Saturday, December 2, 2017


And so she rises once again
lush luminous winter moon
oaks full only weeks ago
now reach stark bare fingers
into the darkening sky
as if praising her beauty
nights glisten magically
as she graces the heavens
sleep eludes me I wake
her brilliant light nudging
me from sleep...resistance is futile

Dec 5th, 2017
On this sunny windy day
sweet Sally O'Malley
crossed the rainbow bridge
hale and hearty again
no doubt eagerly welcomed
by the old pack waiting
tails thumping sniff sniffing
you're here at last...let's play


Her favorite blanket
special bowl now put away
fond memories of her
sweet face looking up
velvety snout nuzzling
those delightful ears
she was shy yet also fierce
our dear canine matriarch
missed by all of us
memories tenuous connection
maybe she's only walked ahead

December full moon
Sol rose swiftly
gilding her descent

Venerable oak stands alone
bereft of his companions
who stood with him there
in a lovely meadow filled
with birdsong and wild ones
he's the lone survivor now
his tree family was felled
they paved this paradise put
up a superstore parking lot
all hustle past the giant
unaware littering jabbering
not sparing him a kind thought
when I am near I send him
words of comfort
words of caring
words of courage
words of support
because sadly I cannot turn
back the greedy developers clock

Neither rest nor velvety darkness
enfold his stark aged branches
night no longer falls this paved
over prison stays brightly lit
day and night hustling bustling
yet he still stands proud and tall
not defeated though he witnessed
them fall one by one his fellow
giants all gone now no doubt firewood
only a few babes still standing
up near the road mere saplings
compared to his regal sturdy girth

Eyes burn with tears
am I utterly mad to
mourn with a tree??

Above roseate veils
slim crescent moon lingers
inky branch framed


To the east
glorious pool of crimson shimmers
through bare oaks~winter sunrise

Fabulous fireworks
firmament frolics
Friday's farewell


Massive head
cupped in upturned paws
snoring and snuffling
hibernating side by side
Bear and I dreaming our way
toward our next warm tasty meal


In flashlight's beam
fat shiny centipedes
dainty blue bodied snails
each moving at their own speed
criss crossing the nocturnal highway

Like a column of smoke
rising up on the current
spiraling higher and higher
drawing sacred circles
turkey vulture meditation

Like a column of smoke
rising up on the current
spiraling higher and higher
drawing sacred circles
turkey vulture meditation
Recently I made the acquaintance
of one who had until recently
been a stranger to me an old gent
known by the name Hashimoto
now you might ask if he is a poet
as his name has a poetic ring to it
maybe a new favorite sushi chef
possibly even one of those wonderful
Japanese artists who capture crane
in mid flight or mighty waves as they crash
with just a few elegant strokes of a brush
alas he is none of these instead he is
a physician who discovered a strange
disease which turns a body's defense
system to fail now intend on attacking
the very body it is meant to defend
while I am most grateful Dr. Hashimoto
was clever enough to find this anomaly
honestly a poem, painting or even one
artistic piece of sushi art would have
been much more appreciated by me
still pondering all of this did bring this
poem to life so maybe art is present
after all as I am sorting out my thoughts
on this new untraveled road ahead
Arigatou Gozaimashita, Dr. Hashimoto

Christmas night crescent moon
afloat in heavenly milk
served in a bowl of finest copper


Above the creek
wispy veils shimmer
kissed by the sun
as he makes his way
to the far west
all this in a pale
lavender blue sky
layers of exquisite color
visual feast for tired eyes


High atop the big white rose
dainty male quail perches
bobbing on a slender branch
his call announcing to all
sole ownership of his world
chi-ca-go chi-ca-go chi-ca-go
below him verdant shrubbery
is alive with rustlings and shadows
telling of a large plentiful covey
anxious clucking commences
should anyone come too close
bellies filled generous breakfast
of seeds consumed now they roost
growing pleasantly plump while
high atop the big white rose
on alert keeping his covey safe
dainty male quail perches on guard

Brilliant blue sky
small golden hands wave
waving back smiling

Magpie, Magpie flying free
joyously from tree to tree
chattering loudly to and fro
here they come then there they go
heads are turning now upside down
watching these cheerful avian clowns
my inner child jumps full of glee
if I had wings that could be me!!!

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