Saturday, August 20, 2011


This has got to be one of my favorite Cannas. It's amazing both in bloom and in leaf. It's at the back of our property on the little porch between the General Store and the Library. Catches the morning sun there. and what a beautiful sight when those first rays touch and light up the leaves. So even when she's resting and taking a break from flowering, still a great part of any garden. She's been living in a large pot for quite a few years now. This fall we'll have to take her up and divide her. She's a bit cramped right now, so her blooms are getting fewer.
But the colors are outstanding on both blossoms and leaves. If you live in a fairly warm and sunny climate, this beauty deserves a spot in your garden.


  1. Beautiful flower. And indeed, the leaves compete for attention.

    Don't think Cannas could handle my climate, alas.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. No, I don't think coastal OR is Canna country. But then again, I could be wrong. You should check with your local nursery.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.