Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Harbingers of spring
bravely lift delicate faces
pale winter sun

Wild emerald castle
beneath pale crescent moon
dancing commences
to the piper's sweet tune
dewdrops shimmer on gossamer wings
fairies are dancing while nightingale sings
in broad daylight there remains nary a sign
for the ball that was held here was all in my mind


A nudge in the right direction
finds us once again
seeking solace in nature
walking in a heavy mist
above us bare winter trees
reach into a heavy gray sky
bird nests are now revealed
as are their architects
huddled nearby feathers fluffed
against the damp cold
feet sink into moist grasses
lungs drink in eagerly
this delicious moist air
feeling the weight of the world
and all of it's many sorrows
slide slowly off our shoulders
down deep into Mother Earth
she who has seen it all
yet never gives up hope that
one day all will honor her again

Deep indigo velvet
glimpse of bright heavenly treasure
celestial jewels

This symbol of hope
resting patiently
we shall rise again

Hurrying along
shepherded by fierce winds
golden fleece

Rain drenched faces
held on slender stems
bright watery smiles

Happily humming
gathering sweet nectar
eye of the storm

Veil of winter
obscures golden rays
buttermilk sun


Pale face heavily veiled
captive of the storm
snow moon

Late last night
storm clouds parted
Luna's brilliance
adorned olive leaves
with minute diamonds
twinkling in the breeze


Out of the fog
mighty clash of titans
winter thunder

Rising slowly
high above the rushing creek
luscious Luna

Despite the flood
feathers glow with rainbow magic
he dives and thrives

All that remains
are keys to the heart
such tender love lost
yet in the books of time
are written chapters
sweet memories linger
maybe all is not lost
for love and precious
moments of joy surely
live on thus comforting
lost aching hearts
until once again the
wheel of time turns
reuniting loving souls
then once again
together for eternity...

All night pummeled
by fierce wind and rain
she rests her head
sighs as the sun kisses
her tenderly at long last
she knows she'll live
gracing yet another day

Surrounded by sisters
sweetly dancing in the breeze
spring is coming.....

If you could see what I see
you would savor row upon row
pink stretching to the horizon
you'd see beehives resting
beneath blooming almond trees
bursting into exquisite flower
this tranquil sight of beauty
busy humming of gathering bees
soothes all the senses
but suddenly you would hear
loud clattering roar above
chaos now reigns enemy in sight
for above this tranquil scene
red chopper releases it's load
fine toxic mist of who knows what
settles on everything below
surely this is not good
for any of us bees or human
if you could see what I see
you too would feel sad
corporate farming at it's worst

The Nightmare
I am tossing and turning
they're coming for me
fists pound on the door
in this land of the free
they take me away
to I do not know where
they ask endless questions
they seem not to care
they're doing their duty
orders came from up high
to harass and detain
new laws made on the sly
they will not unite us
their goal is not that
they are following rules
made by a greedy mean brats
who have not a care
for the folks they should serve
I must post this quickly
before losing my nerve
so thankful that it was only
a dark terrible dream
I woke covered in sweat
and heard myself scream
what happened to our country
why are they so mean
fear now follows me daily
even into my dreams
as I am lighting the candle
I once again pray
that peace and reason
win at the end of the day 

Once again sweet nature
heals the turmoil within
leaving me breathless

Despite these dark uncertain days
faith in mankind at times wavering
our clear vision suddenly blurred
by twisted faces of shameless greed
our ears assaulted daily by angry
voices spewing their message of hate
seemingly determined to dim our world
dim our collective light wanting us
to lose hope and give up shut up
still we hold strong knowing that
goodness abounds everywhere
we can see it in the bold faces
of those fighting for us all
we hear it in their strong voices
those brave souls who like us yearn
for tolerance and world peace
they can call us weak sore losers
screaming at us to accept darkness
get over our loss move on already
but in our hearts goodness abounds
for we see the truth we steadily refuse
to believe the blatant ugly lies
we are determinded to shine our light
into the gathering darkness
keep shining bright...goodness abounds

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