurt spoon
yes that one the lovely
smooth as silk in your mouth
spoon given to me by my
aunt only it will do
then there are certain pots
for certain dishes
and of course the right
stirring spoon for each one
don't get me started on
the knives which are proper
for each job of course my poor
husband's mind cannot wrap
itself around these odd quirks
of mine but he indulges them
as best he can if he
remembers from day to day
if he doesn't I usually
sneak back into the kitchen
and get the proper one
though I am pleased to say
yesterday I did suffer silently
whilst sipping my tea
from the Alice in Wonderland
coffee cup because the
Cheshire cat grins especially
wide while having coffee
or is that just in my fevered
quirky imagination??

Hair Magic
Sad, droopy hair
back to it's shiny
bouncy self
smiling magician
wields not sword
but shiny scissors
cheerfully she
worked her magic
laughing and chatting
self confidence
restored my thinning
hair slowly recovering
along with myself
we're ready to take
on the world again


Could it possibly be a bit quirky
that as I view our natural
world capturing it greedily
via camera for all time
then gazing at my treasures
on the big screen at home
suddenly words join me
start telling a story
imaginary conversations
bloom in my mind ordinary
things take on a life of their
own two bald eagles chatting
while pecking in moist winter
pastures minding  their own
business no doubt soaking up
a bit of delicious sun
taking their ease when suddenly
there comes an intruder with
one shiny glittering eye
pointed at them cyclops like
staring at them rather rudely
briefly inspecting this
disturber of their afternoon
peace with sharp eagle eyes
no doubt saying to one
another "What on earth?"
then briefly nodding twice
deciding by mutual agreement
not to take any foolish chances
quickly taking flight then
alighting in a nearby tree
looking over their great
feathered shoulders maybe
a bit curious after all
no doubt clacking their great
yellow beaks in annoyance
discussing how forward
and rather intrusive the
human race is getting to be
no privacy to be had anywhere
clumsy two-footed ones
taking ones photo without
so much as an by your leave
or even proper introduction
for that matter~ what ever
is this world coming to
all talked out smoothing
their shiny feathers
finally deciding to ignore
this intrusion no doubt
saying to one another
"The view from this branch is
really quite lovely, don't you think?"


Prompt: Shadows
California winter storms
roar across the land
El Nino is no child's play
muddied creek is howling
jubilantly carrying whole
trees down stream while those
still standing on the banks
rock too and fro up top
trees are tossing and
turning restlessly their
great heads bowing low
into the fierce gust as if
to pay homage to this bringer
of much needed nourishment
snug inside gazing out
dark shadow hovers nature's
might and plenty endangers
forty foot Christmas tree
planted tenderly with love
nearly two decades ago
mighty trunk is showing
pine pitch fungus damage
soon this giver of shade
shelter of flocks of birds
must come down leaving a
large hole in our hearts
and our skyline dreading
the day which will not be
able to be put off much longer
casts a long dark shadow over
nature's joyful exuberant play
already we mourn the loss
still praying for a miracle
we know won't come gazing
out with heavy hearts
branches sway birds flit
in and out their rest stop
between feeders blessed they
are for they not knowing
of the dark shadow hovering
sadly we see it all too clearly
where will Luna play hide and
seek as she sinks out of
sight on moonlit nights


Greetings Lady Luna
having missed your
presence these past
stormy nights such a
delight taking the air
together once again
followed by moon shadows
we walk the land
you high above gracing
deep indigo skies
myself below taking
step after careful step
soft moist earth beneath
my feet we stop at the
edge of the canyon
loud roar of the creek
tonight nearly drowned
out by shrill raucous song
amorous frogs court loudly
their unions blessed
by your silvery light

Imagination runs wild
nestled in woodland's shadow
wee embryonic dragon
covered in minute scales
or merely Mother Nature
playfully tricking
the eye ~ flights of fancy

feeling centered
monkey mind rests
spirit once again nourished


turning slowly
hands form clouds
they drift past gracefully

Robin threw a party
invited all his friends
eating everything in sight
the music never ends
appearing nearly drunken
reeling from place to place
having ever so much fun
you can see it on this face
the berries are all gone now
the party crowd is gone
but we can still hear echoes
of their celebration song

Storm torn skies
for one brief moment
her light shines

Three years ago this month
we came together one at a time
small timid steps as we picked
up our first stone placing
it carefully then another
until we formed a community
we came together in search of
finding mindfulness in each
moment and we did that
but in the process we found
so much more we found kindred
spirits we found support
we found encouragement we
were uplifted by fellow
writers on dark days finding
rays of sunshine offered
by those on the same journey
on other days we were the
ones who lifted up one another
three years later though our
community has changed to some
extend the essence still remains
we gather stones and often boulders
together side by side our words
weaving a colorful tapestry
this web spun with words delicate
yet strong much like a spider's web
we are truly blessed are we not?


Slowly melting by the wayside
monster storm's calling card
remains slushy piles of hail
still dapple meadows randomly
two days ago it roared through
our valley leaving communities
buried deep we escaped it's fury
yet will never forget viewing
the monster from our land as it
grew rapidly boiling up into a
clear blue sky a living entity
alive and furious it seemed
lightening bolts like spears
crackled from it's ominous black
heart growling thunder rumbled
across the land fleeing quickly
we scampered up hill as if pursued
by the beast slipping sliding
panting we ascended the long hill
out of breath welcome silence
enveloped us broken only by the
gentle crackling of the warm fire
and our wildly thundering hearts
finally they slowed settling once
again to their normal reassuring rhythm


Prompt: You lift me up...
Gray day dark mood
still struggling
to rise above it all
our peaceful morning
violently broken leaving 
us shaken unable to un-see
the seen how do we erase
images and sounds not 
even knowing the reason 
only taking guesses
trying to justify it all
but no one is talking
we are stranded here
on our own small "island"
trapped by economics and
loving our little place
today made it crystal clear
we stand alone ~ invisible
if only our small paradise
could be lifted up then
gently placed elsewhere
among kindred spirits who
make us shine who nourish
our souls who know our song 
happy to sing along~lifting us up 

Delicate silhouette
even when quietly sitting
humming with life

Gilded threads
lifting up into the sky
miniature forest

Reaching up
embryonic shadows within
golden promise