Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th-31st, 2014

October 27th, 2014
Delicate smile
glows brightly
sinks down 
into a rosé 
cloud duvet
fairy tale sky


October 28th, 2014
First Flight
Into early morning skies the color of
fine champagne buzzards take
to the air lazily spiraling up
into the skies growing
ever smaller~now
mere dots
way up high

October 29th, 2014
Loudly he announces his arrival
bold raucous cry rings out
disturbing our morning peace
Bright eyed he flies in alights
scattering small birds who
familiar with his might flee
Handsome blue silver knight
but no Lancelot is he
bringing chaos to our realm
Methinks I shall name him Mordred
for he came not in peace
but to disturb our blessed kingdom

October 30th, 2014
Early autumn morning
gilded spires rise
up into a pale blue sky
Morning breeze carries
the musty scent
of colored fallen leaves
Faint scent of wood smoke
enhances this
heady autumnal perfume

October 31st, 2014
winter king
seemingly floating
above the far horizon
such grand mountain majesty
bare flanks are now once again
draped in snowy ermine wreathed with
cloudy collars pulled snug against the cold
splendid sight savored on our morning walk this day

Take care of your furred ones~keep them inside
sparing them harm and possible fright
Tis All Hallows Eve~ghouls are walking outside
warty wizards appear~casting spells in the night
Pumpkins are grinning~baring big teeth
eerily illuminating these dark rainy streets
Goblins are roaming ~ loudly ringing the bell
hand them their treats~then bid them farewell
Soon the veil thickens~this night~it will end
peace once again~stay safe my dear friends

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th-26th, 2014

October 20th, 2014
Letting go
always the 
hardest way
to show 
your love

Tugged in a hidey hole 
by his wily feral mum
found by our curious
short legged dachsie
always ferreting around
finding treasure for us
He was lifted to the light
blinking~gazing up at us
with wise yellow eyes
tailless~what a surprise
a rumpie not even a stump
just a round furry tuft
Long legged~full of spirit
he wiggled  his way deeply 
into our very hearts
blessing our everyday life 
for nearly eighteen years
today we said Good Bye
May we meet again
on the other side
you dear sweet boy
we shall keep you close
to our hearts always
alive in our memories


October 21st, 2014
Glorious sunrise
skies dabbled
with hot pink flocks
of drifting sheep
birds sing joyful songs
sun spills it's golden light
across the morning garden
beauty fills our senses
life goes on~bringing joy
even in our sadness

October 22nd, 2014
Opening my eyes at dawn's first light
solemn golden eyes gaze down on me
unblinking~am I sleeping~dreaming
of silvery snowy owls~reaching up
my hand finds not feathers but fur
at my touch rumbling purr spills forth
silvery head sporting pointed ears
pushes deep into my offered hand
Siegfried the silver tabby~no owl
wanting to know if it's time to eat

October 23rd, 2014
Glowing warmly
brightening this rainy day
elegant velvet gown
adorned with diamonds
Vivid treasure found
tucked in a quiet corner
late year blossoms
Autumn's gift to us

October 24th, 2014
Once again the grass is green
deep~lush~up to our ankles
well behaved grasses are here
wild wonderful weeds as well
Banished in most yards
but welcomed in ours
why aim for perfection
let nature reign in splendor
Let these wild things thrive
let them set wondrous heads
waving on long elegant stems
seeded heads bowed in prayer
Hoping to complete their cycle
before the mower strikes
we wait patiently until it's time
to mow~sowing the ripened seeds


October 25th, 2014
When the flow of words
slows to a trickle
are we really out of words
or is the opposite true
are there so many
trying to spill forth
they dam the flow
like a busy beaver
slowing the stream
yet behind the dam
miraculous transformation
takes place new worlds form
new habitats emerge
life burst forth and flourishes
are we merely beavering away
our treasured hoard of words
allowing them to grow
creating new worlds
changing our inner
landscape~enriching it
until the time is right?

October 26th, 2014
First golden glow
hurry winter
is coming


Hoping the bounty
ripens before
first frost comes
coldly robbing us
of this last warm
memory of summer

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th-19th, 2014

October 13th, 2014
Far from the sea
how I long to hear
her soothing voice
calling me
her salty breath
enveloping me
her sandy shores
inviting me
small foamy waves
tasting me
her endless horizon
freeing me
my soul soars
with the gulls
above me

October 14th, 2014
Luna sails above
trailing roseate
veils in her wake
hurrying home
before the sun
finds her lingering

October 15th, 2014
Huge wings dissect a silvered sky
dark shadow flies~a flash of white
flares briefly~could it be again
our Eagle of that early spring
Eagle eyes survey the land
reclaiming this~their old domain
Queen or King we do not know
their regal profiles look the same
They did not raise a brood this year
our summer was too hot and cruel
their nest aloft an old dead tree
no shady leaves to keep them cool
Joyfully we greet this sight
regal bird seen first in flight
perched now in a barren tree
our blessing this day to see

October 16th, 2014
Dusky stars~circle of three
this magick floral trinity
herald blessings all around
dearest wishes heaven bound
sharing blessing with thee and thee
off they go~so mote it be

October 17th, 2014
Blustery gales are now about
fallen leaves they twist and shout
landing here and swirling there
spreading color through the air
We now find them everywhere
sometimes even in our hair
suddenly my words~they rhyme
dancing merrily~keeping time
Feeling the rhythm~dancing along
swirling~skirling~singing a song
savoring the blessings of the season
do I really need a reason???


October 18th, 2014
Angels reach out
with caring hands

October 19th, 2014
Bert the frog
dances a mad jig
does somersaults~flips
are these his death throws
is he having an epileptic fit
standing witness~helpless
concerned~yet mesmerized
suddenly the miracle happens
he's not suffering at all
he's dancing a dance of renewal
a dance of personal growth
slowly a veil forms around him
he frantically gyrates~faster
 his feet jiggle and wiggle
pulling at the ectoplasm veil
now shrouding his head
after one last tiring effort
done~he's standing tall
Fred Astaire like
he's got the moves
Bert the frog
sports new togs

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th-12th, 2014

October 6th, 2014
Masked countenance
still she glows
spilling her silver rays


October 7th, 2014
Web of friendship
woven with words
will it endure
As seasons turn
are the silken threads
able to hold
Change~ever present
challenge the strength
caring enough is key
Delicately suspended
dew drop words sparkle
delighting the heart
May the web hold
may it endure
many more seasons

October 8th, 2014
Watching the shadow
swallow the moon
hurry on darkness
come to us soon
Creatures are stirring
under your light
making it easy
for hunters tonight
Shadows are fading
as you slip out of sight
dimming your face
this cool autumn night
Darkness has fallen
your face turning red
sending the hunter
back home to his bed


October 9th, 2014
Moon magic was found
popping out of the ground
with a glow of their own
they look right at home
Springing forth overnight
'neath the moon's
silvered light~here's magic
indeed~at our very own feet
Have fairies been here
to help them appear
little moons in the ground
near perfectly round
Were they sung into life
by sweet fairy song
full moon magic for sure
I just knew all along
All it took was one night
for the signs to appear
when Luna is full
moon magic is near

October 10th, 2014
Baroque pearl descends
sinking gracefully
into pearlescent skies

October 11th, 2014
Down they swoop in tight formation
sporting flawless crisp flight suits
Black goggles and jaunty caps
complete the dashing fly boy look
Stopping for a much needed layover
they're eagerly refueling their tanks
Sitting together in small groups
chattering cheerfully eating their fill

October 12th, 2014
Suddenly toothy jaws
have been transformed
Once threatening teeth
spill forth yellow tongues
Succulent dinosaurs
sporting jaunty grins


Waking to the roar
of strident autumn winds
howling up the canyon
fraying my nerves
tugging on each strand
scattering internal peace
to the seven winds
Feeling like an autumn leaf
clinging to it's branch
still tethered~unwilling
to release it's precious hold
even if it's well past time
is there a lesson here
to let go of things?
Things which no longer
fill my heart with joy
that feeling of greeting
each new day eagerly
bursting with joy~fading
like the autumn leaves
or is it just the wind???
This infernal wind~tugging
moaning around the corners
of the house~spreading
unrest~twanging nerves
playing me like a harp
out of tune~discordant
lacking harmony~BREATHE!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1st-5th, 2014

October 1st, 2014
Even the evening skies
are wearing 
their autumnal robes 
draped snugly
against cooler nights
sumptuous colors
warming our hearts

October 2nd, 2014
That perfect moment at sunset
when passing jets magically transform
from plane to streaking comet

Fiery trail dissects the evening sky
leaving flaminco pink hieroglyphs
slowly drifting and fading away


October 3rd, 2014
As I am sitting here
pondering the day
trying to find the words
nothing really comes
not my usual wordy flow
that finds me at first light
maybe all the thinking
about too long, too short
image or no image
mindful or not mindful enough
is slowing my creative flow
time to get back on track
simply writing for myself
making my own rules

October 4th, 2014
Nature's Miracles
I rub my eyes
and then again
I am seeing stars
desert in a bowl
has a hidden surprise
deep at it's spiny heart
beyond the tortoise
miniature mauve star
landed overnight
little furry alien
turns the desert
into the sea
at ebb tide
my desert
tide pool


Green Minarets rise
from the desert
future magic stars

October 5th, 2014
Fear not
honestly~we come
in peace