Sunday, May 7, 2017

MAY 2017

At long last
 flight finally over
gazing through the window
of this fast moving train 
feet now firmly back on earth
verdant land flashes by
drinking in the cool beauty
of this lush low land
reclaimed from the sea
it's windmills beckon
let the adventure begin

What strange orb is this
am I merely dreaming
or am I truly traveling
deep in this shiny globe
resting here silently
appearing otherworldly
I am not alone at least
for others too appear
then disappear again
in this most alien garden
of strange visual delights
I am traveling in space
without leaving earth
beam me up Scotty......

White frothy lace
entices with sweetness
bees sip gather fly
pollen laden to the hive
succulent olive blossom nectar

Luna rises serenely
on a cloud of scent
honeysuckle olive citrus
glow softly in her light
cricket song fills the air
rises into the night sky
all of nature celebrates
Flower Power Moon

Do you ever want
to dive deep into the scented
heart of a rose
soft velvet petals embrace you
feeling her soothing steady heartbeat

Today's small kindness made my heart sing
finding a wee mousie in my outdoor tub
sitting up eyes closed shaking like a leaf
trapped possibly for several days now
tiny paws crossed as if in prayer
I nearly missed her as I was focused
on a huge hairy wolfspider quite near her
swiftly getting a small fishing net
bringing the wee beastie to safety
then placing her near the little bridge
singing to her terms of endearment
her whiskers twitched tiny paws started
moving drops of water on her fur from
the sprinkler nearby to her tiny mouth
eyes still closed still trembling
she started nibbling violet leaves
bringing her birdseed she chose carefully
one fat sunflower seed now held tight
nibbling nibbling nibbling such bliss
both for wee hungry beastie and myself
I hummed to her terms of endearment
memories of childhood books about wee mice
living tiny lives in their tiny world
still held close in my smiling adult heart

This glowing heart
throbbing with life
fragrant memories

One small cozy cabin
nestled snug under the trees
seeing it so clearly in my mind's eye
such serenity...such bliss

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