Thursday, July 6, 2017

JULY 2017

Where did the time go
flying by ever so swiftly
seems only yesterday
our eagles returned again
now their eaglet sits
proudly on nest's edge
nearly fledged ready to fly
under a parent's watchful eye
proud symbol of this land
delighted we watch yet
fear for the future of all
wild things now under siege
surely this does not feel 
as if America is being made
great again rather it feels 
as if all good kind things
are under constant attack now
our spirits cannot soar 
when even sweet moments 
taste bitter with sad thoughts

Here in the valley we boil
in our own skins once again
but high up in the mountains
there lie cool lakes where
wavelets lap gently onshore
just thinking of dipping 
my toes into the cool blue
brings blessed relief 
then I open the door
step outside quickly engulfed 
such heat where even breathing
scorches my lungs as if
dragons are battling nearby
my eyes feel as if sand
settled under my eyelids
scratching scraping burning
turning quickly I open the
door behind me saved again
by the image of that lake
just in the nick of time....

Now she rises high above
her pale face embroidered
magically in oak leaves
watering under her watchful eye
following me from pot to pot
bats swoop low zig zagging
through the heavy velvet folds
of this sultry hot night
soon the shrill voice of cicada
will rend the still night
for now only the occasional
chirp of drowsy birds 
rustling in their roost
break this night's stillness
night gardening now done
one last glimpse at Luna
opening the door I am 
enfolded in the crisp coolness
of the house where tired
dogs collapse cheerfully panting 
we're all ready for bed.....

 Remembering Lisa
Gracious gifts
flew across the land
creative efforts
of one deeply loved
but gone too soon
found a new home
in my creative space
memories of one deeply
loved and in tune
with all of nature
may these gifts given
remind us all
of the infinity of love
and the generosity
of one who lost so much
yet took the time
to share her treasures


Walks in the park with auntie
we would sit in the sun
she would fashion daisy chains
thus crowning me like a princess
grandma sewing a sweet little dress
lady bugs for buttons fluffy skirts
for special occasions only
otherwise the clothing was dull
in postwar east block Germany
walking with grandpa to the store
sometimes to his favorite pub
secret kept from grandma of course
playing in the sandbox with
a neighbor's daughter in the gray
paved courtyard of the big
apartment building cratered with
bullet holes on it's solemn face
blissfully unaware that playing
in the ruins was not a normal thing
sneaking lumps of dried powered milk
from the large chest someone kept
evidently delicious at the time
the smell of it nauseates me now
my dolly with the china head
who had to go to doll hospital
when she fell and broke her head
grandma cooked on a wood burning stove
my Saturday bath's were taken
in a pull out dish sink in the kitchen
the toilets were one floor down
iceboxes cooled with blocks of ice
as time stood still when the guns
were silenced in that forgotten land
feeling loved and secure for 6 years
then that strange day in the train station
grandma firmly holding my hand
watching the steaming monster engine
enter the station roaring puffing
that was the last time I saw
what I thought was my only family
until I was thirteen on a brief visit
with my uncle who had married my
sweet auntie when she fled to the West
we brought treats hard to find
in the still grim grumbling east block
nothing had changed there only the sweet
connection to my early family
how they must have suffered at the loss
as did I in a world changed forever
that last day at the train station
it was for my own good they said
otherwise I'd be fluent in Russian now
like Frau Merkel instead of English
sharing with you this small bit of ancient history

Luna's being playful tonight
mischievous Cheshire cat smile
rises into the evening sky


Morning Performance
Step right up step right up
the Flying Squirrelinis
have arrived in the arena
daredevil leaps from tree to tree
without safety nets no less
lighting quick amazing stunts
snout to tail tail to snout
flashes of gray twitchy tails
this morning's performance was
outstanding leaving us grinning
mighty acrobats spend at last
sitting in the feeders eagerly
nibbling fat sunflower seeds
tiny hands grasping each seed
shiny eyes like black pearls
darting here and there
peel spit peel spit peel spit

 Impressive cover of a magical book
while bidding me welcome
stern eyes of it's guardian
say otherwise is this a challenge
do I dare open this tome
resting dragonfly promises change
wisdom transformation even light
promises adaptability as well
is this the message of the book
even before writing upon it's
pages I feel a faint stirring of
hope a feeling that from chaos
might well rise transformation
turning all that is evil to good
dipping my pen into the well
of good intentions words hurry
across the first thick pages
focused filled with rising hope
conjuring weaving a magic spell
envisioning a happy end for us all


To the east huge Sol rises
glaring blood red at first
he ascends the smoky layers
laying heavy on the horizon
his presence is not welcomed
with open arms but rather fear
for we know he shows no mercy
scorching all with his hot gaze
upon the thirsty parched earth
swiftly drying out creek beds
tormenting beasts in the field
shriveling the tender buds
now we watch his progress
in the heavens hoping night
will come soon given all respite

While most all the garden hibernates
enduring brutal midsummer heat
brave crape myrtle joyfully explodes

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