Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th-24th, 2014

August 18th, 2014
Minimal Monday
Hey you 
with the leaf
in your beak
I see you!!


Betrayal  is such
an ugly word
leaving a bitter taste
What do you say
when the trust you had
was just a mirage?
When your heart and soul
your secrets and pain
are used against you?
You cry~that's what you do
you grieve for what's lost
everything you held dear.
That love~not always perfect
now sullied~how to go forward
from this painful dark place
Speaking now would be deadly
I'll pull in my antennae
and let my shell comfort me

August, 19th, 2014
You know how on some days
just like before a big storm
the air in our own lives can crackle
Leaving us unsettled and uneasy
strange feelings and happenings
swirling in our personal atmosphere
Then it hits~hard~swirling~driving
spinning us this way and that
our feelings boiling like thunderclouds
The storm breaks~leaving us reeling
like the heavens~tears fall heavily
flash flood~releasing tension and stress
Internal storms~washing over us violently
leaving us spend~yet  also thankful
we've survived~made it through intact
This calm after the storm~it can clear our vision
we can breathe again and savor the new day
yes they'll come~but we've weathered them before
May they strengthen us~encourage new growth
may their wisdom thrive in us
may we step forward with courage and grace

August 20th, 2014
 Floral periscope extends
surveys her world
can't help but smile back

August 21st, 2014
Bella Donna~Beautiful Lady
so tempting~so deadly
Long ago~lovely ladies used you
to enhance their own beauty
Your essence turning their eyes
dark and mysterious~like you
Your poison~aiding some
eliminating others~deadly gift
 It is rumored that you aided
 witches in their ability to fly
Bella Donna~dark beauty
able to enhance~or destroy

August 22nd, 2014
Eagerly opening their bright faces
greeting the brilliant sun
not knowing her passionate kiss
will be the death of them
we enjoy their velvety beauty
the glory of this morning
savoring the moment

This owl winked once
as my husband passed by
how could he resist that
And how could I resist
embellishing his dear gift
with my own touch
Lovely Midnight Owl
now rests safely
touching my heart

August, 23rd, 2014
Gathered together
cheek to cheek
these mature beauties
Perfect imperfection
bruised and marred
yet treasured and loved
For beneath the surface
their hearts are tender
their sweetness sings
These ladies gave their all
luscious Apple Crumble
transformation complete

August, 24th, 2014
Paying it forward
So often we come across this concept
paying it forward~encouraging others
what better way then applying it right here
in this group of kindred spirits~sharing of themselves
how well I remember my first tottering steps
upon this stage~nervous~my words still halting
a bit stilted and unsure~fingers shaking ~hovering
above the button that would send it out there
for all to see~my soul laid bare to some extend
I've been around now for a while~still writing
those early days of first uncertainty behind me
yet there are new voices or sometimes even old
who will benefit from that sign of really being seen
of that like or better yet a comment~input to validate
their voices and feelings~we all know about the lack
of time~ swiftly running~not enough hours in our days
trying to do it all and still find time for us and friends
yet when I think of all those actions~encouraging me
allowing me and many others to spread their fledgling wings
how can I not take a little time each day~paying it forward?

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