Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hummingbird Delight

There's nothing that delights our Hummingbirds more then the first Salvia blossoms of the season. All winter they've subsisted on our feeders, but finally, after a long, wet spring ,the first delectable blossoms are much appreciated. The "flying jewels" hover above the plants, which are thriving in a spot near one of our little ponds, darting often from the flowers to a quick dip at the nearby waterfall, tumbling into the pond.


  1. That's beautiful. I've recently planted a couple of Salvia plants and almost every time I look out the window at them, there is a hummingbird dipping & sipping at them. Flying jewels they are!

  2. Salvias do very well here. Once established they're drought tolerant and seem to enjoy the heat. I see the hummers hovering over them, but of course by the time I return, camera in hand, they're long gone, zipping through the air, buzzing me as they race from one flower patch to another. Very hard to capture them on film.
    I did plant the Salivas specifically for the hummers. Though right now my Trumpet Vine is in bloom, so that's their nectar source of choice for the moment.

  3. Love that dark red.
    Right now the hummers love the honeysuckles. Oh and the lantanas too!

  4. That's why I chose it. Loved that color as well. I don't have much luck with Lantana. Can never get it to overwinter. But really enjoy it. Our honeysuckle is long gone. It blooms fairly early, the variety we have anyhow.