Friday, May 1, 2015

MAY 2015

Another sweet May unfolds
in all of its splendor
birds are busy feeding 
their clamoring young
butterflies delicately
extract sweet nectar
bees sport yellow knickers
buzzing contently as
they probe this morning's
newly opened buds
sipping the sweet nectar
all of nature celebrates
this glorious first day of May


Owl trinity
sharing wisdom
nature's magic

Our inner landscape, often a precious secret garden
hidden from view carefully protected by tall walls
build over a lifetime of loss pain wrong paths taken
sometimes walls build so high and unscalable as
to seem cold and unfriendly to those standing outside
appearing harsh unable to see the landscape within
for it's within our true self unfolds boldly unafraid
to own the tenderness the growth lush and succulent
tendrils creeping up the walls, sometimes reaching 
across with tendrils of blossoms as we learn to 
own our mistakes overcome them and grow into ourselves
growing wiser with age more accepting of who we are
more certain of our place in the world we cautiously 
crack open the secret door allowing those who care
enough to enter and see us for who we truly are
embracing us despite our imperfections and thorny bits
allowing us to grow further yet to bloom and thrive 
entrusting our tender inner landscape to those dear
to us their care and tenderness enriching our days
their love and concern fertilizing encouraging growth
even on days when dark memories shade the paths of our
inner world we know that the sun will return
once more illuminating the hidden landscape within

Prompt: The Inner Landscape
My inner landscape is filled to the brim
with valleys and hills slim paths leading
from ordinary moments to moments of magic
filled to overflowing with visions of fancy 
balancing an outside world not always whimsical
but here in the hills and dales of the 
inner landscape fantasy abounds allowing ordinary
moments in a day to be transformed into something
extraordinary filled with special magic where
warty garden toads with solemn golden eyes turn
into charming princes only waiting to be kissed 
thus breaking the wicked spell of the black witch
or revisiting tales of splendid Toad Hall
it's walls hanging with the family portraits
of aquatic ancestors gone but not forgotten
our inner landscapes filled with words and
fantasies that see us through embellishing
most any a day and connecting us to other 
kindred spirits whose inner landscapes too are
lush and full of wonder waiting to be shared
may our inner landscapes be places of wonder and 
joy filled to the brim thus blessing our days


Six Word Saturday Duet
Drops of amber
silver pagodas

Fuzzy bees
playfully tickle
fuzzy lambs

Mother's Day
Thriving chick
fuzzy no more
stands tall
on the rim of 
the large nest
soon untried 
wings will spread
ready to fly
testament to a
mother's tender
care nurturing
and protecting 
thus ensuring
a bright future

 First Tanka attempt
Torn away swiftly
familiar world left behind
too small to understand
workings of the adult mind
still remembering the fear
Grown up at last
having left sadness behind
nurturing myself
holding dear to my heart
only sweet memories now

Six Word Saturday Tribute to B.B. King
Feeling blue
Heaven's gain
our loss

Wendy's Wish
exotic transplant
settles comfortably
nourished with tender love
allowing new roots to go deeply
she's unfolding most brilliantly
aglow with the look of love vivid
proof that some dreams do come true

Prompt : RIGHT NOW!
Right now I wish I could sit
once again on the sand
by the silvery sea listening
to the breaking of the waves
Right now I wish I could hear
the calling of the gulls
inhale the sharp salty air
fog slowly giving way to sunshine
Right now I want to get up
walk toward town watch the otters
play listen to the sea lions
bark while laying on the docks
Right now I wish I were there
re-visiting my old hometown
enjoying  delectable pastries
 while sipping coffee near the sea

Right now...
Elegant trumpets turn
eager to intercept the slightest
whispers brought on the rising wind
finding it's way up the nearby canyon
in the distance first rumbles are heard
afternoon thunderstorm slowly approaches
sultry air lays heavily skies turning a bruised black
will the storm find us bringing with it precious moisture
or will it pass by once again leaving the thirsty land parched

Heart still pumping wildly
legs trembling we're back
sparkling creek rushes along
below us our wet panting dogs
racing in front of us effervescent
with joy they shed droplets of water
right now our hearts filled to the brim
with the sheer joy of being alive in this place
at this time early morning's sunny face shining on us
urging us on the message is clear CARPE DIEM..and we did

Prompt: Roots
My roots run deep
snaking along blindly
beneath the continent
making their way
across thousands of miles
even the sea cannot stop
them in their journey
the yearning to return again
to the land where I was born
and raised a place of early
memories both good and bad
my roots run deep and now
in aging they tug at me
not always gently urging
me to return once again
to the land where my story
began so many years ago
yet here too on this land
where I have lived the
longest ever in one place
my roots have settled
having found a place to be
even to grow and thrive
if only I could grow in
both places but in a way
really I am because each time
my journey takes me across
the sea once again my roots
sing to me all the way home
my roots run deep..........

Culinary Roots
This morning I woke
feeling the need
to celebrate my roots
in a culinary way
Delectable Pfannkuchen
childhood favorite
made with a twist
thus making them my own
Thin delicate layers glisten
embellished today with
berries tasty apricot jam
and tart lingonberry sauce
Dash of Cinnamon Sugar
added a touch of spice
dollop of Maple Syrup
added glistening delight
Eating on the terrace
sweet bird song trilling
my continental roots
were joyfully celebrated

Minimal Monday
Slightly machiavellian
shimmering jewel
such deadly patience

Satiny chamber
holding within
grave danger
this courtier
cloaked splendidly
in peridot silk
patiently sits
watching the world
waiting for that
one careless reveler
mindlessly humming
along please bee-ware!

This Linden tree-it's roots
tethered deeply in the California
soil yet every May it brings
with it memories of a childhood
far away as waves of sweet scent
send fragrant tendrils through
the garden standing beneath it's
heavily blooming crown alive
with the humming of hundreds of bees
it takes me swiftly back in time
sweet connection to a childhood left
long ago when we walked along under
the Linden whose branches reached
across the streets creating cool shade
scent rising high up into the sky
laden with that same sweet bounty
even now songs we sang back then
come to me rising on the scented breeze
winding their sweet melody into my
heart and soul leaving me humming
along singing my nostalgic own song

My roots on the maternal side
are cloaked in mystery but on 
the paternal side I can trace
a few stray strands back in time
gazing upon the wedding portrait
of my grandparents taken in 1902
searching Katarina's solemn face
for a sliver of recognition
is it only her love of cooking
she shared with me or maybe
her impatience at times shown
in bursts of the fiery temper she 
was known for according to dad
all that remains of her now is this
small image of her gently holding
me in her arms gazing down 
alas she was gone too soon
my memories of her faded along
with the now blurred images
yet the connection remains
reaching back into time I am 
still tethered to the past
my roots connected to those
who came before whether I know
their names or not whether
my memories are fading or not
we're still deeply connected 
our roots made of the same stuff
carrying deep within us a tiny
piece of all long gone now lost
in the mists of time yet still
a part of them lives on within us


Like a small golden moon
turning a pale cheek
toward the morning sun
feeling sun's warm kiss
young nectarine blushes
moving another day closer
to succulent perfection

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  1. Evi the section on roots was very interesting. When did you find the very old pictures of your Grandparents? Very beautiful wedding dress and the style of clothing that the men wore did not look so very comfortable.
    Do you think that is why the people in that time era never smiled.