Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th-14th, 2014

September 8th, 2014
It's been so long since you shared
our lives~bringing smiles our way
seems we've missed you forever
Yesterday's mail brought a reminder
that it's not been all that long
since you graced our home
Dear brown eyes shining
your enthusiastic eagerness to please
the dance danced only by you
Today I have to make the dreaded call
a grim reminder  "He's no longer alive,
no license to renew this year."


This sad day ended in quiet joy
picnic packed~moon quest ready
we head out~valley bound
gilded rolling hills along the way
in the smoky haze we wait
nibbling our picnic~crickets sing
daylight fades slowly~the sun
slips away toward the sea
then Luna rises~cresting
the Sierras~blushing gold
enormous in size~she dwarfs
the landscape at her feet
our trip thus blessed
we head back~westward bound
her golden gaze follows us
all the way home~Bliss


September 9th, 2014
This morning once again
she called to me
lingering to the West
teasing the tree tops
while to the East
sun made it's fiery
debut~glowing blood red
in the smoky morning sky
hastily dressed I leave
chasing them both
Brother Sun~Sister Moon
sharing the same sky
rushing back home
out of breath~panting
yet pleased~ready for tea


September 10th, 2014
There's an Ant Stampede
run for your lives
they're racing madly
in the moonlight
Packing their eggs
to save all their brood
the panic is great
and frantic the mood
Fleeing from something
I am not really sure
their final destination
I have not a clue
They race up my legs
and under my shirt
I dance rather frantic
scream loud to be heard
Husband comes quickly
the look on his face
is a sight to behold
as I am running in place
He comes to the rescue
I run for the house
and leave him to sort it
my dear faithful spouse

September 11th, 2014
Smoke kissed chiffon
unfurls across the sky
late evening flight
touched by last light
turns shooting star
Night falls quickly
sky now smudged
in darkest velveteen
evening stars dimmed
the smell of smoke
So many days of
sun sets and rises
spilling rich color
across the skies
our forests burn
When will it end
this torrid summer
creek has gone dry
our hearts are heavy
but oh those colors

September 12th, 2014
Embroidered delicately
onto a bright blue sky
she's fading slowly now
Her cycles repeat eternally
magic~holding us spellbound
Waning~glorious reign past
her face grows gaunt
bringing darker nights~I sleep

September 13th, 2014
Friendships are like gardens
the simple questions is
do we want a cactus patch
which requires no effort
or do we want a rich
vibrant cottage garden?
Me~I am a cottage garden
kind of girl~willing to work
fertilizing and watering
because to me friends are
the vibrant flowers in life
nurturing them will determine
if they are short lived annuals
only bright for a season
or perennials~here to stay
year after year~weathering storms
but surviving against the odds
always a delight in full bloom

September 14th, 2014
Save a bunny~shop with open eyes
This morning~as I stood under the shower
head tilted back~shampooing my hair
I got careless for a moment and looked down
instantly a soapy stream of water ran into
my open eyes and it burned a lot I tell you
as I carefully rinsed my eye I couldn't help
but think of how thankful I was that my
shampoo was never tested on a helpless
furry creature~trapped in a lab~unable
to take this awful burning pain away
maybe crying out at someone in a lab coat
approaching it~ not to help~but to hurt again
all in the name of sparing us needless suffering
what the hell are we thinking?? That they
feel no pain?? That they are somehow better
equipped to suffer that kind of abuse??
What happened to common sense
knowing that getting soap or cosmetics
into our eyes will hurt them?? When did
humans decide that we are so precious
that it's alright to torture creatures in our name??
I know I am not alone in my deep empathy
for those needless suffering in human hands
others feel this pain as well and shop carefully
that gives me such hope for our future!!

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