Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31st, 2014 Belated Anniversary Treat

July 31st, 2014
Belated Anniversary Treat
July 28th~July 30th
First Day~the journey
Well, we got a bit of a late start, but in the end did make our getaway for at least a few days.
Loading up our things and 4 large, over exited dogs, off we went to see the world, well a bit
of it anyhow. Our destination after weeks and weeks of Triple Digit Weather was the coast.
Out the gate we rumbled, quivering, hysterical Petey between our seats. This was going to be
a long ride...and it was.
The journey nearly ended before it began, but we finally negotiated a peace treaty with Petey
the Drama King and decided to keep on going. This despite a bit of a rocky start, involving Petey getting his first flying lesson into the back of the RV. Now before you get overexcited at this obvious case of animal cruelty, this came after trying to hide under Dad's feet and the gas and brake petals as we were making our way through the very treacherous Trinity River Canyon toward the sea. There was no stopping, so Petey had to be extracted and removed from this area of grave danger for all of us. No place to pull over, so I had to make a desperate move.
As a rule I am very weak at critter discipline, but the fear of death by plunging 100's of feet
to the riverbed brought out a very agitated pack leader in me. Not proud of it, I must confess.
I was shrieking and carrying on quite bit, resulting in the now horrified Petey giving up the fight, climbing onto the small couch, turning his back to me, spending the rest of the trip staring out into the the setting sun, the landscape flying past the window. I can only guess what went through this mind and frankly I'd rather not know. Thankfully he had a lengthy sulk which lasted nearly the rest of our travels over the worst and most dangerous spots.

The relentless heat followed us for hours, our planned night stop came not to be as even there,
on the other side of the coastal range night time temps were near the 100's, even that late. So on
we drove, our destination now the coast for good, no sleep to be found in the heat or the roaring
generator powering the A/C.
We finally arrived well after dark, a moist, heavy fog greeting us. While this what we came for,
late at night, with no RV space reserved it was a bit daunting and we were feeling a quite lost.
But we bravely moved forward, searching for a place to park, knowing we needed to get
settled for the night. It seemed a lost cause, I must confess. Then suddenly, a mirage?!? Along the
ocean side of Hwy 101, lit RV's, cozy tents and flickering campfires. Dare we hope?? Taking
the next exit we backtracked and found our Eden. Spacious pull through lots, low fees, this once our
senior status paying off. We settled in with a deep sense of relief. The very stressful journey finally done, it was time to break out the wine and beer. Both to celebrate our 28 year union and our survival of the harrowing trip to our destination. The Universe had finally decided it had toyed with us enough ,we earned our just rewards.
Day Two~now it was time to just enjoy!
Nested under the covers, joyfully feeling cold bits sticking out, we knew we'd arrived for sure. Having slept well, we were woken by first movements of our fellow campers and the strident calls of Gulls and Crows having noisy disputes over scraps found around the camps. The scent of the sea wafted through the open windows, the roaring breakers a most welcome sound. Time to get up and check things out.
Evidently this is the place we were meant to stop, just ask the gull.

Though the sign next to her, guarded by a crow did give us a bit of pause. But we decided, if today was our last day, at least we were feeling joyful, enjoying it to the fullest.

The day was spend walking wonderful trails, our team of dogs in hand, the fresh sea air invigorating. Fog still hung most everywhere, with just a few clear spots her and there. HEAVEN!! Off the trail, down to the sea, laying silvery at our feet. Gulls wheeling, sea stacks still nearly hidden in the fog. What a delight!! Tess, our Shepard Girl, dancing and twirling at the end of her Flexi Leash, at times gamboling like a spring lamb. Leashes required on this beach, just as well, those two, Tess and Candy would run wild, following their noses, no doubt, never to be seen again. The Lost Dog poster at the beginning of the trail, a grim reminder to those who would give in and answer the brown eyed plea of "Let me run, let me run."

Exhausted we load back up, a few necessities are missing and must be purchased so off we go.
That matter handled, we head up the coast for just a few more miles, hoping to find a spot in the Redwoods. The State Parks are full, the only option a rather lovely rest stop. But it's so busy, we'd find no rest there.
Still, for a short while I walk into the small grove of trees. Though not ancient, I am immediately under their spell. Walking the trails, huge stumps of trees who once were, bring tears to my eyes. How can one approach such majesty with ax or howling chainsaw? It just stuns me as you can feel their wonderful energy walking beneath their crowns. Looking up, up, up into the canopy, these giants are ecosystems in themselves.

Turning southward again, we decide to spend one more night at our beach campsite before heading inland. It's getting late in the day, the drive home too windy and dangerous, with just one rest stop along the way. So we enjoy one more afternoon of delicious fog, salty air. No watering chores, no chores at all, we needed this. Just hanging out taking walks, one the beach alone, deeply resented by Candy Poppins who ate her harness to punish us. Still, what joy to just walk without teams of excited dogs pulling us this way and that. They get their own walkies upon our return, heading down the now familiar trail. As the day comes slowly to an end, we spend time watching the activity around us. New campers arrive, set up and soon darkness falls, first campfires flicker, happy campers silhouetted against the silvery sky. Deeply relaxed we wish this could go on forever, alas our home and cats await us at the end of the trail. We sink into bed at last, savoring one last cool night.
Third Day~ Homeward bound
Waking on our last day, looking out the window we see the camp come to live. New arrivals are moving about. The colorful, old bus, spills loads of dread-locked folks onto the beach. Who knew it could hold that many and several dogs.

Reluctantly we sort our things, tidying everything up, ready for the long ride home. Petey receives his happy pill, hoping to make his travels a bit easier...for all of us. On the road again we drink it all in, to remember this lovely time.
Goodbye lovely fog, green pastures grazed by happy cows,silvery, delicious sea. Goodbye stately Redwoods, sandy beaches and shrieking gulls. Our hearts are sad, yet full, lucky to have had this wonderful reprieve from our hot, daily lives. We are truly blessed and try to remember that blessing as we slowly make our way uphill, into the coastal range. Last banks of fog slowly give way to blue skies and temperatures start rising.

As the truck shifts into overdrive, climbing ever higher, following the Trinity River, we start talking and planning. We need to do this now and then to keep us sane. To have a day here and there just for pleasure so our last stop along the way is our favorite lake. And miracle of miracles, in this time of severe drought statewide, our paradise is full to the brim. Sparkling water as far as the eye can see, our favorite little island, sitting offshore, beckoning us.

We'll be there soon, our old, yellow ski boat gently bopping on the waves. Lounging in hammocks, enjoying a picnic and a day of watery fun.

The sadness at leaving the coast behind is slowly evaporating like fog. Our next adventure awaits us....


  1. Enjoy reading through your travel log, Evi. Sorry I wasn't able to bop down there to see you, but maybe next time, which I suspect there will be, if not exactly soon. You sure got some nice photos, too!

  2. Thank you much, Pam. If it weren't for that harrowing ride to cover just over 150 miles one way, we'd be back with bells on. Glad you enjoyed the telling of it.

  3. great story & pics...oh, how one can long to a cool breazing sea...

    1. Thank you, Hannah, glad you enjoyed coming along for the trip. That sea breeze was just what we needed. You would have loved it there, some really interesting characters wandered the camp day and night. :-)