Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th-16th ,2014

March, 10th, 2014
After the storm~everything shines
first the sun~emerging slowly
rising through layers of multicolored scarfs
last clouds~enveloping the hills~drifting to the east
all of nature shines~silvered droplets tremble 
gilded treetops capture first rays~new oak leaves emerge
brilliant peridot green~shining like semi precious stones
burgundy plum leaves unfurl~pink blossoms twinkle
puddles and rivulets reflect the pale aquamarine sky
all appears jeweled~after the storm


March 11th, 2014
No Zephyr this~but howling winds 
roaring through the newly greening groves
tousling heads~ tugging limbs~nudging buds
up it goes~herding stray cirrus across the blue sky
then down again~nudging~pushing us along impatiently
dogs are wild too~eagerly racing each other and the wind
rushing creek and swaying pines sing in pleasing harmony
wild spring morning~immersed in nature~energized
we return home~freshly charged~ready for our day

March 12th, 2014
Three sisters~pale green heads held high
kissed to life by the warm spring sun
what colors will their tender hearts reveal

March 13th, 2014
On a clear day you really can see forever~or so it seems
even things far away suddenly seem near enough to touch
homeward bound~Mt Shasta beckons~dominating our view
nearly three hours north~snowy flanks illuminated by the sun
how enticing and magical the view~hovering above the orchards
a mirage~rising from the valley floor~seen by travelers for miles
speeding up the freeway headed north~closer to it's white splendor
our thoughts drift to the early pioneers who would see it for weeks
 arduous journey north never ending it seemed~near and yet so far
driving their oxen~mile after tiring mile~ maybe fifteen a day 
 tremendous courage and strength~trying to find their way home

March 14th, 2014
Early morning it's barely light~I step out into the garden
headed out to check the hummingbird feeder
hoping to care for them before they wake~too late
impatient buzzing and twittering greets me from above
yesterday's party has drained the banquet bone dry
removing the feeder to replenish the feast they follow
scolding~buzzing~ I flee to do their impatient bidding
rush back out~full feeder in hand~silence greets me
slipping back in I peer through the bedroom window
then down they come~descending in the pre-dawn 
 vision blurred through the screen~watching them feast
watching them feast~seven or more at last count
diving~swirling~sharing~the party is on again


March 15th, 2014
SWS Trio
Cautiously~eldest sister unfolds~it's time

Younger sisters~bravely peek~ follow suit

Grand Finale~their splendor~finally revealed


March 16th, 2014
Seven Word Sunday
Delightful apricot tutus~plundered by visting bees

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