Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15th, 2013

Not long ago
our little table's glass top
burst into a million little bits
sprinkling down to the ground
in heaps of sparkling diamonds.
Not sure what made it happen.
It looked so sad sitting there,
topless, with two chairs to match
My dear one rose to the occasion
he spend day after day crafting
a new top, made from wood and
assorted bits and pieces creating art
Now it shines again, better then new
because this top was made with
love, from the heart. Priceless!

Book Spine Poetry #3

Without Reservations (she abandoned)
A Sensible Life
(following) A Trail of Crumbs
(which lead to) Educating Alice
(in turn leading to) An Imaginative Experience
(across)The Chamomile Lawn
(ending with her) Harnessing Peacocks


  1. Love it, such a great poem you managed to form from your book titles!

  2. Thank you, Estrella. It was great fun. Thanks for the inspiration.