Saturday, October 1, 2016


Now they bid each other a tender farewell
having embraced all throughout the year
Plumbago still in the prime of her life
Virginia Creeper starting to color brightly
before dropping scarlet leaves one by one
in all of life there is a season the wheel turns
changes come our way whether we wish it or not.....

First Breath of Season's Wheel turning
delicately breathing moist life
into sleeping moss atop the tiny roof

Above smoldering autumn fire
high repetitive fluting
song sparrow's sweet evensong

Overshadowing world's troubles
nature once again
my daily muse and saving grace

Tiny friend barely two inches
bright eyed he watches
I am watering his whole world

Sometimes finding your joy
can so very difficult
life's challenges the state
of our world can all weigh
us down until we wonder
if joy even still exists
thankfully sometimes it
just pops out at you
when you least expect it
you look up and suddenly
there's a sign in the sky
reminder that even in
our darkest moments
not unlike the dark of
the moon it's been there
all along merely hiding
out of sight for now
so please don't lose heart
from a tiny spark hidden
deep inside joy can burst
back into life once more
if only we are patient
allowing the darkness to pass...

Fierce jaws open wide
revealing hidden splendor
autumn's starry gift

Late autumn gifts
slowly unfurl
this moment of joy

Once again the wind
roared loudly
tearing and tugging
at branches
trees waved wildly
bowed heads
suddenly high above
subtle glow
spread in the sky
she appeared
triumphant once more
most unexpected
she cast her silver light
illuminating brightly
this stormy autumn night
we watched
shivering in the breeze
rising higher
she climbed often her face
nearly obscured
but she looked serene
glowing peacefully
tranquil eye in the storm


Against all odds
fairy tale moon
oak leaf adorned
spreading her lunar magic
on this stormy autumn night

Screaming in fear
humans are near
chainsaws in hand
is this the end??

Prompt: Personal Treasures
My personal treasure
are they not my eyes
for how else would one
find exquisite beauty
nature's bountiful gift
offered freely all around us
focusing very carefully
can we not momentarily
forget world's dark side
lurking in the shadows
breathing heavily attempting
to steal hope for a bright
future yet here they are
these vibrant shining faces
riding out the storm drinking
deeply of welcome autumn rain
gifting us with a brief moment
of respite of renewed hope that
we too will ride out our storms

Just the other morning
waking to a miracle
hours before the storm
a brilliant rainbow
formed in the morning sky
even today the beauty
still lingers in my mind
echo of rich color
warming this cool rainy day


Chosen word: PEACE
Random words: hartal and reflex
As peace seems to be ever elusive
on our chaotic greedy planet
my reflex is to run and hide
yet I know action must be taken
we cannot blind ourselves to
happenings and wrongdoing
we must seek ways to be proactive
but how do we go about it
when so many turn away pretend
they cannot see the wrong
yet together we could practice
hartal ceasing to take part in
corporate greed and avarice
standing together against wrong
by forcing the very hand who
is rapidly destroying our planet
one country after the next stumbles
tumbling down the black hole
of no return yet I strongly feel
it's never too late there is still
time as awareness and light slowly
illuminate more and more souls
seeking  inner peace then radiating
that peace shedding the light of hope
could that perhaps be the only action
needed one by one concentrating the
energy of peace changing the world?

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