Monday, June 1, 2015

JUNE 2015

Morning delight 
bathing hummingbird
already one good 
thing on this sunny
first day of June


Some days that one good thing
is somewhat elusive. One might
almost give up hope until that
moment when we least expect it
that special good thing finds us
in the most amazing way when on
a mostly cloudy night a splendid
full moon rises. First only the
faintest glow and then suddenly
as if by magic the veils part
revealing a sight almost achingly
beautiful to behold such richness
of color such splendor this one
good thing ends a mostly ordinary
day on a most extraordinary note
how can we not feel blessed sinking
 into bed our hearts as full as the moon

One good thing today........the opening
of the first Firedrake Daylily.

One good thing today......celebrating Richard's
75th Birthday at our favorite cafe

One good thing today.....despite his vigilance
and shameful thievery we got enough plums to share
and to make compote. 

I see darkness in the world
at times overwhelming
yet it reminds me to cherish
the light.
I see the human race destroy
yet I see those who move
heaven and earth to make
a difference.
I see beauty in each and
every ordinary day making
it extraordinary filling
me with gratitude
I see sunsets and sunrises
moon waxing and waning
flowers opening then dying
cycles of life.
I see kindred spirits sharing
their joys and worries thus
lightening each others loads
I see a caring community

I see you see me?

What do you see?
Tonight I saw a sunset so vivid it took
my breath away such richness of color as
endless layers flooded our evening skies
leaving my eyes burning with unshed tears
such beauty nearly brings you to your knees
as you stand in awe watching nature spill
her stunning palette across the flaming sky


What do you see?
I see a young doe, cautiously walking through our woodlands,
finding treats in our compost pile left there for her. I see her
nibbling juicy treats while all around her the land lies barren
and dry. I see how our small efforts can make a difference.

A Day in the Life of..............
This is the tale of a day in the life of the S.S.Minnow...and no
that's not really her name, she's actually just known as Floatie.
She's a woman of a certain age, just over four decades under her
belt and today she was going out on the lake. It had been a long
long time, she didn't think she'd ever get to feel the cool, clear
water under her bow again. You can imagine the excitement of both 
Floatie and her crew of two. Up to the lake, into the water and 
off she went, expertly steered by her Captain. First she slipped
silently across the water but once on the open lake off she went.
Roaring her pleasure she came to life, flying across the rippling
water, heading straight to Gilligan's Island. And there again, no 
it really isn't called that, but we like to think that maybe it 
should be. To our horror we discovered that our personal island 
had already been claimed, pirated really. So reluctantly we made 
our way to the bigger island, got the old girl tethered and snuggly 
anchored. Now we were ready to enjoy a long day at the lake. But 
alas, it was not to be. As often happens when you make plans, 
they come to naught. Because suddenly we noticed she was listing 
badly...why????? Under her deck we found a water hose had given way 
and was merrily pumping water in, filling the engine department.
Thankfully the Captain quickly assessed the situation, unpacked 
emergency gear and tools and was able to make temporary on the 
spot repairs. Not wanting to tempt our luck any further, we sadly 
packed the old girl back up, send a little prayer up into the
clear,blue sky and were able to get back to shore safely. So no, 
we weren't really shipwrecked,but it was close. Of course Floatie 
was very disappointed, as were we. Needless to say, she will get 
her bits and pieces seen to and after assuring her that another day
would soon come when she could return to the lake once again I could
have sworn she nearly looked like she was smiling despite it all.


What do you see....early this morning I saw a robin high up in our
largest oak singing up the sun. He's singing still...tirelessly.


I see a Thrush at the bird bath
unlike the others she rest longer
and longer between visits visibly
exhausted she sips with drooping wings
her thirst quenched she perches wings
and tail relax slowly sinking into the cool
water below ~ eyes closing she naps

Six Word Saturday
Encouragement~the wind beneath our wings

There are times when encouragement can in
fact invite boundaries being overstepped.
Both in our dealings with our fellow human
beings, but sometimes also with the wildlife
we encourage to visit our homes and gardens.
While the sweet face and expressive large eyes
are a blessing, the fact that with it comes
a great hunger for rose bushes and under cover
of darkness also all of the geranium flowers
and new buds was not really encouraged at all
Truth be told, who can we blame this lone doe
for making free with the garden when all
around us not a single green blade of grass
survives to give her much needed sustenance
therefore we reluctantly overlook her faux pas
of severely pruning everything in her path
feeling no remorse she gazes at me serenely

Slaving in the garden year after year
dragging hoses on even the hottest days
sweet reward of our hard labors is the
abundance of bees visiting us again and
again filling the garden with their comforting
humming industriously going about their work
of pollinating and gathering encouraging us
to continue our own work both for their pleasure
and our delight~lead us to your honey please!

Stepping out into the heat I sigh
dreaming of walking on a beach
cool fog tenderly kissing my cheeks
pale sun a veiled silvery disc
unlike this demon-red blistering
entity rising scorching our days


Culinary time travel
propels me back decades
to the island of Ibiza
where once upon a time
I spend a long long
summer drifting from
Finca to Finca along
with hippie friends
made here and there
we'd wander the streets
sometimes hungry but
never sad always laughing
ogling the luscious meals
eaten by tourists sitting in
sidewalk cafes laughing
drinking eating always eating
walking on through narrow
shaded Old Town alleys
humming "Lady of the Island"
swirling long skirts
gauzy hippie blouses
soft on sun bronzed skin
scent of patchouli drifting
on the balmy breeze
now here I sit decades
later past middle age
savoring cool gazpacho
on a hot summer day
worlds away in more
ways then one......

Nature's beauty
such a necessary
part of life's toolbox
helping us deal
with whatever life
brings our way
her wonders bring
light to even the
darkest days and nights
looking up into a
soft velvety night sky
Luna waxing once again
banishing the darkness
illuminating the paths
nature's beauty essential
tool in my life's toolbox


Seven Word Sunday
Solstice Sun ~ veiled this morning ~ feeling blessed

Six Word Saturday
Astral pup playfully
swallowed the moon

Last night's moon
emerged in the lush
intimate style
of a Georgia O'Keefe
this heavenly work
featured a luminescent
pearl held in the heart
of a lush celestial oyster
enjoying great art
without leaving our yard

Prompt: Lightbulb Moments
Those simple moments of grace in nature
finding sanity in a sometimes insane world

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