Tuesday, April 4, 2017

APRIL 2017

Crescent moon rising
adrift on a cloud of scent
Wisteria moon

I make no promises
to resist such beauty
pure  perfection
perfect blossoms unfurl
luminous at twilight
like pale moons shimmering
spilling over the gate
together we look skyward
awaiting Luna's arrival
I make no promises
to resist her spell
knowing such promises
are meant to be broken
soon she'll be full
I shall fly up to meet her
that's a promise....

Sol's farewell
brilliant eye blinks briefly
cusp of the storm


Reeling under the weight of the world
at times it becomes too heavy to bear
images burn themselves onto my retina
helplessly covering my eyes in vain
this feeble attempt to unsee the seen
is this who we really are as a species
why can some carry the heavy burden
even cheer what they feel is right
while others must turn away in horror
feeble attempt to hang on to their sanity
are some more enlightened or merely
too finely tuned to bear witness
to the horrors
of a world

Three in the morning
embroidering a velvet night sky
planetary wonderland

Standing in the secret garden
my mind's music box plays
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

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