Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manzanita Blossoms

Right now is the season in which our Manzanitas are blooming. I love the porcelain white bells, some tinged with pink. Usually I see a special kind of bee visiting them. They are large and dark with a little "funnel" of sorts at the tip of their" faces", which fit neatly into the tight opening at the bottom of the blossoms. They'll hum around me as I get too close to their treasures. I think they might be what are called Mason Bees.
But for some reason haven't spotted them yet this year. However our honey bees are desperately buzzing around the clusters, attempting to find a way in to the nectar they can obviously scent but not get to. The opening at the bottom is very narrow, they can't even get their heads in, nor they front feet. But they keep on trying. I can feel their frustration as they attempt, blossom after blossom, to find the bounty within. But as they are determined, in the end they must find a way to extract the nectar.

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