Monday, May 14, 2012

Lily Pond

Years ago my husband created a fish pond out of a bath tub which was damaged on a job he was on. This year the waterlily it houses has gone wild. More blossoms then ever. Along with amazing lily blossoms the pond has visitors, such as the little tree frog.  To keep mosquitoes from breeding, it's also home to Mosquito Fish. We keep them only in this and one other pond, as sadly they are also voracious gobblers of tadpoles. Thankfully we have other water features that our little frogs frequent, most of them full of tadpoles at the moment. So life goes on. The warm nights are filled with the croaking and singing of  tree frogs, looking for potential mates. Life is good!!


  1. Those are gorgeous water lilies. Nice that they are doing so well. Very sweet. I'll have to look into creating a little pond like that. Would love to have froggies around again...

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Fur. I figured you would as you are a fellow frog lover. :) The lily didn't really start thriving until the mosquito fish moved in. I think she likes her roots tickled. LOL Oh, there's lots of little water snails as well. You'd enjoy having a little pond.

  2. Aw! Love that little froggie!
    And those waterlilies are gorgeous.

    Anonymous *Aug*