Sunday, November 25, 2012


This is our lovely boy Siegfried, the Silver Tabby. He'll be 17 this coming year. When I took the picture he had just "helped" me make the bed. He's the last in his litter. Along with his siblings, he was born on our property the year after we bought it to a small, gray feral cat. We lost Green Eyes, his mother this year. Not sure how old she was, adult when we moved here. He had a black brother, named Mikesh, I've shared his image here on the blog before. And one other sibling, a sister named Woody. She had the biggest, golden owl eyes. We've managed this group of semi-ferals for 16 going on 17 years now. 6 left out of the original 18.'s been a long haul. We got everyone spayed and neutered of course, but still the care of that many has been tough at times. Siegfried still seems in robust health, but 2 more of his siblings are struggling with illness. They have added much to our lives and each and everyone will be missed when they're gone. But for now, we'll enjoy the time we have left with the remaining gang.


  1. He's beautiful, good on you for caring for the ferals. As a cheeky aside, I love the material he is sitting on, I have a tiny cat ornament that matches it!
    Best wishes , Francesca

  2. Thank you, Francesca. Never thought to look this far back for comments. Seems like the river of stones has overrun my blog. LOL. How fun that you have something to match his blanket. :)