Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flowering Linden

Nearly a decade ago, I special ordered a Linden Tree, also known as Lime Tree to some. I grew up with these magnificient, fragrant trees. Early each summer they would burst into bloom and the air would be heavy with their wonderful scent.

Now our young Linden, a little leaf variety, gifts us with it's flowers every year, early in summer.

The bees adore this tree. They check daily on the ever fattening buds, until one day the star shaped flowers open, one by one. And then the feasting begins. The tree turns into a veritable hive from dawn until after dusk. It hums with activity for those weeks while it's in flower. The bounty those bees must be hauling back to their hive. Alas, I must be satisfied seeing them enjoy our tree. Though I did hit the jackpot recently, finding a jar of Breitsamer Linden Honey all the way from Germany. So while it's not my own homegrown honey, it's Linden all the same. :)


  1. Oooooo I can fairly smell the gorgeous fragrance coming off this photo! That looks like one very happy honey bee! Thank you for sharing this blog.. what you've told about this tree is mesmerizing! I can picture myself sipping iced tea w/you in your screened gazebo.... ahhhhhhhh!

  2. Oh, you made it. Glad you're enjoying the pics. I just knew that you ,with your super camera and love for photography, would enjoy my sharing some of the pics, languishing in my computer.

  3. That's a gorgeous tree. Hmmmm... any special climate needs? I wonder if it'd do well along the coast. Would love to have one. Even the leaves, without the flowers, are very pretty. Deep green. From your description, I almost believe I hear it humming...